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= HALLELUJA !!! praise the Lord !!! (6/20/20)

GOOD NEWS !!! !!! finally no more potential show stoppers !!! nothing is stopping each heir from finally receiving their P19 million EACH worth of inheritance. atty oscar and his wife melanie had the good heart to make sure we can pay the estate taxes before the amnesty expires. tito bertie became his good friend during all those years of court battles with salvador ang and BPI bank and i made him realize that tito bertie's family is suffering economic hardships and many elders in the family need the funds for life saving medical treatment. so now there will be 2 documents - 1) the simple extrajudicial without deed of sale 2) an agreement that would pay atty tan the fair market value of the mactan lot and main house front lawn OR the deed of sales for mactan lot and main house front lawn going to atty tan. if tito virgilio does not sign the 2nd document then atty tan can just use the past written agreements to claim them or sue the estate for damages or court expenses. but whoever signs the 2nd document won't be liable anymore. only those who don't sign will be liable if atty tan sues the estate and wins. if you choose not to sign and battle it out in court with atty tan, you have to be ready to attend hours and hours of court hearings and pay a lawyer a lot of money to represent you. your chances of winning will also be small because a the 1999 written agreements exists where we promised to give the main house front lawn and mactan lot to the sosas if we win the case. tito virgilio feels we can win the court case because the titles are still with salvador ang therefore we never really won the case or the properties were never really recovered. therefore the sosas don't deserve the mactan lot. i consulted my lawyer and he said that argument won't hold up because the value of all the recovered properties is around P100 million and we only need to pay salvador Ang P3 million to get the titles back. so the sosas miraculously recovered P97 million for us. i say it's a miracle because we signed the deed of sale, we gave Ang the money and we surrendered the title. even my lawyer can't believe how the sosas managed to recover the properties. tito virgilio says it's because the judge was the ninong or ga luhod sa kasal sa iya anak (doreen or monica i forgot which one). but imagine saying that in court. the judge will be very angry because we are basically demonizing the judges saying they make decisions not based on merit but based on personal relationships. not only will we lose the case the judge will probably charge us with contempt of court if we make that arguement. so if you choose to not sign the 2nd document and contest the 1999 written agreements in court, don't make that argument.

super super super good news on inheritance tax (6/14/20)

very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good news. the inheritance tax has been computed and ready to be paid as soon as the extra-judicial is signed. here are computations from the BIR: https://photos.app.goo.gl/73WfC77ifzdXKsnD7 (lola's), https://photos.app.goo.gl/EvPhDYJTKRroJUoL8 (lolo's).

as you can see, without the amnesty, we are suppose to pay P53 million (P9.5 million + P43.5 million in interest/penalties). because of the amnesty, the tax is just P9.5 million. the BIR got it down to just P2.8 million. let it make it clear - we only need to pay P2.8 million in inheritance taxes. me and tita jane have that money in case we can't sell mambaling before the june 2021 amnesty deadline so the properties are now technically safe. we are very very very very very lucky we have the amnesty. duterte literally saved the crystal properties. our family is so lucky and blessed.

this means lolo and lola's palanggas will soon enjoy the the fruits of their hardwork and sacrifices. there are no more unavoidable obstacles or showstoppers. lolo and lola's planggas will soon have economic security - funds for medical emergencies, alleviate their economic difficulties, and live life to the fullest - pursue hobbies, take up a sport, art, music, do charity work, church activities, travel, etc ... it broke my heart to learn that after all the things tito mike did for me that made me very successful, he was not able to attend their recent la salle reunion because he did not have enough money. i feel i don't want to give up the mactan lot to the the sosa firm, but contesting the written agreement will prolong the economic hardships of some of my aunts and uncles and it would endanger their life because they won't have emergency funds for unforseen medical treatments. real kindness is when you are ready to give up something you want just to help others (according to a 3 minute film that won an oscar for best animated movie).

luckily we are finally near the finish line. all we have to do is take those few extra steps. none of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the guidance and expertise of tita jane and tito virgilio. note i'm just an errand boy for this whole thing. when i first got involved, i didn't even know what was a manager's check. tita jane had to explain things to me because i'm so ignorant with these matters. they even had to explain to me what is an extrajudicial settlement. we should also thank the sosa law firm for recovering many of our properties from Ang.

