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5/6/21 mysterious tax decs, hearing comments, and health pep talk

1) mysterious tax dec status

i talked to papa's friend mariquita and i was wodering why she was quite distressed about our auctioned building in lot 5. she said, "gi bayaran naman sa imo papa ang tanan back taxes ngano wala mani naapil (levied building tax dec in lot 5)?". i told her the P1.3m we paid was only for pelaez. i got really confused when she insisted it was for all properties of the estate. she then told me to write a letter to city treasurer mare vae reyes to request for redemption. she is not in good terms with the treasurer so she advised me to make sure the treasurer does not know we are being advised by her. i asked what are our chances the treasurer will grant us the request for redemption. she said 50-50. i then asked what action can we do if not granted? she said we take it to court. the good news is this case would fall under the umbrella of the administratorship so we can save a lot in legal fees. this is one of the advantages of administratorship.

i requested to have the 3 old tax decs computed so we know in advance how much we need to pay. she said they can only compute the 2 because they cannot compute the tax dec if it's' already auctioned. they computed the 2 tax decs and the amount was only P21k. i asked what is the rough estimated we need to pay in case we are granted the redemption for the auctioned building she said around P200k.

i called papa and papa got angry of the auctioned building in lot 5 when he already paid around P1 million for all the back taxes of all properties under lolo's name in 2013. i searched our files and found the receipts and the compromise agreements pagina, guba, main house and one of the buildings of lot 5 (taxdec# 11263). i think the aucitoned building (taxdec# 11262) was just missed. i will bring these receipts to mariquita. maybe we can use it as evidence it was the city treasurer's mistake so we should be granted the redemption.

meanwhile, the guys in tax mapping asked me to have the entire compound surveyed because the latest we have is too old (2005). they said they will then measure all the buildings in the compound, make sure each building has a tax dec and they will make tax decs for those that don't have one. note that until now they don't know for sure where the aucitoned building is located. ‏i found the building tax decs for tita angie's and tita doris' house. papa's house is only 1 storey so it's out of the question.

in my opionion, there is a big chance that we don't need to redeem the aucitoned building and pay for the back taxes of the 2 old tax decs under lolo's name because in the first place, they don't know where they are located and all the 2 storey houses in the compound already have a tax dec which is current in property tax payments. we probably don't need to pay the estate taxes for those 2. i will ask atty balili and mariquita what would be the consequences if we ignore it, since now i'm already sure each house in the compound already have a tax dec under the name of the owners.

note that officially in their records, the 2 mysterious tax decs are buildings of the main house lot. i have the certificate of improvement for the main house lot and it shows the 2 mysterious tax decs are the building structures. i will ask atty balili and mariquita what will happen if the time comes they are about to confiscate the building but tita georgia and tito mike already has a building tax dec, which is more official because it's only 1 point difference from the land tax dec (11534 and the land tax dec is 11533).

2) hearing comments

the hearing yesterday was mostly atty ang's lawyer (atty gica) demanding P43 million. atty balili told me it's just standard negotiating tactic and not to worry about it. the crisis i had to put out yesterday was some heirs getting upset that they were not included in the email list from court. to prevent unecessary stress, which is hazardous to our health, my advise is we should not expect government agency employees to be thorough in their job because unlike private businesses or elected officials they really have no accountability for their human errors such as typos and missing some items when typing the email list of 21 heirs. i also posted in our chat group a screen shot of their request for emails and i myself was wondering why many heirs were excluded. we have to realize they have no incentive to be throrough and do some cross checks to make sure they don't miss anything. besides the CONSEQUENCE of their mistake is just PURELY SYMBOLIC and all we have to do is go to atty balili's office to attend the hearing. tita doris even just went to john paul's house who attended the hearing online.

it should be me who should be upset at government's lack of accountability because i'm the one daily subjected to high stress and even danger. it took me a week to get the estate tax documents even if it should just take 30 minutes if only i had the phone number of our assessor or even the BIR office. they gave me a phone number but nobody answers when i call. i had to go back and forth to talisay numerous times and because of the traffic, i had to ride a motorcycle which is very dangerous. i had to take the risk of riding the motorcycle because we are running out of time the amnesty deadline is near. then when i finally got the thich stack of documents it was disorganized so i had to organize it and created a table of contents so it will be much easier and quicker for our next assessor to make the final computation of our estate taxes. i posted the table of contents on our wiki (i also made copies for everything so my printer ran out of ink and i charged the new ink cartridge i bought to the estate. hehehe). to avoid stress which is hazardous to our health, i just accept government's imperfectionss as a reality of life and continue to do my best to accomplish our objectives.

by the way i finished the extrajudicial and completed the requirements for tito sergio and lola ica's estate and i accompanied tito boy to the BIR yesterday. they gave him a form to complete so today i will accompany him again to submit it.

5/3/21 missing piece of the mysterious tax dec puzzle

i just saw a tax dec that i'm sure would resolve the mysterious tax decs issue if the assessors see it. however, for sure they will cancel the new tax decs and we will have to pay the estate tax of the 3 buildings of lot 5 (tita jane's, tito bertie's and tito gerry's) and pay a lot in interest and penalties for the 3 old tax decs. it's tito gerry's building tax dec# (GRC6-08-062) 11538, still under the name of lolo. i was wondering why there are 4 buildings under the name of lolo in guadalupe when there's just 3 we know off - 1) main house 2) mysterious tax dec #1 3) mysterious tax dec #2 (we know about these 3) but there is 4) tax dec 11538.

however note that if they decide to cancel the 3 old tax decs and go with the 3 new ones, they will start the computation from 2006. therefore what i should do first before i show it to the assessors is to have arnold compute the 3 old tax decs and the 3 new tax decs so we could compare. if there's not much difference, then i will just show them this tax dec 11538.

here's why i'm sure the assessor will cancel the 3 new tax decs if they see this 11538.

1) when they saw the building tax dec of the main house, they mistook it for the 3rd building of lot 5 and they concluded the 3 new tax decs should be cancelled. however, when i proved to them it's the tax dec for the main house, they backtracked. which means if they see this tax dec 11538, they will cancel the 3 new tax decs.

2) they give a lot of weight to the floor areas in determining which tax dec is correct and which one to cancel. note the 2 mysterious tax decs have correct and identical floor areas (S1=132sm, S2=36sqm), which is consistent because tita jane's and tito bertie's buildings are identical. note S1 means 1st floor and S2 means 2nd floor. and this tax dec 11538 is so detailed in the floor areas and it matches tito gerry's house. this is what its says: S1 = 211sqm, S2 = 104sqm, carport = 50sqm, basement = 14sqm, terrace = 21 sqm. meanwhile, the 3 new tax decs have areas that are way off - only 30 sqm for S1 and S2.

what amazes me is tax mapping and the asssessors have been looking for this MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE (11538) when all along it's in lolo's list of holdings.

note tito gerry's and tito bertie's houses have family home certifications so although the property taxes penalties will be big, the estate tax won't be that big if we include it in lolo and lola's estate tax. i'm not sure if it's ful exemption or we just get a discount. atty balili's BIR assessor will advise us about this. atty balili will just tell his BIR assessor that the 3 building tax decs have a duplicate tax dec under a different name and the city assessor is still trying to resolve it and that 2 of those buildings tax decs have family certifications for the 2 deceased heirs.

because the amnesty deadline is only a month away and we are running out of time, my judgement call is to include the 3 old tax decs in the final estate tax computation. anyway there is a high probability the assessors will find this missing piece of the puzzle (11538) and decide to cancel the 3 new tax decs.

to make things even more complicated, the list of holdings for tito bertie just shows land and has a certificate of no improvement. that's unbelievable !!! there's 2 duplicate building tax decs yet their records show there is no building on tito bertie's land. but of course i will tell the BIR assessor to ignore the certificate of no improvement and add the building tax dec in tito berties estate tax computation just to be safe. note tito gerry's list of holdings does show both land and building. the building tax dec # for tito gerry is the new one (the one with 30sqm S1 and S2). if the 3 new tax decs are cancelled we will have to tell the BIR assessor to use the old tax dec.

4/30/21 toledo appraisal and inhetance stewardship

there is an interested buyer for the 6ha lot 3816 in toledo along the barangay road. (by the way tita jane, please dhl the original owners copy of the toledo and mambaling titles because the buyers usually want to inspect it as part of standard due diligence of buyers. the judge will also ask for it as part of the regular inventory/accounting. for now i will tell the judge we misplaced it and still looking for it but at some point the judge will ask us to have one re-issued by ROD).

i have no idea how to price our 6ha 3816. i think it could fetch for P1k/sqm. note this is titled. that would be a whopping P60m or P6.6m per heir. i really have no clue what price to offer. another big problem is nobody knows where it is, not even maldo. tita doris told me someone just built a cement house on our 3816 . i asked her if she is sure it's on our property. she told me she is not sure. it's crazy to realize we have no clue where our P60m property is located. although i also think it's cool we are like billionaires with too many properties we can track off. i'm having it appraised. the appraiser wants me to accompany him to poog on may 7. he told me he can determine the location if we get the tax map in city hall. so i texted maldo to go to city hall on monday and get the tax maps of all our 10 properties to save time (i'm so lazy i asked my scholar to type on my phone the long tax dec numbers from the list of holdings).

tito mike asked me to continue promoting inheritance stewardship awareness so if this deal goes through, i suggest you invest in 2 townhouses and just be happy with the P20k a month cash flow and enjoy the value of your P6m double in 10 years. but if you won't change your ways, you will just prenda the title and be back to having no running water and electricity. might as well just squander your P6m to save you the trouble of paying the loan sharks high interest. it's very simple - only prenda if it saves a life - for medical emergencies. too bad the investment linked health insurance of pru life uk is only for under 60 years old. but never prenda even if it means you have to sleep on the sidewalk and eat ginamos. violate this rule and everyone will be ridiculing you for being poor again after inheriting all those millions.

instead of buying a car, buy a multicab and start a small buy and sell business. go to guba or busay to buy cheap goods and sell them in carbon - suka, kanding, manok, uling, mais, etc .. once you build a suki base you are set. use the 44 sqm entrance of our compound to sell inanag or boiled mais. you won't have any competition because they don't have a multicab to kumpra the mais from sirao. you also have the advantage of not having to worry about high cost of rent unlike those vendors in iskina banawa. you have the luxury to dive the price of your inanag to muscle out anyone who attempts to compete with you.

tikay's driver judi has a successful sideline business. everytime he goes home to barili he brings back 4 containers of vinegar and sells it to his many suki karinderias. imagine he just carries the 4 containers on the back of his motorcycle. he told me if only he has a multicab he would be earning a lot more money.

the truth is this. if you buy a montero, people will be laughing at your back you saying, "TU-ANA SUGOD NA". people will be making bets how long before all your money will be gone. and the fuel injector for montero which you need to replace after 5 years cost P200k so you won't be driving that montero for long anyway. you will be the laughing stock of society. nobody will be impressed at your montero. but if you buy a multicab and people see your multicab loaded with goods from the mountains, they will be very impressed and even envious at you.

i have a childhood friend. he is lazy he does not have a job. when he needs money, he just goes around the remote mountains of minglanila and buys anything he sees - kanding, manok, etc .. loads it on his motorcycle, and sells it in the merkado for a profit. he makes around P500 per trip, enough to sustain him for a few days. he is lazy but because he has the discipline to never prenda his motorcycle and always keep cash for capital, he has no problem. he just lives in a payag in the mountain with no running water and electricity. so when your millions of inheritance is gone and you come to me for help because maputlan na mo ug electricity or water, i will just say, "ipa putol lang na, dle mana importante".

a police had a stroke and sold his motorcycle because he can't drive it anymore. my childhood friend literally had P15k in his pocket because he received his P6k pandemic ayuda from the government twice already and never spent it. he bought the motorcycle for P15k and sold it the next day for P40k. you don't even have to be hardworking. just be tihik or never spend on anything you don't need and you will be ok.