we are also very lucky that i'm a very close buddy of atty mark tolentino who was the provincial administrator of the 2 term governor and current vice governor of cebu. his power and influence got things going even if we did not have a signed extrajudicial and the complete documents such as the titles of toledo and the properties that are with Ang. at first he was too busy to help us but i offered about 10% of the savings as payment for his services. the advanced payments i gave atty mark so far have totaled P105k as an incentive for him to expedite the processing. with the P6.7 million in savings (P9.5 million - P2.8 million), i expect to pay atty mark P670k. although we didn't have a written agreement and nothing is set in stone. most likely he will probably ask for P300k excluding whatever they need to give their contacts in the BIR. the good news is if you divide among 9 heirs, it's just P35k per heir, which is very small compared to the P19 million in cash and properties each heir will be receiving. but note you are not paying P35k, we are actually saving P6.7 million because of the favorable computation. we are also saving billions in terms of quality of life for the next year because from now on you will be happy thinking our properties are now safe instead of worrying constantly because of the UNKNOWN. or worrying the we won't be able to beat the amnesty deadline if we can't sell mambaling, especially it's much harder to sell now because of the coronavirus pandemic. we now have peace of mind. as we all know, stress and worries can lower our immune system and lead to cancer so the intangible benefits will go a long way.

it's also fair that all heirs share in the expense of titling of the main house to be under tita georgia and tito mike's name because lolo and lola spent for the titling of the crystal compound properties for all other heirs. the standard titling expense is usually P50k. if we let atty mark do it, the expense is just P40k per title. i suggest we let atty mark do the titling of all the properties including the main house because they already have the contacts to do this fast. if you approve i will shoulder the expenses if mambaling is not yet sold.

also, the BIR told us we cannot sell any property unless the heirs of tito gerry and tito bertie pay the inheritance tax first. i also suggest we let atty mark process this to get a favorable computation. we just need to pay him a small percentage of what the heirs save in taxes. the advantage of atty mark is the speed of processing. imagine the inheritance tax continued to be processed even at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

i also wish all the heirs will agree to refund all my expenses. all my expenses are recorded in our wiki for everyone to see and i kept the receipts. note that we just saved P50 million and what you need to pay me is just a tiny percentage compared to the Pmillions of inheritance you will be receiving. and note that i'm not asking anything for my efforts, just the refund for my expenses. i'm just doing this to honor lolo and lola. i didn't bother with written agreements because time was of the essence. i'm worried some of you may not agree with my ways. example we needed to apply for 2 tax decs and annotate the title number on an existing tax dec but the toledo assessors office won't entertain us because they had a quarrel with our family in the past involving shouting at each other in the assessors office. tita georgia tried to get a court order but she was just bounced around the offices in capitol. so i simply offered P10k for each document we need and BOOM it just took a few minutes to give us what we need and they suddenly became our dear friend and ally even if they are the close relatives of the families we had a land dispute with.

when the deadline for redeeming the back taxes of pelaez property (~P30 million) expired, and the property was about to be auctioned, the P2 million i wired from the states would take 2 weeks so i made a deal just to keep it from being auctioned. the deal cost me P100k but we saved the ~P30 million pelaez property. they also got the taxes and penalties down to just P1.3 million so again, by spending P100k we actually saved about P700k. but tito virgilio did not agree with what i did, contending that i made a mistake because a law was about to be passed in congress where we don't have to pay the back taxes anymore. i consulted my lawyer friends but they said there is no such law. the amnesty law that already came out was just for inheritance taxes, not property taxes. that means it is fair i get refunded for the P1.3 million. it was a relief for me when tita jane promised she will convince the other heirs to approve my refund. whew !!!

note that when mamabaling is sold, each heir will be receiving P2.5 million total after paying all debts including mine (P30 million - P2.8 mllion inheritance tax - P3 million to Ang - P1.675 million to me / 9 heirs = P2.5 million). note that it will be much easier to sell mambaling once we get the right of way. my plan is to bribe the baranggay captain and head of ROD to annotate it on the title. note there already is a deed of sale for the right of way, it just wasn't annotated on the title. we already paid for it. besides, right of way is the law so we are not doing anything illegal. we are just expediting something that is our right.

many of you don't really know me personally since i've been away for 30 years. i would understand if you suspect i'm trying to embezzle or rip off the family. but tita jane and tito mike can attest to you these things are beneath me. i hate to boast or show off but i guess i have no choice because it's the only way for you to trust me moving forward. my net worth is around $2 million or P100 million. i own 3 fully paid house and lots in the states, and 2 fully paid properties here in cebu. i also have around $500k in retirement portfolio. i can show you the statements and titles if you wish to verify. i earned and achieved all these all on my own despite having serious and debilitating health issues and sufferings since childhood. i retired at age 39 and in 10 years i doubled my net worth so that should prove my competence and abilities in getting things done. also remember around december i was messaging everyone that we must act quickly while the property values are still high because so many things could possibly happen that could cause the economy to crash and it will be more difficult to sell. then the covid19 pandemic happens. so maybe i'm really gifted with good judgement, foresight and foreskin.

i'm not also doing this for my parents. it's for my dear aunts and uncles who are suffering economic hardships and have medical conditions that might need expensive medical treatment that might save their life. in fact my parents have not been paying attention to the properties lately and just letting me handle everything because just recently the owner of unitop is offering my mom P30 million to buy out her share of the building in colon. also, a buyer for my lola laling's property in bohol has already committed and gave the down payment to buy the property for P100 million where my mom will be receiving P20 million. and if all heirs sign the extrajudicial, you will soon be receiving P19 million worth of inheritance

if it wasn't for tita jane, tito gerald, and tito mike, i'm sure i would be very poor right now because it was them who helped me for 2 years in america until i luckily landed a very high paying job. for 2 years they literally fed me and provided a roof on top of my head. i finally got a minimum wage job. my minimum wage job was at vallejo and the job fair was at san jose which is about 2 hours apart so i decided not to attend the job fair because my car was very junky and unreliable but tito mike insisted i use his brand new pathfinder so i can attend the job fair. he didn't mind driving my junky car that day to work just so i have the chance to attend the job fair. it was in that job fair that i miraculously landed the very high paying job. you see what happens if we simply love each other and truly care for each other as what God, lolo and lola wants us to do?

tita georgia and tita doris can also attest my very simple and cheap lifestyle. you can also look at my facebook photos and posts to verify my cheap lifestyle. i'm not materialistic and i'm very content and happy with my life. i don't care about being liked or respected. i don't care about social status. i just enjoy helping and mentoring then needy. i have everything i need and achieved everything i want to achieve. this is why i now have time to honor lolo and lola by being the errand boy for the family properties. it was through the guidance and expertise of tita jane and tito virgilio that we have reached this important milestone, but i did most of the legwork.

it would really make me feel better if after reading this each of you will post your vote in this chat group on whether to refund me or not. if you disagree with my style of getting things done, allow me to explain my decisions. i believe my uncles and aunts are very competent. so i was wondering how we ended up owing P53 million in taxes instead of just P9.5 million (if it wasn't for duterte's amnesty law). also i was wondering how we let 20 years go by without paying the pelaez taxes. i thought that maybe, there is something wrong with the system, and therefore if we do everything standard or by the book, we will not succeed and end up losing everything. so i tried a different approach, taking advantage of my knowledge of human nature and personalities of filipinos. fortunately, my methods worked. so it's just fair that i get refunded.

example in the philippines a lawyer is really just a technical consultant. that is why for many years there was no progress with our family properties. we have to do the heavy lifting. i spent a week reading through all the court documents line by line to understand fully what's going on and what needs to be done. there were 3 questions i needed to ask atty camiso so i visited his office and asked the questions. he yelled "HAY SALAMAT DUNA NA GYUD NINYO KAMAO MO BASA". i was shocked at what he said. i told him many of my elders are very educated they even have ateneo degrees of course they know how to read.

we will continue to need atty mark's influence in the registry of deeds to speed up the creation of new titles under the name of the heirs so it will be easy to sell or subdivide the properties later on. the standard is P50k per title and luckily for us, he just asked for P40k because we are close friends. but we don't need to worry about the new titles for now i'm just giving you the good news that it would be fast and easy for us to create the new titles. but if you choose to do it ourselves, it's ok. the cost will just be a bit more expensive and it will take much longer. at least the properties are now secure and safe.

before you celebrate, note that all these blessings can still go to waste and we could still end up owing P53 million. but the good news is our destiny is now within our hands and within our control. we just have to make a choice to sign the extrajudicial.

i'm still worried because there is an EMOTIONAL OBSTACLE or hurdle we first need to overcome. personally, i have an overwhelming urge to contest the mactan property and the main house front lawn agreement because it pains me to visit crystal compound and realize the front lawn where i grew up playing soccer and dodge ball now belongs to someone outside our family. but i also realized that if we try to contest it, the outcome will at best be the same (if we are very lucky) and the many months of court hearings will only give me more pain and stress, and it will probably just give me cancer or heart disease. not to mention the legal and lawyer fees.