4/29/21 updates

turns out lola ica had a sangay who's family name is also crystal and has 2 properties in tisa labangon. i was shocked to learn city hall only records the first name and last name so we had to get a lawyer to file an affidavit of denial for those 2 properties. good thing it cost only P300 because the lawyer was just sitting on the sidewalk beside the balot vendor. it's these kinds of gross stupidity that really drives me insane. imagine if your name is john garcia. your heirs will need to file hundreds of affidavits to get a list of holdings. at this time and age of smartphones, 5G, cloud computing, self driving cars, our government never bothered to fix this problem. unbelievable !!!

yesterday tax mapping called me to go to city hall because they found the third tax dec for the 3 lots in lot 5. so they decided to rebel against the final decision of marites who is suppose to be their superior. so i asked if the mysterious tax decs and the one they found should be accepted and the 3 new tax decs will be cancelled? they said those 3 new tax decs should not be cancelled because they are different lots. i asked where they are located? they showed me a satellite map in their computer and pointed to the main house and told me those 3 identical houses they saw when they visited the compound are there. note this was a satellite map and you can clearly see the roofs. then they doubled down saying those 3 houses (main house, dirty kitchen, and papa's houses) are the 3 identical houses they saw (tita jane's, tito gerry's and tito bertie's). so i politely asked them how can it be identical when the roof tops clearly have very different forms and sizes and only 1 is a 2 storey and the tax decs clearly says they are all 2 storey houses? there was a very long silence until someone said we should cancel the 3 new tax decs. i said ok i will have the 3 tax decs (the one they found and the 2 mysterious tax decs) computed in SM so we can pay it. then i told them the boundary of the mysterious tax decs need to be corrected because it says 6090.. and all the lots in the compound is 6098... then they pointed out to me that boundary lot is the lot where tita jane's house is. i'm like, that's 6098... one of them got a little angry and started talking to me loud and slow, points at the computer and says, "tanawa ragud ug tarung sir, 6098 ..." and then points at the mysterious tax decs boundary and says, "tanawa pud ni ang south boundary sa tax dec klaro kaayo na 6098 .... pud". so i pointed at each number digit by digit saying "6, 0, 9, 0. zero man na ang 4th digit dle na 8". again there was a long silence. to save their embarassment, i told them maybe typo lang na. then one of them said yes nasayop ra ug type. then i said pero kung typo ra ngano naa man ang sayop sa 2 ka tax dec? again long silence. because i had many other things to do i told them i will go to SM to have the 2 mysterioius tax decs and the tax dec they found recomputed. i went home to check my files first and noticed the tax dec number of the 3rd tax dec they found (GRC6-08-062-11534) was just 1 point difference from the main house land tax dec (GRC6-08-062-11533) and in my experience building and land tax dec numbers just have 1 point difference. so i messaged tita georgia to confirm and turns out the 3rd tax dec they gave me was the building tax dec of the main house. which is cool because now we can have it included in the final estate tax computation i don't have to go to assessors office to get a copy. i called michael to let him know and he said they will go back to our compound to do a visual check. today i met them at the compound. their superior which i met for the first time told me exactly what atty balili told me to resolve the issue - which is get all the tax decs of all the buildings in the compound, including tito virgilio's old house. that means atty balili really knows what he is doing.

i hope you learned something useful on how to deal with our government.

4/27/21 various updates

good news on the mysterious 2.2ha of toledo. engr norvic advised me to go to tax mapping toledo (i will go this thursday) and have them locate it. then he will survey it. he said even if it got gobbled up by atlas mining we should try to claim it and there is a good chance we will win. it's located across the ilag river which is classified as mineral land so maybe it can fetch for a higher price. at 200/sqm that's P2.2m for something we never even knew exists. or we can use it to relocate maldo and those living in all our toledo properties.the morale of the story is never leave any stone unturned and we should not ignore the seemingly mundane tasks because we never know how important it could be. we should also be willing to take risks because that's how lola dida got each of you a house and lot in the compound and all these millions worth of properties you will all soon enjoy. that's why i urge everyone to scan our wiki for any yellow or orange tasks assigned to you and do them even if it feels risky for you because the risk of not doing them is much much much greater.

here are the orange task (critical):

-  pay estate taxes (ian)
-  pay ang (ian)

here are the yellow tasks

- assign main house to mike an georgia (ian)
- annotate mambaling 94sqm on title (ian)
- dhl mambaling and toledo titles to georgia (jane)

note the green tasks in wiki are not time sensitive but it's good to complete them asap.

regarding the estate taxes, i had to drive to BIR talisay because nobody would answer the phone. turns out phones are a no no with BIR. everything has to be in person. luckily edith was there but she left our documents in mambaling. i asked if it's possible i will just get it from whoever she will be turning it over to in mambaling but she preferred i get it from her this monday. yikes !!! but no worries.maybe i'm just being paranoid but if this monday i feel signs of delay, it just takes 2 days for tita doris and me to get all the documents that are with her, including the ones for toledo (CTC of tax decs and titles, list of holdings and list of no improvements). i haven't submitted the 18sqm water tank, new toledo tax decs and aloguinsan so it will be much easier.

regarding pelaez, i gave a formal notice to bebot that i am terminating their month to month lease in view of structural infirmity and the impending demolition of the building on grounds it is a nuisance and fire hazard, and that they are required to move on or before June 1, 2021. tomorrow i will send the same letter via JRS express registered mail.

4/26/21 various updates

good news - the mysterious tax decs has been resolved. thanks to papa's contacts in city hall, their final decision is to cancel the 2 mysterious tax decs and just correct the floor areas of the 3 new tax decs. however because of the bigger floor areas and assessment, they will recompute the property tax from 2006-2021 on the 3 new tax decs which we need to pay. i will use the estate funds because this is practically an ownership transfer from lolo to tita jane, tito bertie and tito gerry. but i will try to work out a compromise with arnold.

it was by accident i talked to marites. i was in city hall helping tito boy get a list of holdings for lola ica because i'm creating their extrajudicial (i'm now an FA - Feeling Attorney). roger, the guy who went to our compound to try locate the 2 mysterious tax decs, saw me and told me marites already resolved our issue. so she called marites to talk to me. the only weird thing is marites told me to ask arnold when should be the effective date of the cancellation of the 2 mysterious tax decs. so i drove to SM to ask arnold personally and he was surprised why he was asked by marites to decide when it should be marites who decides when is the cancellation date. i also have no idea why this cancellation effectivity date is important.

another coincidence is that last week during the administrators meeting atty balili asked me to go to tax mapping to ask them where the buildings of the 2 mysterious tax decs are located. he suspected the assessors were just fishing for kickbacks by not going to tax mapping themselves. that was suppose to be the next thing i was going to do after we get lola ica's list of holdings. turns out roger and michael, the 2 guys i've been corresponding with all this time to locate the 2 mysterious tax decs works in tax mapping.

regarding mambaling, tomorrow i will go to BIR and see if i can convince someone to let us pay the capital gains for the mambaling 94 sqm right of way even if the person we sold it to is now dead and we can't even get their TIN. if we can pay the capital gains and doc stamp, there is good chance we won't even need a hearing for the annotation. this is very critical because once our ROW is annotated on the title, mambaling will immediately be sold for P30m and we will have the funds for the titling of toledo. i'm planning to set aside P4.5m for toledo titling so that means each line of heir will only get P2.5m instead of P3m. of course if in the end i only spend less than P4.5m, the residue will be divided among the heirs.

regarding the 4127 alienable/disposable certification, engr norvic told me the blue prints for 4127 sketch map are ready to be picked up. i will pick it up tomorrow and LBC it to maldo so he can submit it to CENRO.

regarding the mysterious 2.2ha tax dec of toledo (1075), i will ask engr norvic how much it will cost to survey. according to the standard geodetic price list it's P25k for the first hectare and P10k/ha after that. bureau of lands will use the survey to locate the property and see if it's still existing based on our tax dec. the problem is all the previous tax decs in the tracer had no lot numbers. i think there is a high chance it does not exist anymore because it got gobbled up by atlas mining. and if this is the case, we just wasted P35k for the survey. so i will first try if i can get someone in bureau of lands to just do the very tedious work of locating the property based on the claimants and we just give them incentive.

regarding the estate tax, my job just got easier. in last week's administrator's meeting, atty balili suspected our assessor edith is not maneuvering the FMVs and zonal values because based on his experience he feels we should be getting a much lower computation. i think atty balili is right because i remember atty mark apologizing to me when it got revised from P2.8m to P6.5m. remember in the beginning our estate tax was suppose to be just P2.8m? then when they knew some heirs would not sign atty mark's extrajudicial and we were in the process of scrutinizing and editing it, all of a sudden it was P6.5m. they were probably afraid that the conflict within our family would blow up into lawsuits and our estate tax will be scrutinized so they shifted to the computation without the maneuvering just to be safe. note i'm just speculating here but if i'm right, that means we can get a much lower estate tax computation and the heirs can still get money from the pelaez full payment, in case we fail to win the mambaling right of way (which means mambaling will never be sold).

now the last thing i want is to burn bridges with a BIR assessor, so atty balili advised me to pretend to borrow our documents and spreadsheets from edith because the court is requesting xerox copies. this way edith won't get offended that we are trying to scrutinize her work. if it turns out we need to use another assessor, I'M SCREWED !!! luckily for me, today when i went to the BIR to borrow our documents from edith, i learned edith got reassigned to talisay. so now we can get a new assessor without having to burn bridges. hopefully the new assessor will give us the original P2.8m assessment. including toledo 52ha that would be around P4.5m instead of the current P8m (P6.5 + my estimate for toledo 52ha which is P1.5m). that's additional P388k for each line of heir. so i drove all the way to talisay to get our documents from edith but when i got there the security guard told me edith just left for mambaling to get her stuff so i drove back to mambaling. when i got to mambaling, the security guard told me edith just left for home. good thing the administrative desk of talisay gave me the number to call so i can talk to edith tomorrow before i go to talisay.

in last week's administrator's meeting atty balili told us he was in a meeting with his clients on the biggest case of his career. their opponents were the luas, a very rich family who owns nature's spring. i googled it and they also own bai hotel and there is a news article they donated P44m to build housing for the poor. in the meeting, one of atty balili's clients said "if it wasn't for dida crystal the luas would be nothing". atty balili then learned some of lola's history and was so impressed at lola's guts and vision. he told us the reason lola lost to the lua's is because the lua's played dirty. the lesson here is that sometimes, we need to bend the rules for the greater good.

also, i've been meeting with a broker who claims his buyer just bought the property next to our mambaling property so they don't need a right of way because the property is a frontage. they offered me P1m earnest money. they wanted to pay that day but i told them i need the proof they bought the property next to ours. then they told me they are still in the process of finalizing the sale. so i told them i will wait for the sale to be finalized. during another meeting, they asked me to accompany them to tax mapping because they want to see if the right of way we purchased is already a barangay road. i asked them why they are interested about the right of way if they are about to buy the frontage property next to ours. turns out ms. helen young, the owner of the property next to ours, backed out of their deal and wants to wait 2 years before selling the property. the lesson to be learned here is whenever a buyer tells us their buyer is buying the property next to ours, don't get your hopes up. but still continue to meet with them and just tell them we will only accept earnest money once they finalized the sale with ms. young's property. then the broker called me saying ms. young's property just got sold which means our property is now trapped and worthless but they are willing to pay us P23m. i asked why they would pay P23m for a worthless trapped property? they said they know how to get the right of way annotated. i asked how on earth they will do that? he said magic magic. their buyer is probably the luas because that's what they did to lola they did some magic magic on the documents. to get them off my back, i showed them our business plan to build a 200 bedspacing unit. i told them bedspacers don't have cars they have motorcycles and motorcycles can already pass by the current right of way. they stopped contacting me.

i am also convinced the dela cernas don't have ownership rights to the property where our 94sqm right of way is located. our buyer (durano) who is waiting for the right of way to be annotated offered them P3m for the 94sqm. none of them showed up. i'm sure the dela cernas are aware they really don't own the 94sqm because they never built a permanent structure. why won't they accept P3m for something they are afraid to use anyway? turns out the property is still under the name of remedios valles and they know durano won't pay them unless they have documents to show they have ownership rights. isaac dela cerna was not married to remedios valles. that means they really are just squatters. if remedios made a will giving it to isaac, they would have transfered it to isaac's name long time ago. also isaac's only heir named joy was kicked out of the property. also note that if we win the right of way, nobody's life will be ruined because nobody even lives near our 94 sqm. in fact, their life will be better because of the business opportunities that will arise when our property is developed (e.g. karenderia business). this means if our 94sqm is annotated, i don't think there will be an adverse claim. and if we donate it to the barangay, that will even make it harder for someone to make an adverse claim.

by the way durano has been offering me P500k earnest money. they are worried we will sell mambaling to someone else. i told them the reason why i don't want earnest money is so that we have the option to sell it to whoever buys ms. young's property. i gave them my word we will accept their P30m net offer once the title is annotated but of course they should understand we will have to sell it to the one who buys ms. young's frontage property if the title has not yet been annotated.

that's all i have for now. i know it's long but my report contains lots of important information.

4/20/21 brochure strategy

the most important contents of the brochures i will be making for our guba and toledo properties are: 1. aerial drone photos with boundary markings 2. stress that the property is titled and clean with zero encumbrances 3. stress that the property is under estate administratorship, meaning:

  a. the sale only requires the signature of the administrator
  b. the sale requires a court order which means the sale should give the buyer confidence that the property or sale won't have potential issues

our strategy is to blitz all the real estate development and brokerage offices by simply dropping the brochures. if they try to negotiate, we simply tell them we are still evaluating other offers. after 1 year, we simply choose the best offer. the price of anything is simply how much the buyers are willing to pay.

maybe anna conejero's firm can give us a free design for the brochures. anyway all these efforts will eventually benefit her twin pinanggas gabie and kyla. hehehe.

4/19/21 status on mysterious tax decs

regarding the 2 mysterious tax decs of lot 5 - today i gave the printouts of subdivision plan and sketch map of lot 5 that tita jane emailed to me. our contact said they will analyze it and get back to me.

as i mentioned in my report last jan 28, there are also 2 mysterious tax decs in toledo (2.2ha tax dec# 1075 and .4ha tax dec# 623). last friday when i went to toledo, our contact told me there is no doubt the .4ha exists and belongs to us. that means we own 2 partitions in lot 3820, both .4ha (the other one is tax dec# 620). regarding the 2.2ha, he will get a tracer for it and LBC it to me. i told him it should be located across the ilag river because 4126 is bounded by ilag river on the east, while the 2.2ha is bounded by ilag river on the west. he told me most likely we used to own this 2.2ha but it got eaten up by atlast mining, which happened to many other properties around the area. he advised me to also check in bureau of lands or DENR if this lot still exists in their records. if it does not exist in their records, we should just forget about it.

i'm planning to rent a drone from Red Star Drone Rental to take aerial photos of our toledo properties. then i will have maldo trace the boundaries of lot 4126 and 4127 in the photo. i'm also planning to create a simple sales brochure for each property we are selling (including guba and mambaling). that way i don't have to waste time meeting with all the intersted agents and brokers. i can just visit all real estate development firms like that of my uncle joe soberano and give them the brochures. but the biggest sales pitch is that our properties are under administratorship and can be sold with only the signature of the administrator. the buyer can also be assured the sale is safe because it requires court approval. before it was so difficult to sell any property because i have to always warn them that not all heirs can be contacted because of the pandemic and those abroad cannot come here or give an spa. or else they will be very angry at me like what happened to one of the brokers who told me i should have warned them from the very beginning before they spent all the time and effort doing their due diligence on our property.

however maldo does not know the boundaries for the other toledo lots or where they are located. example is the 6ha 3816 which is suppose to be along a barangay road according to the sketch map. i will ask papa how we should go about this but my guess is that we will need to have the lots surveyed. tita doris and tita georgia also didn't kow exactly where 3816 is. they just told me there is a tubod on our property about 100 meters from the road. so i went up and down the barangay road asking people where is the tubod. i was pretending to look for a property to buy or else they will behead me if they know i'm a crystal. turns out there are many tubods in the area. i saw one by the road but according to tita doris ours should be 100 yards from the road. it would be crazy to be selling a property we don't even know where it is located so we really need to have it surveyed. by the way it's just a myth that our 3816 is the only one with a water source or tubod. turns out many houses have water tanks that pump the water from underground. the locals told me you can just drill anywhwere in the area and find water.

we should not be selling all our toledo properties under 1 price. our contact at the toledo assessor told me our 6ha 3816 can fetch for P1k/sqm (P60m) and our .4ha along the national road can easily be sold at P2k/sqm (P8m). but he also said we are lucky if we can sell 4143 (10ha), 4126 (32ha) and 4127 (6ha) for P150/sqm (P72m). these 3 properties are around 800 meters from the road. atty balili told me he just closed a deal for mr. lao on a property very near our 4126 for P48/sqm. i asked for copies of the sale documents so i can show it to the heirs. maybe it will help them be more decisive if we get an offer for P150/sqm. 4129 (3.5ha) is only around 100 meters from the national road but let me be conservative and also give it P150/sqm (P5.2m). i don't know if the .112ha 3817 and the 2 .4ha of 3820 are along the barangay road or not so i will just exclude them in my estimate. so the total estimate for toledo is roughly P145m or P16m per heir. i will approach my uncle joe soberano once all the properties are titled and there are no more adverse claims on the properties there is a chance he will snap up all our properties at the price i mentioned.

4/17/21 super good news: i got all toledo tax decs

i finally got the tax decs for 4126, 4127 and 4143. as a big bonus maldo was able to help us secure an alienable/disposable certification for 4126 which means it can be titled and sell for a much higher price. it's not forest timberland or imminent domain. i will also ask maldo to get an alienable/disposable certification for 4127. the reason why i did not include 4127 was because at first i was just trying to recover the CARPed 27ha of 4126 so i did not bother about 4127 (note i'm giving up on recovering the CARP or even getting compensated by land bank for the 27ha because turns out cory's CARP rules don't apply to us because 4126 was transfered to the beneficiaries via the 1972 agrarian reform of marcos and the payout is only P1k/ha). so it's just by accident we got this certification. 4143 is already titled so all we need is to work with DAR to reconvey the current titles to lolo and lola's name.

i will give P10k to stephen who just had a major operation (his appendix burst and they had to remove and clean his organs). his advice was instrumental in securing us the tax decs. i will also give P2k to maldo (P1k for 4126 alienable/disposable certification and P1k for expenses for 4127 certification).

4/15/21 status on pelaez, demolition requirements

today we collected the requirements for the demolition order which gives us the highest chance of bebot moving out so we can get the full payment earlier. only the barangay clearance is lacking. i offered P1k incentive to the secretary to expedite it. but note that if the toledo estate taxes are much higher than expected, there might be only little left for the distribution. but don't worry guba should be easy to sell. we are still waiting for the hearing for the mambaling right of way. there are also some interested buyers for toledo. but the important thing is don't make expensive plans yet.

i will post the requirements of the demolition order. I will also post a photo of all the receipts. i gave P2k to tita doris for the CTC of the titles (P852 official receipt + ??? to expedite same day) and CTC of tax decs (P80). tita doris went to 3 places - ROD, city hall (tax decs), and SM (tax clearance) and her taxi and meals was around P1,068 - (??? ROD expedite). i also spent P30,968 for the 2021 property tax and P240 for the tax clearance.

atty balili contacted a civil engineer to do the inspection who also has contacts in city hall to expedite the approval of the demolition order.

tomorrow i will go to toledo to get the remaining tax decs so we can have the final estate tax computation. i will also bring maldo to toledo DENR CENRO so he can coordinate with the inspector how to contact him and how to go to lot 4126 and 4127 in case he can't be contacted. this is for the alienable/disposable application. if approved, 4126 and 4127 can be titled and fetch for a much higher selling price. i will then go to aloguinsan to stay overnight. i will be back home saturday evening.

just in case the demolition order does not succeed in moving bebot out, i wrote this letter to her son jake. i went to jake's office, i let him read the offer, and jake happily accepted my offer, but he still needs to convince his mom bebot. note that if bebot accepts my offer, i will need manpower help from all able bodied members of the clan to do some errands (e.g. apply for their internet) and carry some stuff to their new apartment. keep in mind the sooner we get this done the sooner we get the full payment and sell the other properties. here's what was in the letter:

Hi Jake,

After our meeting with barangay captain Jerome, I talked to Atty Balili and asked about the possibility that the buyer would consider your request to give you 2.5 months to move out. Atty Balili reiterated that it's important for the buyer to be able to fully occupy the unit much sooner than that. No specific time was given but they also mentioned the possibility of taking the appropriate legal actions.

As it turns out, the law specifically states that in the absence of a contract, the tenant has only a month to move out if the tenant is renting monthly. They also mentioned about having the apartment declared as a fire hazard. Actually according to my father there already was a demolotion order from the city government which means we just need to secure a copy of that order. That means there is even a possibility you will need to move out sooner than that.

The good news is I have a solution that would make everyone happy. As you told me, the reason why you need more time is because you are busy at work and it's hard for you to find time to find an apartment, move or ship your belongings and setup the internet. For me, it's very easy to help you in such a way that even if you need to move out in 2 weeks, you already have an apartment ready and paid for a month, the internet is ready, and all your belongings can be moved in less than a day because they are already organized ready to be packed. We would already know which things go to which boxes.

Operations is my expertise. All you need to do is tell me what needs to be done. Example, just tell me the prefered area or location for your new apartment, how many bedrooms and the price range. Just point out to me all your belongings that need to be moved to your new apartment, and which ones need to be shipped and where. We can label them or list them down. I don't see any reason why you won't take my offer to help you. You don't need to do anything. Just tell me what I need to do. Then if the buyer insists on taking legal action and they succeed, you have nothing to worry about because everything is already ready. You can just drive to your new apartment and you don't have to carry any boxes. My staff will do all the work. But this can only be possible if we work together and I have the full cooperation of your family.

Sincerely, Ian

status of 2 mysterious tax decs that appear in the list of holdings

i just came from the assessors office to give a copy of the tax dec (building) of tito bertie's house and the tax clearance of tita jane and tito gerry's house. the assessor named michael who went to the compound to try to resolve the 2 mysterious tax decs that appears in the list of holdings told me it's more possible that the 2 tax decs of tita jane and tito gerry are incorrect because the areas are too small (tita jane's is 63 sqm and tito gerry's is 67 sqm) and only has 1 storey but their houses are much bigger than that and has 2 storeys. he suspects the tax decs could be the old kitchen because the size is about the same and the the old kitchen only has 1 floor. he said the lot number on the tax decs under tito gerry's and tita jane's name just needs to be corrected to that of the old kitchen and one of the tax decs just needs to be cancelled.

he also told me the building tax dec of tito bertie's house is correct. but when i showed him that the floor area of tito berties house is even much smaller (29 sqm floor 1, and 29 sqm floor 2), he said yes that is too small and the tax dec just needs to be corrected. so i told him maybe the area of tita jane's and tito gerry's tax decs also just needs to be corrected similar to that of tito bertie. he says it's unlikely because the tax decs are just 1 storey but tita jane's and tito gerry's are 2 storey houses.

he says most probably the 2 mysterious tax decs (1 has a levy) are the real tax decs of lot 5A (tita jane) and lot 5C (tito gerry). he says that for the assessor to figure this out, we will need to have lots 5-a, 5-b, 5-c and that of lot 2 (where the old kitchen is) surveyed by a geodetic engineer. he said we just need to give the geodetic engr a copy of the titles. i already have a copy of tito gerry's and tita bertie's title, but i don't have a copy of tita jane's title.

tita georgia, if you have a copy of tita jane's title kindly take a photo of all pages and send it to me so i can have engr. norvic abella make a survey. if we don't resolve this, the building of 5A or 5C might be auctioned off.

3/24/21 inheritance stewardship

tito mike told me to do my best to teach the other heirs to be good stewards of their inheritance. it will take you 15 minutes to read this but i assure you it's worth it because it could potentially make you P6 million more in addition to your inheritance.

if you have P3m, wouldn't it be great to buy 3 townhouses for only P1m each, even if those townhouses originally sold for P3m each before the real estate crash caused by the pandemic? then when the economy recovers maybe 5 or 10 years from now, you can sell those townhouses for P3m each and profit P6m. in other words your P3m became P9m in just 5 years. wouldn't that be great?

ok so nobody really knows what will happen. not even the smartest economist can predict exactly what will happen. nobody knows if or when the real estate market will crash because of the pandemic. even if many people lost their jobs and businesses because of the pandemic and cannot pay their mortgage on their house, the government can print more money or lower interest rates to prevent an economic collapse. but if they over do it, it could cause hyperinflation and collapse the system and wala na tay makaon we will be lining up in soup kitchens similar to the great depression in america. that means it's possible the government can run out of ammunition to combat the economic downturn and they have no choice but to allow deflation to happen and that's when P3m townhouses would only be selling for P1 million.

it's actually easy to position yourself such that whatever happens, you will be ok. if the real estate market crashes then you can even be happy because you can have fun snapping up townhouses at a huge discount. you just need to follow my investing strategy, which is actually very simple and basic. i will tell you what i did.

in 1997, i realized i had very big savings which i had to invest or else inflation will cut the value in half after 10 years if i leave it in the bank. the reason why i had big savings is because despite the folks in hayward telling me i should buy a new car because dako na kaayo ako sweldo, kagang kagang lang gihapon ako car, because i knew i'm not really smart enough to be an engineer, and taghap ra to nadawat ko sa trabaho which means pretty soon my luck will run out. which it did after 15 years, but by that time, i already had 5 fully paid rental properties so i already had more than enough money to do whatever i want for the rest of my life.

investing is like driving a car. you can drive slowly so you safely go from point A to point B. or you could drive fast and risk your life. in investing, driving slowly means, DON'T BE GREEDY and stay diversified or be conservative. what does that mean? when i decided to invest, i went to the library and read a book about investing, and learned that if you are 50% stocks and 50% bonds, if the market goes up, then you will make money because you are 50% stocks. if the market goes down, you can take advantage by slowly rotating some of your bonds into stocks as the market goes down. the disadvantage is that if the market goes up, you won't get the optimal gain compared to being 100% stocks. but i realized, i'm already happy with the gains even if i'm only 50% stocks. and if the market goes down, i will also be happy because i can buy more stocks at a cheaper price. that means whatever happens to the market, i will be happy. i realized investing is actually easy and fun. why? because i'm NOT GREEDY. in the car driving analogy, i'm happy just being able to drive from point A to point B. i don't need to drive fast.

as we all know, from 1997 to 2000, it was a very strong bull market. of course i was happy because i was 50% stocks. when the market crashed in 2000 (dot com bust), i was also happy because i got to buy stocks at a huge discount. in 2005 when the market recovered, my portfolio has already doubled from where it was before the crash, i locked in my gains and went back to the 50% bonds conservative position. in 2008, the market crashed again (housing bust). so again i took advantage of dirt cheap stocks of great companies and in 2011 my portfolio doubled again from where it was before the crash. then i learned 3 bedroom house and lots in vegas with swimming pool were selling for only $35k and it used to be $200k. so i sold some of my stocks to buy 2 of those houses for $35k each. in 2018, my 2 vegas houses were already around $200k each according to zillow.com. because i'm NOT GREADY, i decided to sell one of my houses so at least i can lock in my gains and take advantage of the next crash. so in 2018 i called my agent to appraise the house and put it on the market. it was appraised at $215k. but after almost 2 years, the best offer i got was only $145k. did i worry? of course not, because i know the true price of something is always how much the buyer is willing to pay. that means, after 2 years in the market, the true price of my house is the best offer. that's why in december of 2019, i went to the states to sell my house for $145k even if the appraisal value was $215k. and dle mag sakit ako buot kay i bought the house for only $35k 8 years ago. i suggest the heirs should also have the same attitude. don't worry too much about the price we sell a property because anyway you got those properties for free. the important thing is we do our best.