first, if you divide the value of the mactan lot and front lawn into 9 heirs, it will actually just be a small percentage of the total wealth you will be inheriting. the toledo properties by itself can easily fetch P120 million conservative at P200/sqm. tito virgilio says it can sell for P600/sqm so it could possibly fetch for P360 million which is P40 million per heir.

i also think not honoring an agreement is wrong and immoral and will be bad for all of us. it's like smoking. many great and very smart people have the urge to smoke even if it causes cancer. i expect that many of you would have the same feelings as me. so i want to share with you how i demolished this obstacle or how i came to accept reality and just move on and do the simple things that would resolve all the properties so lolo and lola's palanggas can finally enjoy economic security and prosperity.

besides the sosa's successfully served us for 3 decades and we haven't paid anything to them in exchange for the tens of millions of properties they recovered for us. it was a miracle that the sosas recovered pelaez, guba, tita doris' house, the property in san nicolas and the main house. lola already signed the deed of sale for these properties, received the money and surrendered the titles. i was so shocked when i saw the deed of sales that had lola's signature. it's a miracle that the sosas were able to recover these properties and all we promised them was the mactan lot which have no right of way, lots of squatters and low value at that time in 1999. the deal was very fair at that time. if we contest the written agreement the judge will probably laugh at us for being delusional.

if we choose to contest the lawyer fee written agreement where the mactan lot and main house front lawn goes to the Sosa firm, this will only cause a delay and we won't be able to beat the amnesty deadline which is june 2021. i also consulted my other lawyer friends and showed them the written agreement - they said there is no chance we can win so in the end we can still end up losing the mactan lot and front lawn to the sosas and owe P53 million to the BIR. lolo's thumb print actually strengthens the validity of the agreement because it proved he was comatose at the time of signing which validates the signatures of papa and tito gerry.

sometimes we just have to think clearly to be able to accept something that we have no control over. here is my train of throught :

1) when the written agreements were signed, tito gerry and papa were at the peak of their careers and possessed very good judgement and decision making abilities.

2) tito gerry and papa had the family's best interest at heart. of course because they have a share of the inheritance so if ma alakansi ang family, alakansi pud sila

3) at that time, it wasn't wrong for tito gerry and papa to go on with the decision without consulting other family members because there really is no knowledge or expertise other family members have that they don't have. at that time the entire family trusts both of them. so if i was one of the heirs and i was being consulted or asked to sign the agreement, i would just have went with whatever papa and tito gerry decided.

4) the mactan properties at that time were very cheap. also there was no other option - the only possible property to put in the agreement as payment for legal services would have been pelaez which is more valuable considering it's income generating. the mactan lot has issues with right of way and squatters so we were even lucky the sosas accepted the deal.

IMAGINE YOURSELF IN 1999 to find out if you would have signed it or not. don't use the facts today to find out what you would have done.

if i spend time agonizing over the mactan lot and the front lawn, which is just a small percentage compared to the total wealth you will soon be inheriting, then might as well be poor. poor people in the slums who have nothing would be luckier than me. instead of being thankful and happy that we are about to receive a miraculous gift from all the hadwork and sacrifices of lolo and lola, the properites actually would be making us angry and uhappy and probably give us cancer and heart disease. poor people in the slums are better off because they have no worries. they are happy just to have something to eat. it's ridiculous that poor people in the slums would live happier and content life despite all my blessings in life and the many millions we will be inheriting simply because i refuse to accept something that is inevitable.

i remember i used to join the willkoms in hayward in pooling our lotto tickets to have a better chance of winning. we prayed and wished we win. but now it's really like we all won the lotto. each heir just needs to sign the extrajudicial so we can all enjoy our wealth and forget about the past mistakes. if we choose to contest the agreement, it's like we are choosing to burn our lotto winnings and wallow in the stress and disappointments of endless court hearings

after many months of attending court hearings, paying big money to a lawyer who might possibly be bought off and connive with our opponents (considering the sosas have many close connections we are not aware of), we could easily end up losing because of the written agreement. and even if we win, we will still end up paying millions because there is a "quantum meruit" law that states in an absence of an agreement or cancelled agreement, the lawyer is entitled to at least 10% (possibly more) of all the recovered properties. so if we are very very very lucky and we end up winning, our gain is very small because we still have to pay the sosas millions. that's called very small upside, but very very very huge downside.