in march of last year, the pandemic happened and the market crashed. i bought the stocks of great companies like netflix, zoom and tesla at a very cheap price, and bought some vaccine stocks - innovio, moderna and novavax. i even posted my moves in facebook. and again, my portfolio doubled overnight.

note that the real estate market in the philippines has not crashed yet. as i explained earlier, nobody knows what will really happen. but the opportunity is right in front of your faces. you just need to grab it. but if magpa dako dako mo sa inyo ulo or magpa gahi gahi mo, you could easily miss the opportunity. the trick is to NOT BE GREEDY and keep in mind TIME is of the essence. if you wait even just 6 months just to save P200k, you could end up missing the opportunity to make P6m. why would you do that? that's just stupid.

when selling a property i always tell the broker this: i don't want to waste time and effort thinking about transfer tax or registration fee and 5 other annoying expenses. i don't want to waste time researching what they are because that's the broker's job. if the buyer or seller has to do these things then the broker is useless and does not deserve the commission. i know some expenses can't be known ahead of time but it can be estimated to an insignificant margin of error. therefore there is no reason why the broker can't tell me how much i will receive limpyo. wala nay kuskos balungos. there's also no reason why the variable won't lie on the broker because for sure it's insignificantly small compared to how much the broker will be getting. if the broker tells me that the buyer insists the seller pays for a certain expense i tell the broker then just subtract it to the amount you think the seller should be receiving originally. that's just simple addition and subtraction.

life is too short. when we meet to discus the offer or LOI, i don't want to waste time discussing whether we or the buyer should pay for for a freakin' documentary sales tax because first of all i don't need to know and i don't want know what the heck that is. you know why? because there is an easy way to simplify the deal such that we don't have to know these things. therefore in our meeting i suggest that all we should discuss, is the amount or range of amount we should be willing to accept. that's it !!! very simple !!! wala nay labad sa ulo. unless mas ganahan mo ug labad sa ulo.

but we can even simplify it further, and save a lot of time so we can spend more time enjoying this very short life. we should just discuss and decide, what is our threshold of tolerance from the appraisal value, and apply it to all the properties so that we don't have to waste time discussing it everytime we sell a property. i suggest our threshold is 10% from the appraisal value which is actually very small compared to how much i sold my vegas house, which was 30% below the appraisal value. but we can even simplify it further. i already proved that appraisal is really just garbage. it's only useful for the banks to calculate how much you can loan if you use a property as collateral. in the states, real estate agents laugh whenever i mention the word appraisal value because they know it's just garbage. to save time, i suggest that we should just agree or the majority should just agree that we take the best offer after a year in the market, because that's the actual price of the property.

and remember? time is of the essense. you could be throwing away P6m worth of opportunity because you waited 6 months just to daginot that P200k.

so what is the price of guba? we have been trying to sell it for 1 year and we got 3 verbal offers for $14m so that price is $14m. simple !!! if the pandemic causes even just a tremor or lack of confidence in the market, then of course our interested buyers will back out because they would rather wait for the market to crash and buy properties at dirt cheap prices. which means if we wait 6 more months there is a big possibility the price would only be P5m.

what is the price of mambaling? we've been trying to sell mambaling for 3 years and after multiple verbal offers the best offer we got was P30m limpyo. so if someone wants to give us P30m limpyo, we should just take it. my dad even wants to sell mambaling for P25m if that's what it takes to sell quickly so the indigent heirs can already get reprieve from their economic difficulties. my parents have already been vaccinated and if they come to cebu, atty tan could advise my dad to be the administrator and the judge would have no choice but to grant him because he used to be the director of NEDA. and if he petitions to sell it at P25m and the majority of the heirs who needs the money would agree, then mambaling will be sold for P25m. the only way to prevent this is, if a buyer is willing to give us P30m for mambaling, just take it.

i called the broker of the last interested buyer for mambaling to tell him dle na sila pwede mo patung kay under sa administratorship, makahibaw gyud ang buyer kung mo patung sila. ni ingon ang broker adto nalang sila sa similar property na interested pud ang buyer kay pwede man sila mo patung, kay daghan sila mag bahin bahin. i told the broker, basta all we care about is ang madawat namo is P30m limpyo. if they succeed in convincing the buyer to increase their broker's commission to let's say 12%, and if the judge allows it, i really don't care. in fact ganahan ko makalipay ug uban tao. kanang makalipay ka ug uban tao it's like planting seeds and before you know it the seeds have turned into a forest and it's much easier to make millions because lots of people will be willing to help you. that's what billionaires always say in their "secret to success" books that they write.

so i told the broker i will try to convince the heirs that all they should care about is ang madawat namo is P30m limpyo. if the buyer agrees to give you 12% comission, give us an LOI that states the broker's comission is 12%. the broker said it won't be an LOI it would just be a written broker's offer without the name of their new buyer kay mahadlok sila we would just go directly to the buyer to get rid of the extra 7% commission which in this case would be P2.3m or P260k per heir. as i said if daginuton na ninyo ang P260k and mo crash ang real estate market before we find another buyer, you would be losing easily P6m worth of opportunity. so i told the broker go ahead and give us the written offer because i'm confident i can convince the majority to agree with the 12% broker's comission. however, i also warned the broker that even if the heirs agree, there is a chance that the judge might not approve it.

the heirs might be tempted to turn down the broker and investigate who the buyer really is so we can go directly to the buyer and bypass the extra 7% broker's comission, but to me that would be stepping on someone else's foot. and i never want to do that because it's against my principles. i know people think of me as someone with no morals and principles. it's true i am an immoral person but it's also true that i don't want to fear for my life. i don't want the broker to be angry at me especially here in cebu it only cost P10,000 to hire someone to kill another person. i don't want to be walking around fearing for my life. i want to enjoy life. i don't want to fear for my life.

i am aware some heirs insist on on an LOI and bank certificaiton on fund availability. as tito virgilio said, the purpose is to assure us the buyer is serious so we don't waste time. but we also have to weigh the pros and cons, and in this case the downside is too small compared to the upside, therefore the smart thing to do is to ignore the risk of wasting time because the reward or upside is very huge. i also don't give a rats ass if the buyer is genghis khan or hitler all i care about is pila ato madawat limpyo.

note the estate has no more issues or problems in the financial arena because the majority of heirs always agree and just goes with what is practical and under administratorhship, the judge will always side with the majority unless of course the majority will sell mambaling for only 10 pesos of course the judge will side with the minority. the bottom line is nothing can stop the heirs to each receive their P20m inheritance. my only worry from now on moving forward is that the minority might be angry at the majority. and i don't want anyone to be angry especially that the majority only does something that benefits everyone. i want our family to be harmonious so that lolo and lola will be smiling at us from heaven. so in the meeting, we should stress that the minority should try their best to accept the will of the majority, because it's the right thing to do, and it's what lola and lolo would want to happen.

2/25/21 aloguinsan update

i just talked to the barangay captain of bonbon who transacted the sale of lola's 1,800sqm. first i asked about the mystery 392sqm lot 419 and he told me he does not know anything about it. so i did my own analysis. according to the sketch map, lot 419 is the frontage of the entire lot 420, which is around 72 meters in lenght. using algebra, lot 419 has to be around 392/72 = 5 meters wide. i then asked the barangay captain how wide the road used to be. he said the road used to be only around 5 meters wide. i measured it and it's now 10 meters wide. BINGO !!! that means it got expropriated by the road widening. so we should just forget about this lot 419 and just exclude it from the estate taxes.

i then asked the baranggay captain about the mystery 200sqm of lot 420. if the lot is 1,800 sqm, the govt bought 1,200s sqm, 200 sqm goes to tito bertie, 200 sqm goest to tito gerry, what's the extra 200 sqm? the baranggay captain told me it's not 2 but 3 heirs that opted out from the sale, that's why there's still 600sqm left. BINGO !!! now we just need to find out the mystery heir. i asked tita doris which heir did not get their share of the sale. tita doris said it's most probably tito virgilio.

the aloguinsan assessor was locked down yesterday because there were many covid positives. i instructed nimfa and joan to request a survey at the assessors and then have the 600sqm partitioned into 3, then have each partition titled. i told them to call first to make sure the assessors is open before coming to aloguinsan. i tried to get the number of the assessors but nobody around the building knows it. fortunately, one of tiyo pedro's grandson named tonton is the educated type and a close friend of donnie so they can just message him on fb to find out if the assesors is open before they come here.

the property is perfect for a provincial vacation home. it's only 2 kilometers from hidden beach, which is just as nice as boracay. even better because it's not yet crowded. the white sand beach is around 600 meters long and the swimming area extends around 500 meters out to sea and it's all sand with a few patches of sea grass, just like boracay. the property is also just 1 kilometer from mercado which has good karinderias aside from the fruits and vegetables. and of course the ancestral home, balwarte and the pantalan is just a few steps from the mercado if you want to do a nostalgic tour.

a perfect walking exercise route is: ancestral home - church - cemetary - pantalan - balwarte - merkado. sir joeffrey (not joeffrey baratheon), the current vassal of house salo and minggay, is a good walking companion because he is now into healthy living ever since his brother sir edmund (not edmund tully) died because of alcohol abuse. lady rita and her son sir jasper bolton (carbon copy of ramsay bolton) still lives there. sir jasper who is currently my loyal squire during my stay in aloguinsan, just got out of the high security prison of siquijor iron island after serving a 4 year sentence on charges of murder and arms possession. he is still on probation and has to report to the toledo RTC every month. sir pedro's children, sir arman and lady carmelita also lives in house salo while their brother sir maldo is the vassal of toledo riverlands. by the way sir maldo called me 3 days ago calling for reinforcement because he was under attack (there was a survey crew doing survey on our 4126 and saying it is being claimed by someone). i instructed sir maldo to just ignore them because we are already about to get the tax decs and after paying the estate taxes we will get a CAR.

2/23/21 MOA explanation

what i'm writing here is very long. it will probably take you 30 minutes to read and understand but after that you will avoid wasting thousands of hours worrying unecessarily. you will gain $billions in terms of quality of life because you will be happy and free from stress. you cannot put a price on stress free life. it's priceless. i hope someday you will realize everything i'm doing is for everyone's benefit. lolo, lola, tito gerry and tito bertie should be smiling up in heaven, but maybe they are worried there is still some confusion and worries among their pinanggas. i hope this long letter will ease those worries so everyone can finally celebrate and just enjoy life and take advantage of the sacrifices lolo and lola made for their pinanggas.

i'm glad we are giving specific consequences and scenarios to support our opinions. but for us to make the best decision, we also have to discuss the probablity estimates of each scenario. for example there is a possibility that a plane will crash. but why do we ride planes? because although there is a possibility the plane will crash, it's not a significant probability. so it's useless and a waste of time to even think about it.

the bad scenarios that tita jane pointed out and christian impressively illustrated using a flow chart, cannot happen legally, meaning they are all illegal. tito mike also expressed a legitimate concern that there is a possibility salvador Ang might bribe the court. in my own opinion, if Ang can do that he would have already done it long time ago because he has a notarized deed of sale on the properties. tita jane pointed out that once the estate taxes have been paid, it would be easier for Ang to bribe the system. of course i'm not a lawyer so i consulted atty mark who said that it will be more difficult for Ang to bribe the system especially if we are in administratorship because all transfer, disbursment of funds and sale will need a hearing and court order, unlike with extrajudicial where things could just happen without a hearing or court order.

in my own opinion, and again i'm not an expert, i'm just using deductive reasoning based on my observations and personal experiences, the chances that the bad scenarios would happen is about the same chance we get hit twice by lightning. meaning it's practically zero chance.

i notice there's 4 kinds of bribes or government corruption. one is where you bribe the govt to do something that they should be doing and causes no harm to any person. example it took me a year to get my philippine passport. i didn't know i just needed to pay a fixer P1k so i can get it in a few days. i'm bribing them so the government will give me something that they should be giving me in the first place because my parents are filipino citizens, and it causes no harm to anyone. when the govt gives me my passport, nobody will be hurt or angry that they lost their property. but tita jane is right that maybe if we just go through the normal process, it will take years just to sell 1 property, just like it took me a year just to get my passport. atty balili said that selling a property is even faster and safer with administratorship, but if he is wrong, it's obvious there is an easy and cheap remedy (wink wink). it's easy because if we bribe the court to expedite the approval of the sale, we are simply asking the court to do their job and it causes no harm to anyone. that's why there's hardly a public outcry on these kinds of bribery (such as using a fixer to expedite renewing your license or registration of your car).

the second type of bribery is where you give kickbacks to win a govt contract. this could harm the other contractors who are competing for the contract and also harm tax payers because it could decrease the quality of the contracts and govt projects. that's why there is a lot of public outcry. however, it still happens because the harm is not severe or people don't really feel the immediate pain so the perpetuators can easily get away with it. it's not really painful blatant injustice to the other bidders because nothing material was taken away from them.

the 3rd kind of bribery is where you bribe the government to win a CONTENTIOUS issue or court case. the harm is not blatant injustice because there is always a certain amount of justification for the decision (which is the inherent nature of a contentious case). example if we bribe the judge to win the right of way of mambaling, it's not blatant injustice because we do have a certified notary entry of the deed of sale. we just misplaced the original notarized deed of sale and can't find it that's why we have to go through a hearing. so although bribery is illegal, the decision or court order is not illegal because we have proof we already paid for the right of way.

the 4th type of bribery is something that has practically a zero chance of happening. the bad scenarious that tita jane pointed out can only happen if the judge does something that is blatantly illegal, unjust and causes immediate pain and harm to an entire klan that is composed of around 50 people. meaning there is a very high chance the judge and the kids of salvador ang will get killed. considering their wealth, it's not worth to risk their lives. we are not dealing with drug dealers who have nothing to lose or warlords with intense security around them. i said the same thing to tita georgia when she told me she was very worried she will never get back the title of the main house. i told her atty tan owns a P200 million property in st benedicts panagdait there's no way they will cause blatant harm to a person and risk their life just to take a dilapidated house of an economically struggling family. in fact the administratorship will make it easier to get back the title. i remember a year ago a fiscal was assassinated near ayala and whenever i ask my laywer high school batchmates for their opinion about the incident they will just shrug their shoulders and say the fiscal was known to step over other people's foot, as if they were saying that as long as they don't cause blatant injustice and harm to others, there really is no reason for them to fear for their life as lawyers.

that's why ever since the administratorship was filed, all my worries were gone. there are no more showstoppers for the millions to start flowing into the bank accounts of the lolo and lola's pinanggas. we should all be happy and celebrating. the MOA was our savior. also tito jojo is our silent hero or savior because he was the one who lead us to atty balili's law firm. the buyer never would have agreed to the terms of the MOA because it's too much headache and so much tedious work and there were other properties around ramos they prefered to buy which did not have big problems like that of pelaez. that's why i had to seduce and trick atty balili to convince the buyer that's it's a very good deal, in exchange for possibly millions they could be getting from the difference of the estate tax and payment to Ang. but now they realize it's almost impossible they will get anything from Ang and estate taxes. they will only get the lawyers fees for administratorship and 5% commission of the pelaez sale. CHECKMATE !!! that's why balili in front of all the other lawyers and staff who were having dinner at their office told me, "you are so smart" and he congratulated me for my brilliant maneuver that literally saved the entire estate.

the most important maneuver was when i brought everyone in the compound to meet the buyer mr. lao in hopes that mr. lao will have some sort of emotional responsibility towards our family. and we now know after the fact that my plan worked. mr lao enjoyed socializing with us and spent time worrying and giving advise to the nurses and sailors of our family who currently don't have jobs. mr. lao is the typical captain of industry that i play golf with - very generous, but could easily be offended and insulted if we postponed the meeting or the signing.

our concerns about the MOA, although legitimate, is still small compared to the inevitable scenario that salvador ang becomes our adminitrator if we didn't beat him to the punch in filing for administratorship and assuring we have money for the estate taxes and paying off our debt to him. we can now pay ang through a court order and if ang does not surrender the titles the judge can order him arressted.

but if i was Ang, i would be jumping for joy at the turn of events because for sure he will now get paid the P6.5m. And we have to thank Ang because by holding the titles for 20 years, he forced us to ride the strongest real estate bull market in the history of the country. we give him P6.5m but because of him the estate is P50m richer because he prevented us from selling 20 years ago when the prices were still very low. i bought shares of apple, netflix, google and amazon and they quickly doubled after a year and was boasting my achievements in my facebook posts. but turns out i was such an idiot for selling too early. example i bough netflix at $7 and sold at $14 a year later, but now netflix is $540. if salvador ang held my stock certificates and prevented me from selling those stocks, like what he did to our family, i would be a billionaire by now.

but if you are still worried that Ang can sell the properties, then there is an easy solution. all we have to do is follow tita jane's original instructions, which is to sell and divide. SIMPLE !!! mr lao is ready to give us full payment on the appraised value of pelaez and guba (P14m) ANYTIME !!! we just need to inform them so they can draw up the contract for guba. now that the estate is safe, we now have all the time in the world discussing the LOI and scrutinizing the contract before everyone signs it. once we get the full payment, Ang can do whatever the hell he wants with the titles it's now the buyer's problem. only pagina will be left but it's almost worthless because it's trapped with no frontage. we should be embarassed and ashamed that we are having difficulty executing something that is so simple that even uneducated people can easily do. tito mike privately told me he is baffled why not everyone would just sign and get the money. atty balili told me he already brokered 28 properties for mr. jefferson lao and their firm is perplexed why our family is making it unnecessarily complicated for no valid reason. on some sales he brokered, co-owners who were abroad simply gave an SPA, some co-owners were uneducated and simply signed the contracts and got their checks and everyone was happy. simple !!! the heirs should only be worried if the property was assigned to a corporation (like the lawaan talisay sale) because the buyer can just issue a check going to the treasurer. but since the remaining properties of the estate all belong to the estate, the buyer will have no choice but to issue a check to each heir. the lawyers even freaked out when they saw tito gerry's will because they were not sure how much to give christian and nimfa's kids. that's why christian and tita angie felt safe giving me an SPA because they know the buyer has to write a check in their name and i can never touch the money. i'm sure mr. lao and atty balili never screwed any of the sellers because they are not afraid to expose themselves. anyone can visit atty balili in his office anytime.

if we all just follow tita jane's original instructions which is to sell and divide equally, there will be no problem. even when i was still confident Ang will accept our payment and we can do extrajudicial, i was already shopping for lawyers who can help us with administratorship because i started to feel worried not all heirs can be contacted because of the pandemic and i was worried some heirs abroad won't give an SPA. i got very angry that we had to do administratorship. i never wanted to do administratorship. i always wanted to do extrajudicial. that's why i lost my cool and nanghagis ko sa chat group because i hated administratorship and wanted to just do the extrajudicial which was much simpler. i got more worried because no lawyer wanted to help us with administratorship because it's too tedious. good thing i found a way to manipulate atty balili to help us with administratorship. and now we found out Ang never really intended to negotiate and was just playing us and buying time so that when the amnesty deadline nears, the judge will grant him emergency admnistratorship. good thing we beat Ang to the punch, thanks to the MOA. we should be happy about the MOA and thankful, not angry.

our BIR assessor edith sibayan and the head of ROD atty cugtas told me we cannot do extrajudicial if we still owe Ang. the most important element of an extrajudicial is the clause that says the heirs left no debt. Ang could sue us and we could be jailed for perjury if we insist on an extrajudicial.

the MOA practically gave us P117 million in value. it saves us P56m in estate taxes penalties. the mactan lot that could easily go to atty tan if he files a case against us was appraised at P35 million. the main house front lawn is easily P6 million. common sense usually prevails in administratorship so the judge might find P41 million too big relative to the value of the estate and might order atty tan to accept a P5 million settlement. atty tan might even be happy with this because the mactan lot has no right of way. atty tan also verbally told me that he actually prefers a cash payment instead of mactan lot because he doesn't think he can ever sell mactan because there is no right of way. so P25m + 56m + P35m = P117m. as i posted in our collaboratoin wiki, the mactan lot is practically worth P75 million to us if we use it for bedspacing because bedspacers don't need cars. i even used a PE ratio of 20 for my valuation analysis, which is conservative relative to the S&P500 which now has a PE of 31. so the MOA adds another P40m in value.

but for me, money is just a piece of paper, it's true value is to improve our quality of life. the MOA actually gives us $billions worth of quality of life because we don't have to worry about the amnesty deadline or finding the money to pay Ang. it also gives us another $billions worth of quality of life because we don't have to file a separate case and attend STRESSFUL and lengthy hearings to get the titles from Ang, reconvey the 10ha toledo lot 4143, and attend lengthy hearings against atty tan. these kinds of stress can be dangerous to our health. the MOA allows the indigent pinanggas of lola and lolo to get reprieve from their economic hardships and have money for life saving emergency medical procedures. i can't even put a price tag on that. the MOA also allows the heirs to create priceless and precious memories. maybe when the pandemic is over they can go to hong kong disneyland, but if we wait 5 years for another amnesty, maybe the kids would be too old to enjoy disneyland because they would rather be with their uyabs than see mickey mouse. you also can't put a price tag on precious childhood memories.

another big advantage of the MOA and administratorship is that sales of properties will have to be approved by the court which means the buyers and brokers will be afraid to swindle us because the judge can order them arrested. it's as if we have a very powerful lawyer to review the contracts so we have more options because we don't have to find a buyer who has to give the full payment for fear we might get swindled.

the heirs don't have to worry about not getting their fair share. in fact the reason why i as an administrator has to be bonded is so that if i make a mistake as an administrator, the heir who became alakansi will be paid his/her fair share. i worry tita jane might be forced to travel to cebu even if the pandemic is still raging because she does not want to give an SPA to anyone. but with administratorship, a property can be sold with just a court order so she does not need to come to cebu and her share will just be safely consigned in court. admininistratorship will literally protect us from the covid infection, especially tito mike who is high risk because he is a cancer survivor.

another big advantage of the MOA is that the heirs can now start gathering enough dry gun powder so they can pull the trigger or take advantage of dirt cheap townhouses or DECA homes in case the pandemic will cause a recession or even a depression that will crash the real estate market. we should sell the estate properties as fast as possible while the real estate market has not collapsed yet. buy low, sell high. that's how you play the game. same way i took advantage of the 2008 great recession by buying 2 vegas houses at $35k auction price and last year they got appraised at $215k each. i sold 1 hastily for $145k on march last year so i have a lot of gun powder to pull the trigger in case the pandemic causes a crash. when the crash happened, i played with an open hand and posted all my moves in facebook. i bought the vaccine and zoom stocks and tesla which skyrocketed and tripled my portfolio. the heirs have the opportunity to follow my investing strategy because of this MOA. of course we should not pray for an economic collapse but we should be prepared. fortunately, there are strong catalysts that can provide a floor to the economic downturn - 5G upgrade cycle, cloud migration, plant based meats, humanization of pets, and the vaccine bull market which has a lot of pin action such as refrigerated transport and even glass vials (GLW). search "ian's knowledge bombs" and click "investing-for-dummies" and "stock-picking-for-dummies" in the table of contents to learn more.

if we want to communicate better, avoid making statements that are too general to be useful. it's like saying na disgrasya ang tao sa auto. there's many kinds of disgrasya- there's fender bender, there's total car wreck dunay ni layat sa pangpang. you need to be more specific for your statements to be useful and for us to be able to communicate better for our group to be strong. and we need to be strong because we are not battling salvador ang who is old and tired. decoy ra na siya. we could be battling his children who are young and hungry and want to make a name for themselves. even if they are already rich, wealth is relative and if their classmates in ateneo own condominim towers, they probably want to get as much money as they can from our estate as seed money to build their own empire. that's why they filed for administratorship and never really intended to negotiate with me. i visited Ang many times and he would just tell me he is still trying to decide but now i know he was just playing us and buying time so that when the amnesty deadline nears the judge will be forced to grant him adminitratorship or else the estate tax penalties will cause irepairable damage to the estate. so it's important our family communicates properly. for example if you are concerned about ang demanding more than P6.5m, it's not that hard to give the worse case scenario, which is that ang charges interest from his last collection in 2016, which at 6% is only P1.5m. it's a fender bender relative to the P122m we can easily benefit from this MOA. it's a no brainer if only you look at the big picture and connect the dots. besides this MOA is not what is causing that additional P1.5m. meaning even without this MOA, we will still need to pay that additional P1.5m if Ang demands it. in fact, this MOA is our best chance to avoid that additional P1.5m, because signing it means you are voting for adminitratorship, where the judge might find P7.5m too big and ask Ang to accept a settlement that is much less. and we don't have to file a separate case to retrieve the titles because the judge will just order Ang to be arrested if he does not surrender the titles.

another very important thing to keep in mind for us to be able to communicate better is when you state an opinion or concern, give the specific consequences that would support your concern. example if you say you are concerned that the administrator na magbuot sa tanan, you have to give a specific consequence like the adminitrator has the power to assign the properties under his name, which of course is not true. in fact the reason why the administrator has to post a bond is so that if duna heir na maalakansi tungod nasayop ang administrator, the bond is like an insurance na mabayran gyud ang heir sa iyaha bahin. that's actually superawesome because the disasters that plagued the family in the past can't happen anymore. the admnistrator can also be outvoted and even fired by majority. you might be concerned that the majority is not always right just like in nazi germany where the jews were the minority but they were the good guys, but the beauty of administratorship is the judge has the power to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majoriy. so during the hearing the judge can still side with the minority, but the minority has also to air in the side of common sense. anyone can voice out their objections in the hearing but their objections have to be reasonable. isn't that what everyone wants? fairness, justice, democracy?

we must also realize the MOA and administratorship was decided and accepted by OVERWHELMING consensus (7 out of 9 heir lines), representing the entire age spectrum, youngest to eldest. i also trust tita angie's decision considering she finished law school, has a phd and is a department head in DTI. i also trusted christian's decision, considering he is a high end systems engineer at a world class global bank. and i'm sure tita georgia consulted tito jojo who has given many valuable advise and expertise to the estate. so it's a wrong misconception to say i'm making decisions on my own. of course we are not perfect and the consesus can still get it wrong, but it's the only way we can make the best decision. we are all just trying to make our best guess because we are not God and we don't know everything.