in my opinion, we should just sign the latest extrajudicial so all the issues would be resolved once and for all.

i'm not a lawyer. these are just my opinions. but that's no problem. we just need to consult a lawyer. but it has to be a lawyer we can trust. you probably heard the story about a prominent lawyer who retired and his son took over his law firm. after a few months, his son told him, "dad, you should be very proud of me because i closed the case of our biggest client. i managed to reconcile their family conflicts and now our client is very happy". the father replies, "YOU IDIOT !!! that case paid for your college, it paid for our house and it paid for our BMW. now because you resolved it and closed it that big continuous flow of income is gone !!!".

the moral of the story is that if you consult a lawyer whether we should contest the written agreements of the front lawn and mactan lot, of course the lawyer would recommend that we contest it. fortunately for us, tito gerald has relatives who are the top lawyers in the philippines and has his best interest at heart. tita jane just needs to consult them. show the written agreement. here's a copy for anyone to download - https://photos.app.goo.gl/8SRTEYC29vZLjEAt7

please, post your opinion here as soon as possible. let's get this resolved as soon as possible because it could save the life of your sibling who might need a very expensive medical care or treatment. it would alleviate the economic sufferings of the super palanggas of lolo and lola. lolo and lola will be very sad and disappointed if we further delay the resolving of the properties just for our useless emotional needs. this is not complicated. it's very simple. be kind to yourself and choose a decision that won't make you suffer. choose a decision that gives you a much happier life. choose a decision that will help the economic hardships of your siblings and potentially save the life of your siblings.

life has so much to offer instead of wasting time stressing over these properties. you could go boating, travel, join church groups, spend time with your kids and grand kids, take up a musical or art hobby, start a small fun business, slowly develop your properties in a fun and non risky way. you could organize family reunions which i would be very happy to attend. many of you know by now know i really love talking about our past and blessings of our family. i love giving all of you advice on how to eat healthy and avoid stress because i want you all to live long, healthy and happy lives.

let's avoid further headaches and stress that will just give us cancer and heart disease. let's just do what's obviously straightforward and simple and what's good for us so we can live longer lives and you can still be alive to witness the ultimate joy and happiness of seeing your grandkids or even great grand kids walk on stage during their college graduation ceremonies. these are what's really important in life.

before you post your opinions here, think it through. talk to your other siblings or close friends who are experts. consult your kids who are very successful in life because that means they possess good judgement and decision making skills, especially that they they love you and have your best interest at heart. example, i talked to abigail because i feel she is very strong, smart and has very good judgement. she told me she does not believe our properties will ever be resolved. i asked her why. she told me as much as it would give her joy and happiness that the properties will be resolved because it will help her siblings, she feels our family is CURSED. honeslty, i feel the same way as abigail. but from what i know about curses is that one of the ways to end a curse is when people realize they are cursed and they step up and go against their emotions to end or sumpa the curse. i think this curse is manifested in very strong emotions that is boiling inside of us.

i think what currently is going on is "the devil" doing it's devious work and tricks by manufacturing our very strong emotions that make us continue to quarrel and hate each other. it's very devious because the devil disguises the emotions or wraps it around a cloak of principles and justice so we will proudly proclaim, "I'M SIMPLY DOING WHAT IS RIGHT" but in reality we are making lolo and lola's palanggas continue to UNNECESSARILY suffer economically and endangering their life by not having funds for emergency medical treatments. thankfully there is also god and angels and saints who could help us if we ask for their help. fortunately, many in our family have been praying, attending mass, praying the novena and rosary, attending church activities and services. maybe what i'm writing here is the answer to all your prayers or some sort of divine intervention .

at first i thought it's impossible because why would God pick me when it's obvious i'm a very immoral person? i'm the kind of person who nobody should listen to and respect. i'm basically a worthless human being or a cockroach roaming this earth. but then i realized many great saints and apostles were also terrible sinners and criminals such as st matheew, st augustine and st mary of egypt. maybe it's another one of those confusing things God CHALLENGES us to do that we will never understand.

it's like there is a flood and you are drowning and God sent a life boat through me. you just need to climb on the lifeboat. for me the decision is very simple. are you going to climb on the lifeboat or will we just give in to the devil and allow him to drown our spirit and soul?