the root cause of our miscommunication is that our brains are wired differently, in other words, our family is very diverse. but our diversity should be our strenght, not our weaknes. we should recognize each other's strength and use it to our advantage. that's why i always listen to tito virgilio's technical advise and follow. and that's why because of tito virgilio i am going to aloguinsian and i was able to sort out the 18sqm water tank and 48sqm compound entrance. that's called teamwork. also, i cannot do what tito mike is doing moderating meetings. i cannot do what christian is doing taking down the very detailed and important minutes of the meeting and creating flowcharts. magz is like me we are both street smart and that's why we tend to share the same philosophy. even tita doris' leg work and energy is one of the biggest contributors of the estate. i'm amazed how tita doris woke up 4 am to catch the first bus to aloguinsan. i can never do that. tita doris and tita georgia has provided me with so many valuable facts, data and history of the estate. my dad has provided me with many crucial information, advise and contacts to help us navigate through the treacherous government bureaucracy.

i hope everyone realizes i never intended to disrespect anyone. in fact all my messages to the heirs is recorded in our collaboratoin wiki and my first ever message i was thanking tita jane because i wouldn't be successful right now if she didn't help me when i just arrived in the states. in fact the things i said to tita jane i thought she would be proud of. i said tita jane you are blessed with a wonderful family and very smart kids ask them to help you the same way tita angie and my dad is asking help from their "upgrades". in the golfing community we call sons or daughters upgrade. instead of saying anak siya ni so and so we say upgrade siya ni so and so. the reason why i said that is because i want tita jane to be happy and free from stress and i found it a waste that while everyone was celebrating she was upset, only because there were certain information that she missed, which she admitted that the information i send out are too long she does not have time to read them.

the estate issues require street smarts. there's 2 kinds: book smart and street smart. tita jane is more book smart simply because unlike me, she was never exposed to dangerous street life. street smarts involve making decisions that are not scientific and therefore cannot be written in books because it involves guessing human nature. human nature is very unpredictable and it's always a case by case basis and the best you can do is make judgement calls or guesses, and in our case if i didn't make that guess or judgement call that the buyer will be offended if we postponed the signing, the whole estate would have been in jeopardy. another example is tita jane and tito virgilio and tita georgia have been going to the toledo assessor but they never got the tax decs. when i went i kinda noticed he was gay so i gave him my number and told him if he visits cebu city to give me a call we can have coffee. who knows my friendly gesture probably motivated him to give us the tax decs. and also i found out one of the high ranking assessor, his wife was a very good friend of tita angie so i let tita angie talk to him and maybe that also helped us get the tax decs. these skills you can't learn in books. i mean doctors or surgeons are the smartest people in the world but they would be having a tough time solving the problems of the estate because doctors are book smart. it's not an insult it's something to be proud of because oh my god while street smarts can solve the problem of the estate, doctors and book smarts can save lives. that is something to be proud of. the same thing with my dad and tita angie - they are high level TECHNOCRATS, high intellectuals way way smarter than me. i failed the entrance exam to ateneo and UP i only got in los banos because the chancellor at the time was my father's roommate when they were taking masters degree in wisconsin. i really have nothing to be proud of. i'm just a disgusting lonely loser, no job, no family. you guys are actually way way smarter than me, it's just that i grew up in the streets so i developed street smart skills to judge people's personalities. that's why in the first meeting with mr lao i told everyone in the compound to dress makaluluoy because i play golf with these captains of industry and know they can be very generous and have the instinct to be the guardian of society but they can also be very sensitive and easily be offended if we postpone the meeting and we don't know if that buyer could be our only hope for saving the entire estate. and now, after the fact, we know i made the right call and if i didn't make that call we could be very stressed right now not knowing how we could pay for the estate taxes. christian said it best - he said - "na anghelan ta". of course if you look at what i did in isolation it was a very stupid thing to do just like driving against the flow of traffice is a very stupid thing to do, but if you look at the big picture, it was the right thing to do just like an ambulance driver trying to save the life of the patient by driving against the flow of traffic. in our case, i was trying to save the entire estate.

2/20/21 dirty kitchen and aloguinsan updates

there are 2 buildings that appear in the list of holdings - tax dec # GRC6-08-062-11262 and GRC6-08-062-11263 which i'm not sure what and where they are. i suspect this is the old dirty kitchen/maid's quarters, and the lot number just has a typo error. BOTH tax dec says the lot number is 6090-B-2-D, but all the lots in compound starts with 6098-... BOTH have the same area - 132sqm, which is about the same as the dirty kitchen. maybe one is just a duplicate or revision. the 11262 tax dec also has a levy - delingquent on property taxes, date nov 24, 2010 amount is P57,739. i will go to tax mapping on monday to verify this. if it's the dirty kitchen then the estate will need to assign it to papa.

regarding aloguinsan, tita doris suspects the 392sqm lot 419 that nobody knows about is either a big canal or has been verbally assigned to tiya rita by lola (like pagina). i will visit aloguinsan next week to verify this. this lot has a weird configuration, it's a narrow strip right along the provincial road, around 68m long and 6m wide. i will post the sketch map. it's actually the frontage of lola's 1,841sqm lot 420.

lot 420 has 2 classifications in the tax dec - 1,641sqm corn land and 200sqm residential. tita doris says the lot has been subdivided into 9, each having 200sqm. the deed of sale says we sold 1,224sqm. tita angie says the proceed of the sale was divided among 7 heirs. tito gerry's and tito bertie's share was not part of the sale, so they are suppose to still have 200sqm each. this probably explains why it still appears in lola's list of holdings, and the tax dec just hasn't been updated yet. however, 200 X 9 = 1,600, so we don't know what is the extra 200sqm residential. i will also sort this out when i go to aloguinsan. the remaining lot should be 600sqm, and if that's the case, we should decide whether to assign 300sqm each to tito gerry and tito bertie or just assign 200sqm and keep the remaining 200sqm for the estate.

2/18/21 aloguinsan update

tita doris got back from aloguinsan with the certified tax decs and no improvements lola has 2 properties - lot 419 (329sqm) and lot 420 (1,841sqm). what's weird is there's also 4 property tax receipts, each listing around 5 properties of lola and her siblings, each having a different tax dec #. lola's tax dec # is 02373 and 02401. but both are not in the list of holdings and both don't have certified tax decs. maybe we have to go back and have these 2 lots declared so we can include them in the estate tax computation. the dates of the property tax receipts are 2011, which means the properties are incurring huge penalties. i think we should get a computation and maybe contact marjorie and tito mario to ask them to chip in if it's big. but if it's just around P5k we can just pay it and ask marjorie or tiya lydia to pay ours next time they visit. also, it shows tiya rita paid for lola's property taxes in 2011.

to sum it up, there are now just 2 remaining items before we can get the final estate tax computation: 1. 2 lots in aloguinsan not yet declared - i will need to go back to aloguinsan to sort it out 2. 48ha of toledo - the assessors office is already creating tax decs so we are in a waiting mode for this. but i will follow up next week

update: i see a 2011 deed of sale where tax dec #02373 was sold for P244k. that explains why it's in the property tax receipts but not in the list of holdings. what's confusing is that it's lot 420, but lot 420 is still listed under lola as the owner, but the tax dec # is now 20-04-02676. the lot areas are also different. the one sold was 1,224 sqm and the sketch map lists it as lot 420-PART. the sketch map also shows another lot with the same name, 420-PART, beside the 1,224 sqm lot that was sold. i would guess this is the lot lola still owns, but it's much smaller than the one that was sold, while the tax dec of the lot lola still owns shows the area is 1,841sqm. very confusing. maybe the lot that lola still owns is the same lot that was sold, but maybe the sale was invalid because the estate taxes haven't been paid yet. or maybe we had an agreement stipulated in the deed of sale that when the estate taxes are paid we transfer it to the buyer instead of the heirs. the deed of sale says this:

"that the said parcel of land is not registered under act 496. but the parties agree to register the instrument under act 3344, as amended by pd 1529."

i tried googling the acts but the texts are too long might as well ask the assessor when i go to aloguinsan.

it's also possible tax dec 02401 belongs to tiya rita because one of the property tax receipts show tiya rita's name next to the tax dec #. however there's another property tax receipt where lola's name appears next to the tax dec #. i'm sure the assessor can easily sort these out.

or maybe i can let tita doris go again and she will just call me so i can talk to the assessor.

2/17/21 update on DCCI, aloginsan, 18sqm, and pagina

i gave tita doris P200 for taxi to SEC to inquire about DCCI. the only requirement they asked for to keep DCCI up to date is 2020 financial statement and 2021 GIS. i will work on it when i have time. they said they don't know yet how much we need to pay for penalties. i guess the penalty will depend on DCCI assets which is only the 48sqm compound entrance so hopefully the penalty will just be small.

i also gave tita doris P3.5k for her aloguinsan expenses to get a list of holdings, tax decs and no improvement certifications for lola and tito bertie. she and donnie will stay overnight because it usually takes more than a day to process. if tito bertie's property is not yet declared, i will go to aloguinsan next month to process it which is ok since the amnesty deadline is not critical for tito bertie's estate. i'm just waiting for my drone to arrive. the aloguinsan mayor will accompany me to scope out the area around secret beach because my dad wants to apply for a free patent around the area and build a payag for vacation house.

i got the no improvement and certified tax decs for the 18sqm water tank. our BIR assessor edith said she can now add it to the estate tax computation but she wants me to submit it together with the toledo tax decs/no improvements.

regarding pagina, edith said tiya ika's family still needs to do extrajudicial and pay inheritance tax even if it's just for their 79sqm house without land. i will work on their extrajudicial this weekend.

allow me to brainstorm about pagina. you don't need to read the rest of this message, it's just for brainstorming purposes. i was thinking instead of donating an almost worthless 193sqm to tiya ika's family, we can do a little real estate engineering and give them something that has real value and also increase our estate's value in the process. it will also make mesquite, the owner of our frontage happy. i will offer mesquite (who is close buddies with tita doris) to help her with her estate tax and have her 400sqm lot titled under her name. in exchange, she will sign a contract to sell so we can buy the 79sqm lot that tiya ika's house is sitting on for P1m. it will be a good deal for mesquite because there will soon be a road widening so the 79sqm will probably just be 40sqm. this will allow mesquite to start enjoying her inheritance. then we can subdivide both the 193sqm and 79sqm in half such that both partitions will have a frontage. although we are giving tiya ika's family only 136sqm instead of 193sqm, we are giving them easily P3m worth property instead of only P500k (if it was trapped without a right of way). in the process, our estate spends P1m but we now have a property worth P3m instead of zero if we donated everything (which was the original plan).

mesquite does not have to worry about the squatters who are known killers. she can just let her remaining 321sqm (or maybe 200sqm after the road widening) sleep as it increases in value. then after the road widening most likely a big developer will swoop in to make her a nice offer. the big devloper will also usually give a big offer to the squatters that will make the squatters happy to relocate, and nobody's life will be endangered.

but where will we get P1m to buy mesquite's 79sqm frontage (plus partitioning expenses)? as administrator i can petition to set aside money, maybe P1.5m from the mambaling sale and deposit it in court so it will be used for this purpose.

we can also build a 12 unit 2 story bed spacing building we can rent out for 6k a unit. i played golf with a dude who is the nephew of tiya rosa and a close friend of engr tiyo dodong. forgot his name but he used to be a manager in petron and work buddy of our late neighbor chito mantos. (he told me chito used the petron speedboats for personal trips to boracay. classic tokachits :-) he owns a big dormitory across san carlos. he also owns a 12 unit 2 story bed spacing building near san carlos. it only occupies 125 sqm of land and it cost him around P4m to build in 2004. he will be happy to share his architectural and engineering plans to tiyo dodong in case we want to build something similar on our 136sqm pagina. this could be around P50k clean and stable cash flow a month, only at a cost of around P7m (adjusting for inflation and adding the P1.5m expense to buy the frontage and partition the lots). therefore annual cash flow ratio (50k(12months))/7m = 8.5% is very good cash flow ratio compared to pelaez which was only earning (50k(12months))/25m = 2.4%.

of course only a crazy person will administer this venture with an estate composed of 21 heirs. to simplify and give the heirs freedom to invest or not to invest in this pagina venture, DCCI can issue shares, around P500k each. any heir is free to buy DCCI shares as much as they want. the more shares you buy, the bigger your ownership of DCCI just like in the stock market. the proceeds will be used to buy the 136sqm from the estate at P3m and construct the bedspacing building, if DCCI chooses to pursue it. if DCCI chooses not to pursue the bedspacing project, it's pefectly fine because the P3m property can still grow in value and the shareholders can reap big rewards when a developer swoops in.

rent from bedspacing will be distributed quarterly or semi-annually to the shareholders through dividends.

example if 10 heirs want to buy 2 shares each of DCCI @ P500k/share, that totals P10m. and if we only spend P7m on the project, then the P3m will just be recorded as cash balance and it's up to the board whether to invest it in bonds or stock market to protect it from inflation. if the fund raising comes up short, i can fund the shortfall and become the biggest shareholder. corporations need to follow strict accounting rules. it's actually very easy to trace any accounting irregularity and any employee or officer of the corporation that violates the rules would easily be charged and sent to prison. this is actually strictly implemented in the philippines that's why corporations are popping up and flourishing all over the country.

the nice thing about this is that if an heir finds the pagina venture too risky, that heir simply will just refrain from buying the newly issued DCCI shares and just enjoy their money from the pagina sale. their share will be limited to the 48sqm compound entrance, which also means their voting power will be limited and their dividends will be smaller compared to the bigger shareholders. just like in any corporation.

then depending on DCCI performance on the pagina venture, DCCI can issue more shares to buy the mactan lot from the estate to do another bedspacing project. smart money will be attracted towards DCCI if pagina is successful because they know by that time DCCI now has the experience and knowledge, or has paid the "tuition fee" beginner mistakes. smart money likes to magnetize towards talent and expertise. big players might start coming in and DCCI can even buy munoz's M5 in the compound. in wall street lingua, that would be called "growth by acquisition". the pagina and mactan projects is called "organic growth" in wall street.

the great thing about a corporation is that shareholders only have the power to vote for chairman and board of directors, who will then appoint the president and other officers. after that the officers have autonomy and authority to make daily decisions without getting a scolding from the shareholders and only have to report quarterly instead of having to write long essays everyday trying to justify to the shareholders every little move and activity. example i'm a shareholder of facebook and i cannot scold mark Z for banning trump.

2/16/21 update on pagina

i got the certified tax dec for the 18sqm water tank. i submitted it for the no improvement certification and they said they will just text when it's ready to be claimed.

i also learned that it would be almost impossible to sell our 193 sqm in pagina, and tia ika's 79sqm frontage house can never be sold. i consider this good news because it simplifies our decision and tia ika's family will always have a place to live. let me explain -

tito boy got the list of holdings of their father lolo sergio with only 1 entry - their 79sqm house (the frontage of our 193sqm). they don't own the lot. it's on lot 7877 but our 193sqm lot is 7878. i asked someone in the assessor's office to trace the owner of lot 7877 and turns out their house sits on a 400sqm L shaped lot owned by arsenio cabras who's children have also passed away. the surviving heir is mesquite which our family knows because she used to work for DCCI in butuan. so our 193sqm is trapped right behind an L shaped corner lot owned by a distant relative, and our frontage, which is tia ika's house, sits on a land they don't own. so selling the property is now out of the question. which is good news for me because that means i have less work to do. hehehe.

the entire 400sqm lot 7877 is occupied by squatters who are known to kill anyone who messes with them. i told tito boy, tita janna and tita heidi that they are lucky their neighbors are feared killers because there's less chance mesquite will claim the property and evict them for fear of retribution. however, if mesquite does manage to evict everyone on the lot at least the 193sqm lot we will be donating to them will serve as their sanctuary or assurance they will always have a place to live.

tomorrow i will consult our BIR assessor edith if an extrajudicial is still needed for their 79sqm house that sits on a lot owned by someone else. if it's needed, i will help them create the extrajudicial and pay their estate taxes (which should be very tiny considering the zonal values in 1976 were very low) so the house will now be under the name of all the siblings.

then i will host a meeting with all of the siblings. those in manila will join via video call. i will propose that we donate our 193sqm to the 3 single siblings (tita janna, tito boy, and tito bernard) and tita heidi who lives on the lot. i'm assuming other siblings are already well off with their own house and lots and children who are professionals or earn a good living. i will inform them that our 193sqm property has very small value because there is no frontage, meaning they won't be missing much if they are not included. but if any sibling wants to be included, we will just include him/her.

2/15/21 misc updates

i talked to our BIR assessor edit sibayan she said the most important thing they look for in the extrajudicial is the "heirs left no debt" clause or the "rules of court rule 74 section 1" clause at the end of the extrajudicial. that means tito virgilio's request to remove it is not possible. she also said that the notary will inspect the titles and make sure there is no debt annotated and if there is, the notary won't notarize our extrajudicial. now i know why it's very expensive to notarize our extrajudicial. turns out the notary has to read all the encumbrances, which can have a lot of entries as in the case of our titles to make sure no debt is annotated and if the notary makes a mistake the notary could be sued or disbarred.

regarding the 48sqm compound entrance owned by DCCI, edith said she does not know the tax ramifications if we never keep the corporation up to date or the corporation is dissolved. but she advised to keep the corporation current. i was doing hiking exercise with atty mark and he advised me to look at the by laws of the corporation to see if there is something that says what will happen to the properties when the corporation is dissolved. i checked and it does not say anything. i will ask tita doris tomorrow to go to SEC and find out how much we need to pay and what we need to submit to keep DCCI current.

i accompanied tito boy crystal to assessors so they can get the list of holdings, tax decs and no improvements of their father don sergio (lolo's brother). i met lola ika who is now 101 years old but she was sleeping. i also requested a tax dec and no improvement for our 18sqm water tank and i will claim it 9:30 am tomorrow. i ate lunch with tito boy and he is very like lolo munding - very religious prayed before eating, although he is a mormon. he just ate 1 piece of the humba and took home the leftover. he kept thanking me and telling me "god bless" for helping them and wants to send his regards to all of lolo's children. turns out he used to work for tita jane and tito gerald in butuan where he maintained the trucks.

then i went to provincial assessor to get a list of holdings for aloginsan. the head assessor advised me to go directly to aloginsian and get a printout because it will take long for them to request and sometimes they don't know when the assessor of aloginsian will reply to them. and if we get a list of holdings from all municipalities, it can take months or even a year and it won't be complete.

i will go to aloginsan after lola laling is laid to rest. she passed away today. she is 99 years old.

2/11/21 extrajudicial is not an option and various updates

as you read my updates, keep in mind the entire estate is now safe and with our current course, millions will soon be flowing in your bank accounts so we should all be happy.


I. 48 sqm compound entrance II. extrajudicial vs administratorship III. buildings not in extrajudicial IV. toledo 0623 (.4ha) V. toledo 01075 (2.2ha) VI. 18 sqm water tank VII. titling the main house in favor of tita georgia and tito mike

I. 48 sqm compound entrance

i'm so dumb. i was wondering why the 48 sqm compound entrance was not included by the BIR in the estate tax computation even if we have a title and tax dec. so i went to the the assessors office to find out. turns out the owner is DCCI. i'm such an idiot i never even bothered to read the tax dec and title. so i went to SEC to find out the status of DCCI and they told me DCCI still exists, we just need to pay some fines for not submitting a report annually. i asked their lawyer the ramifications if let's say 20 years from now we never submit a report and try to sell the property. she told me there's no ramification as far as SEC is concerned but she doesn't know about the BIR. so on monday (tomorrow is a holiday) i will go to BIR to ask. my suggestion is to revive DCCI, then when mambaling is sold, all heirs contribute to open a loto outlet and just distribute profits quarterly or semi-annually. we can use the wiki for accounting transparency and prevent accounting conflicts that happened in the past.

II. extrajudicial vs administratorship

i talked to the head of ROD, atty cugtas who told me there is no way we can do extrajudicial because our debt to Ang is annotated in the titles. he said atty george quimpo's claim that the annotation will just be carried over to our titles is wrong. instead of being angry at me, any heir who does not agree can go to the ROD to talk to atty cugtas or file a complaint in the ombudsman. i am just following the law to protect the estate.

tito virgilio asked us to remove the clause "3. That to the best of our knowledge and information of the parties hereto, the said deceased left no debts;" and "... pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised Rules of Court". tito virgilio is of course correct because obviously the estate owes salvador ang. this is probably why abigail told me to remove her name and tita luz's name from the extrajudicial because they might end up in jail. actually abigail is 100% correct. any heir who signs the extrajudicial with this clause is committing perjury and will be sued by Ang. that's why tito virgilio had it removed. we can't claim innocence or good faith because we battled Ang in court for years regarding this debt. but maybe the reason why atty mark put that there is because it's an essential part of all extrajudicials.

on monday, i will ask our BIR assessor edith if she will accept an extrajudicial without the "no debt" clause. i googled it and looks like it's the most important requirement - https://carpiodelacruzlawoffice.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/step-by-step-process-in-the-extra-judicial-settlement-of-estate/. if edith confirms this article is true that means there is no way we can do extrajudicial. that means we have no choice but to do administratorship.

we will add "the no debt" clause back but nobody will sign it. the BIR will just use it to compute our final estate tax that already includes all toledo lots, 18sqm water tank and possibly aloginsan. that way when the pelaez buyer gives the full payment, they already know how much to deduct, therefore there is no more excess and there is no more need to put a lien on one of our properties. this would resolve this very contentious issue that resulted in very high emotional reactions. that's why IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT WE CONTINUE TO WORK ON OUR EXTRAJUDICIAL even if it will only be used to let us know how much is our final estate tax.

if we don't file for administratorship, by law salvador ang can file and become the administrator of our estate. just imagine that. by law any claimant or creditor can become the administrator of an estate. atty balili saw atty ang's lawyers also filing for administratorship. they took pictures and showed it to me. that means Ang is on the move. we need to move faster in order to pre empt Ang's moves.

you know why Ang is filing for administratorship of our estate? because we literally told him to in court. it drove me crazy when i read the court documents. maybe i'm just missing something but why on earth would we want Ang to be our administrator? i just read it 2 days ago. on feb 8, atty tan received the finality of tito virgilio's counter claim against ang and sent them to me. i will post it later but when i read it the first paragraph says: "the plaintiff will just withdraw his complaint because he will just have to file for letters of administration AS THE HEIRS INSISTED". then ang goes on to say the reason why he didn't file for administratorship is because it takes time and he is already old and tired and he was hopeful the heirs will just negotiate with him because the eldest, rey crystal, who used to be the director of NEDA, was kind enough to assure him that the heirs will pay him once one of the properties is sold. but now, he will have to file for administratorship because the heirs want him to. i don't get it.

also note that even if we had a choice between extrajudicial and administratorship (which we don't), and we choose extrajudicial, after we create our perfect extrajudicial, where will we find money to pay for the estate tax? with administratorship, a buyer can stipulate in the contract that the buyer will pay for our estate taxes and full payment is due only when the administratorship is approved, where the buyer is confident the sale can be validated by a mere approval of the judge using common sense. with so many heirs living abroad, who hasn't yet given an SPA, no buyer would want to go through a very complicated and lengthy contract signing.

in yesterday's meeting, i was asked to inform the heirs which version of the extrajudicial i submitted to atty balili. it was the same as the latest extrajudicial i gave to tito virgilio. atty balili only used it as a reference in creating the list of estate properties in our petition for letters of administration.

tito virgilio asked me for the list of documents i submitted to the BIR. i don't remember what i submitted to the BIR, but since we already have the final computation for the first batch of holdings and are ready to pay (P6.5m), the only requirements we haven't submitted are those for toledo 4126 (32ha), 4127 (6ha), 4143 (10ha), 4129 (3.5ha), tax dec 01075 (2.2ha), 18 sqm water tank, and any aloguinsan property if any exists (i was planning to go to aloginsan next week, luckily tito virgilio told me i only need to go to the provincial assesors in capitol). as tito virgilio educated us in the meeting, there's 4 basic requirements:

1) list of holdings from each city or municipality 2) certified tax dec for each property 3) certified copy of the title for each titled property 4) certificate of improvement/no improvement for each property

III. buildings not in extrajudicial

tito virgilio pointed out in the meeting we need to add the buildings in the extrajudicial. atty cugtas also told me it does not matter if the buildings are in the extrajudicial or not, as long as the BIR gives us the CAR. so i asked our BIR assessor edith if we need to add the buildings in the extrajudicial. edith told me there is no need but it's ok if we add it. what's important is that sthe land is in the extrajudicial and we submit certified tax decs for the building which is what they use to compute our estate tax. the pelaez building and 2 buildings of the main house were already included in the onenet computation that i posted in our chat group and emailed to tito virgilio. that means i already submitted the requirements for the buildings. also note in tito virgilio's excel spreadsheet, the main house has 3 buildings and the tax dec numbers are all different from any of the 2 tax dec numbers in the BIR's onenet sheet.

i told edith i prefer we don't add the buildings in the extrajudicial because it's easier to have an idea how many properties we have if we only include the land. edith told me that to satisfy my preference, the buildings don't have to be a separate item number, we can just add "with improvement ...." after the technical description of the land.

IV. toledo tax dec 0623 (.4ha)

i also asked edith why our toledo tax dec 0623 (.4ha) is in the list of holdings but not in the computation. she told me it's because 0623 is just a revision of 0620. she pointed out to me both tax decs have the same lot #.

V. toledo tax dec 01075 (2.2ha)

i also asked edith why tax dec 01075 (2.2ha) is not in the computation. i showed her the certified tax dec. edith said she will add it to our computation and we will be issued a CAR for this property after paying the estate taxes because we have a certified tax dec. there is no lot number in the tax dec but the boundaries say it's bounded by ilag river on the west which means it's on the other side of the river where atlas mining is. meaning it could be rich in gold deposits. this is pretty big, around 150m X 150m or the size of 4 football fields. we should have this surveyed by engr norvic then setup a small scale mining operation. we can buy used equipments from the operators in mindanao that got closed down by duterte for improperly disposing poisonous mercury into the river. small scale mining is actually easy - https://youtu.be/Rmx_5MjwN5Q. i don't care about gold and money i just want to meet a beautiful tree hugger who will be protesting our mining operations. hehehehe

VI. 18 sqm water tank

tita doris just got the ctc of the title from ROD (title #18504). on monday i will go to assessors to have this declared so we can add it to the estate tax computation.

by the way, edith told me a VERY VERY VERY good news. she said the zonal values of the newly declared properties (including toledo 4126, 4127, 4143 and 4129) under lolo and lola will be at the time of death, even if they don't appear in the list of holdings during the time of death.