i feel the devil was laughing at me as i was writing this because he thought i'm going to approach each one of you individually to get your opinion. all the devil has to do is pump up your PRIDE and EMOTIONS and instill in your brain that what i'm writing here is stupid. the devil will tempt you to cherry pick what i'm saying and take them out of context that will cause you to be very angry at me. so he can continue to rejoice and laugh at us quarreling and hating each other. this is what the devil has been doing all this time. but the devil forgot a very powerful weapon God has given to families - the power of family unity. the old adage - united we stand, divided we fall. i won't allow the devil to use the divide and conquer strategy. so i decided to form this group so all opinions can be heard by everyone. this will weaken the devil's power and influence and give us a fighting chance to end the devil's curse once and for all.

when all the property issues have been resolved, i can't wait for the devil to be crying in agony and defeat as he watches our family celebrate in one of those delicious super restaurants in cebu grand convention. when families work together, satan gets a headache. when families celebrate dinner and pray, satan faints. i would also like to use the dinner get together to give an inspirational speech and mentor tita doris, tito bertie's family, and nimfa's family on how to invest their inheritance wisely so they don't end up like our bacalla cousins who squandered their inheritance. i'm sure lolo and lola would want me to share my expertise on this matter. and of course i will always be available for consultation moving forward.

note because of the rapid advancements of artificial intelligence, many professions and jobs will be obsolete and the food producers and farm owners will be the future kings of society. many experts and economists have been saying this. there's a very good chance the future generations or our nephews and nieces abroad or in the states will come to cebu and be very thankful to lolo and lola for the very valuable farm lands they left us. tita georgia confirmed this trend because she noticed lately the affluent families of cebu are starting to develop farms in camotes. it would be a good idea to subdivide guba and part of toledo through drawing lots. we will fence each individual property to avoid future conflicts and misunderstandings. i will develop my dad's properties with cash rich crops such as cacao or coffee and i will document everything i did so if any heir wants to follow, they already have me as the guinea pig.

if you still don't trust me or feel confident with my opinions, maybe it will change your mind to know that i strongly feel it was the spirit of lola and lola that guided me to be involved.

first let me give you a background. i always felt it was my duty to sacrifice my time and effort to help with the family properties. i felt i owe a lot to the clan. lolo and lola provided us with a perfect environment growing up - crystal compound had trees and houses which gave me so much childhood fun and challenges climbing around together with the diverse childhood friends which developed and built my character. not to mention all the fond childhood memories i had with my aunts and uncles especially tito virgilio who always took time to take us kite flying, hiking, and camping. i remember the most awesome time of my childhood was when i got to drive sheryl's mini motorbike as much as i wanted. during those times driving a motorbike was an impossible dream for children like me. i'm giving it a special mention because it probably influenced me or it's the reason why i now drive a motorbike which has been crucial in accomplishing my tasks related to lolo and lola's properties. cebu traffic is terrible and my appointments and meetings were overlapping. especially the time when i had to go to the states on dec 6 to sell one of my houses in vegas. my flight was in the afternoon and in the morning i still had to go to SEC, RD, then meet with atty oscar to set certain tasks in motion so things continue to progress even while i was away.

as much as i wanted to help the family to honor lolo and lola, i've always believed there was nothing i can do to help. i always felt the family situation was hopeless because even if there is a buyer for mambaling, nobody would be motivated to cooperate because the money could just magically disappear without a trace, which is what happened to the lawaan proceeds.

but on nov 4 (2019), things changed. i went to the compound to fix a plumbing problem on papa's house. tita doris asked me for money to go to toledo to attend a meeting with the CARP beneficiaries. i knew it could easily get violent because of course land is the lifeblood of these poor folks. and knowing tita doris' history of bad judgement, i got worried. i got more worried when she said she will bring her daughter donnie because she is a "FIGHTER". i drove them to toledo the next day thinking maybe i can assess the situation and do something to keep them safe. i didn't even let them out of the car until i was done assessing the situation. during the trip i told them if only everyone would just lower their pride and allow tita jane to handle all the money all their problems will be solved. tita doris told me that actually, no one in the family would object to that. that's when i realized there is hope and i should use my conflict resolution skills to help the family. i talked to papa and he said that although he sometimes has reservations about tita jane's judgement, he will never question tita jane's integrity. BINGO !!! since everyone trusts tita jane, the sale of any property simply has to deposited in an account under her name so she has the power to subdivide the wealth equally. i then drove my motorbike to queen city and told lolo and lola i won't let them down.

note that it's a twist of fate that we got to this point. if tita doris did not see me in crystal compound that fateful day, i would not have gotten involved and most likely the pelaez property would have been auctioned off, the amnesty deadline would expire before we even get an estimate from the BIR, and the family would owe P53 million to the BIR instead of just P2.8 million simply because the heirs can't communicate with each other and don't trust each other. i strongly feel it was the spirit of lolo and lola that guided me and tita doris to cross paths that day.

but then it turns out it's still hopeless because not everyone will sign the extrajudicial because some heirs demand there is a written agreement on giving up the mactan lot and front lawn to the sosas in exchange for their legal services. papa and everyone else told me there is no written agreement and it was just a verbal agreement. papa insisted we honor that agreement while some insisted we just pay the sosas, which under the quantum meruit law, is 10% of all the recovered properties which actually is close to the value of the mactan lot and front lawn. then i felt a strong urge to organize our house in lahug. i spent 2 weeks cleaning, fixing and organizing the house. in the process, i organized the mountain of documents in my parent's room, and for some miracle, I FOUND THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT !!! holy cow !!! i almost fainted in disbelief !!! i really felt it was lolo and lola's spirit that urged me to organize the house. i found something that everyone claimed did not even exist. it was just beside papa's bed all these years. that was clearly lolo and lola's spirit guiding me.

but the big problem is that it's natural for some of us to feel a very strong urge to contest the agreement which could surely cause everything to go up in smoke. so think it through and post your opinions in this chat group. we need to unite and communicate with one another to ensure we come up with the best decision whether to contest the agreement or not.

mentoring tita doris

ian has been constantly mentoring tita doris so she won't end up squandering her inheritance. example just recently she told ian she is bummed that everyone in the family thinks she is a screw up. ian told her what anybody thinks of her is irrelevant. even if everyone praises and admires her, if she squanders the inheritance her family will be back to suffering hardships in just a few years. even if everyone thinks she is a screw up if she and her family strives to invest the inheritance wisely and exercise discipline then they will have the last laugh. so instead of worrying about what people think of her she should start conditioning herself and her family to just buy decent townhouses and just rely on the measly monthly rents for the rest of their lives. ian told them that he will always be around to offer them expert advice but their destiny is still in their hands. ani told them that if you put P3 million in a townhouse in 10 years the value could double plus the monthly income could total P2 million so all in all you got P5 million but if you spend it on luxury then in 2 years you could easily be back to suffering poverty and everyone will be laughing at you. ian told them, "do you want to forever be the joke of the town? or do you want to have the last laugh and live in security and comfort for the rest of your life? the decision is in your hands so stop worrying about what other people think of you". ian added to also be practical. if you received P10M and then you used it to buy 2 townhouses such that you are already earning a stable P20k cash flow a month, then it's ok to buy a brand new car.

with regards to bryan i told her it's not something to worry about. life is never perfect. one can even say bryan has a better life than me where it counts the most. he has kids while i don't have kids. he has a wife who has a stable call center job and is taking good care of his kids. his kids will take care of him when they grow old while i will just rot in a nursing home.

bryan's drug addiction is nobody's fault. bryan is mostly just depressed. it's a genetic defect since birth meaning there's nothing anyone could have done. just make sure he has something to eat and eventually he will stabilize. just cherish the memories at least you had 15 years of joy and happiness of bryan's childhood. compared that to me where my children never got to see the sunset, taste icecream or enjoy the beach. i'm worse than the mentally ill mother who murdered her 3 children. at least her kids got to taste icecream or witness the beauty of the sunset before she snapped. i never had children of my own so i virtually deprived potential human beings from the pleasures of ice cream or listening to music. people think it's sad that poor countries have lots of people suffering poverty. but i think rich countries like germany and japan are the ones who are pathetic because their society virtually murdered hundreds of millions of potential human beings. too many couples chose not to have children even if they can afford it. meanwhile in countries like the philippines, people who can't even feed themselves pop out 9 kids. that's why poor kids looks so happy dancing in the streets maybe because the universe is telling their subconscious that they stole a life and got away with it.

my point is that there are things out of our control but the good thing is there are so many things you can do to help bryan like exercising fiscal discipline when you receive your inheritance. you will help bryan in a big way.

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