VII. titling the main house in favor of tita georgia and tito mike

the main house is already excluded in the motion for "sell and divide" properties. atty balili is creating a petition to assign it to tito mike and tita georgia which we will submit as soon as the administratorship is approved. only the administrator has to sign the petition. the petition will be published and all heirs will be notified of the hearing. there will only be 1 hearing. if there are no objections the judge will immidiately give a court order to title the main house in favor of tita georgia and tito mike. tita georgia and tito mike will need to pay 6% donor's tax. but as special administrator, i will request the estate to shoulder the 6% donor's tax since it was lola and lolo who paid for all the taxes of the other heirs.

i asked atty balili if we still need to make a deed of assignment. he said it's unnecessary or it will be overkill.

even if there is an objection, which i'm 100% sure there isn't, the judge decides using COMMON SENSE. tita georgia and tito mike has overwhelming evidence - they just need to show all other heirs were already given a house in the compound, and anyone who objects will need to show a property in the compound under tito mike or tita georgia's name. besides, them being the youngest and second to the youngest is very strong evidence that they simply were not included in the "original family planning". hahahaha. accident ra diay sila. the electrical bills or proof tita georgia resided there for the past many years would also solidify the evidence.

but i like overkill. let's create the deed of assignment anyway, also as a symbolic gesture. just 2 copies. tito mike, print 2 copies of the deed of assignment i sent a while ago. i will resend you a copy if you can't find it. have it notarized and apostilled. then DHL it to christian who will also sign and notarize (also sign for abigail and tita luz). then christian will JRS express it to tita angie (siquijor don't have LBC) for her to sign and notarize, then tita angie will JRS it to cebu for everyone in cebu to sign and notarize.

2/10/21 why administratorship is necessary

in response to tito virgilio's protest towards our filing for administratorhip:

for everyone to understand why i filed for administratorship, there are many details that needs to be fully understood. the estate is easily worth P200m or P20m each in your pocket so there's no reason why you can't spend time to listen and try to understand all the details. i can keep it short by just giving factual statements but it's obvious based on the numerous unecessary conflicts i need to explain and prove my statements for everyone to understand. if you trust me, like you trust atty balili then i can just tell you the facts. if you don't want to listen to all the details, just read what tito virgilio advised us to read - rules of court rule 74 section 1. which states that we can only do extrajudicial if the decedent left no will and no debts. but because ang estate duna utang ni salvador ang, we need to secure "letters of administration".

here are all the details:

when i first got involved, we were collecting the estate tax requirements, atty cugtas the head of ROD told atty mark's runner, ngano nag extrajudicial man na si ian duna mana sila utang ni salvador ang. i was surprised and shocked why atty cugtas knows our situation with Ang, i suspected maybe Ang has been trying to bribe the ROD to issue him titles of our property, after all he has deed of sales for our properties. luckily for us ROD cannot issue titles to Ang because atty tan put a lis pendense on our properties to prevent Ang from titling them under his name. so 100% safe ato properties from Ang, but if i inform the heirs it will just cause unecessary stress which is dangerous to our health.

i consulted atty mark who told me cugtas is right we need to do administratorship (judicial partitioning with prayer for administratorship). but my only concern was to beat the amnesty deadline, so i asked atty mark if we can still pay the estate taxes through the extrajudicial. atty mark said yes but ma istankar gihapon ta inig abot sa ROD and we still need to do administratorship so doble na ato gasto. mo bayad ta ug P250k niya plus ang pag pa notaryo dako kaayo kay percentage mana sa value sa estate (which we now learn is P400k, ug hangyo pa gyud na kay amigo ni tito jojo ang notary). then ang administorship will cost around P1.5 million. but since administratorship can take a long time to be approved and we are trying to beat the amnesty deadline, i thought bahala na na ang gasto sa extrajudicial it's still small compared to the interest and penalties sa estate tax. it's just a no brainer.

at that time, i had no idea how much is our estate tax. i wanted to get the official number so at least we can start preparing the funds maybe get a loan from the bank or sell one of my properties in america. if i don't know the official number i wouldn't know which properties to sell or how much to withdraw from my IRA. it's also the reason why my house in vegas which was appraised at P215k, i hastily sold it for only P135k just so that we have money for the estate taxes. that's why i distributed the loan agreements but nobody signed it so that's when i realized selling a property is our only hope to beat the amnesty deadline.

i already approached many lawyers to help us with administratorship, but they all declined saying they are too busy and it's very tedious. but i didn't really worry about administratorship at that time because beating the amnesty deadline was my only concern.

then i realized that even if we have a buyer for a property, we still can't beat the amnesty deadline if not all heirs will sign. when atty balili first approached me about their interest to buy pelaez, i told him we can only sell pelaez if we do administratorship because some heirs cannot be contacted and we are not sure if those in the states will give an SPA, especially tita luz and abigail, who got scared and told me to remove their names from the extrajudicial because they don't want to end up in jail. that's when i was convinced that if we don't do administratorship soon, we are all toast. i knew from the start we have to do administratorship, but i didn't know it was necessary to beat the amnesty deadline.

i tried to tempt atty balili we will give him 5% broker's comission from pelaez on top of the lawyers fee for aministratorship. but he still declined.

when the buyer scheduled a meeting, i jumped on the opportunity. i rounded up all the kids in the compound asked them to dress up poor or luoy, because i play golf with these captains of industry i know although they can be very sensitive and easily offended because of their high ego, dali pud na sila maluoy ug tawo, labi na kung ang tao taas kaayo ug respeto nila. helping others is part of the ego trip, it's like bragging rights. when a person has all the money they need in the world what comes next is the desire to save the world.

the buyer was also interested in another property and with all the problems in our family, our only hope is maluoy ang buyer nato ug mo go out of his way or mo sacrifice para ma tabangan ta. luckily my plan worked, and the buyer instructed atty balili to help us with administratorship.

that's why we are very very very very very very lucky na file na ang administratorship.

our only problem now is toledo. if we are not given the tax decs of 4126, 4127 and 4143 before the amnesty deadline, we are toast !!! luckily, this morning I RECEIVED A TEXT FROM TOLEDO ASSESSORS SAYING THEY HAVE STARTED PROCESSING OUR TAX DECS. and it looks like they are not just tax decs with other declarants (just so we can beat the amnesty deadlines), but from the text it looks like THEY ARE REMOVING THE OTHER DECLARANTS AND GIVING US CLEAN TAX DECS. we should all be celebrating. for the first time, we can say, THE ENTIRE ESTATE IS SAFE. there is still lots of work that need to be done, but there are no more show stoppers.

i hope this is the last time i have to write a very long essay.

2/5/21 forget the CARPed 27ha of toledo

looks like we should just forget about the CARPed 27ha. today, DAR told me landbank can only start assessing our payout after DAR submits the documentation folder, which should contain a certification from LRA (Land Registration Authority) that our lot does not overlap the neighboring lots. DAR has been requesting this certification from LRA since 2012 and they have no idea when they will ever get it. LRA claims our 4126 has a pending case (T-215) and that they can only process unititled lots if there is a court order (note 4126 is untitled becasue it's forest timberland). i told the DAR person maybe the delay is good for us because the zonal value keeps increasing. she said unfortunately for us, the zonal value land bank will use is 1972 and based on her experience on properties similar to ours, we will only get P1k per 4ha. hahahaha !!! so our 27ha will only get P7k. PATAY !!! however she said there is an adjucation board where we can request a hearing for a bigger payout. she told me she has no idea on the possible increase of payouts that usually comes out of those hearings. i asked about the 18 degree slope exemption and she told me because we received an OLT (Operation Land Transfer) and not an NOC (Notice of Coverage), the 18 degree slope exemption only applies to lands that are not producing crops, and most likely when we got the OLT in 1989, 4126 was a corn land.

i read the letter from DAR to atty camiso dated 2014, and sounds like the DAR person i talked to today was right. under OLT, our 4126 is not subject to acquisition by the government but transfer of ownership of land to the tillers. looks like 4126 was not covered under cory's land reform law, but the 1972 presidential decree of marcos. the letter also says the reason why landbank assessment is put on hold is because of the pending case T-215, that's why they are requesting atty camiso to furnish them with the status of the case.

i expected this day would come. that's why a year ago, i wrote this message to the heirs (and posted in our wiki), explaining why it should be ok if we fail to recover our 27ha:

1) moral reason: those lands originally belonged to the native inhabitants. the spaniards came and stole it away from them. the natives were then oppressed and subjugated for the next 400 years. so we basically bought stolen property. yes we are also partially descendants of natives and that's why we still have 59ha. we should actually feel lucky we still have 59ha. however, note that this moral argument does not apply to city properties because the astronomical rise of city properties was because of the expertise and risks taken by non native engineers, capitalists and developers.

2) security reasons: since the prospect of selling toledo is bleak, the next best option is to subdivide it among the heirs and make use of it. if we successfully take back the CARPed properties, none of use will be able to go to toledo without being killed. they could even come down to guadalupe to carry out their revenge. the caveat to this argument is that 4143 (10ha) is now officially ours and there are lots of claimers (squatters) which we still need to deal with.

2/5/21 investment advise

a friend was asking me for advice and i want to share what i told him:

1) the purchasing power of money gets cut in half every 10 years because of inflation. so even if you don't spend your P20 million inheritance, you will be back to being poor in 20 years.

2) you should condition your mind and accept that getting P20 million inheritance can SUSTAINABLY improve your lifestyle ONLY BY A LITTLE. the good news is P20 million can improve your ECONOMIC SECURITY and economic security of your kids and grand kids BY A LOT if you invest with DISCIPLINE.

3) a stable investment, such as townhouse rental, is only P10k a month per P2 million. P10k is just 2 family dinners at choobi choobi. P2m might sound big, but all it should do is enable your family to eat at choobi choobi twice a month.

4) the lower the cost of rent, the more stable the cash flow. example if you have P6 million, instead of buying a P6 million townhouse and renting it for P30k a month, buy 3 units of DECA homes worth P2 million each and rent them for only P10k a month each. maybe there are townhouses for sale at deep discounts because of the pandemic, but maybe there is a special place in hell for pandemic profiteers so be involved in charity to avoid angering the Big Guy upstairs.

5) prenda a title only to save a life, such as life saving medical emergency. do not prenda even if maputlan na mo ug kuryente. suffering from no electricity is a blessing in disguise because it forces you to change your bad habits.

violate any of my 5 rules, and everyone will be laughing at you and mocking your family when you are back to being poor in just 10 years.

also note the difference between spending and investing. when i bought my townhouse, it was P3m and i rented it out for P15k/a month. my aunt who is suppose to be very educated considering she is an architect, asked me why i bought the townhouse when it will take me 16 years to get my money back. i was shocked and realized that many highly educated people lack basic and very important investment knowledge. i told her i already got my money back the day after i bought my townhouse. because i can sell it for around the same price the next day. after 10 years, the price of the townhouse can easily double, in addition to the P1.8m in rent i already enjoyed. so in 10 years, i can easily get P4.8m in profit, or my money grew from P3m to P7.8m in just 10 years.

2/2/21 toledo trip report

just got back from toledo. i submitted the certified court orders and letter requesting the tax decs. tita angie, ang phone number sa husband sa imo office mate is, 0945-082-2560, name stephen. coincidentally, he is also the one who will be reviewing our court orders and probably making the decision. let's follow up after a week, maybe friday next week. they might be offended if we follow up too early.

i forgot to tell you there's something very interesting i noticed the first time i met barcenas the head assessor last week. when he knew who i was he took out a thick folder containing our files from a small steel cabinet beside his table. it was the only steel cabinet in the office. he did not get it from the records section in another room. that means our case is important enough to him to keep our files in his office together with only a few other files. i don't know if it's good or bad, it just very interesting. sometimes it's important to notice these details as we navigate through the treacherous beaurocratic jungle.

i met the DENR CENRO inspector for our land classification of our 4126. i wasn't able to contact maldo and nobody living in our 4130-prt lot (along the national road) knows where maldo lives. his phone won't even ring. i texted him but no reply. the inspector had no idea how to locate our lot based on the sketch maps i had. so i told the inspector once i contact maldo, i will ask him to call you para siya na mo guide nimo. i also told the inspector that if the inpection is not purely technical or fact based, meaning there is room for subjective opinion, just let me how we can help so that we can get highest possible land classification, like agro industrial, considering 1/3 of our land is already classified as mining in the CLUP. wink !!! wink !!! note i have no idea how this classification will be of help to us. i'm doing this just in case it might help us in asking for a higher payout from landbank for our CARPed 27ha or from the 3ha TRANSCO used for the powerline towers.

i stopped by atty balili's office to submit some requirements for administratorship and told him i already submitted the certified court orders and request letter to the toledo assessor. atty balili told me he is happy because what i'm doing will lessen their workload. i told him not to hesitate to ask me to do errands.


there is nothing to worry anymore. the entire estate is now safe. there's just lots of legwork that needs to be done.

this is my analysis of contract to sell and MOA (memorandum of agreement).

the first big item is the agreement to file for administratorship. this is an absolute requirement for the buyer because it gives the buyer confidence that we would have the authority to sell even if not all heirs agree to sell. administratorship is also very advantageous to us because most likely the judge will just order atty tan to accept around P3m instead of the P49m mactan lot and P6m main house front lawn. the judge will also order the toledo assessor to give us the clean tax decs for all our toledo lots. the judge will also order salvador ang to accept P6.5m and give us the title.

the contract says the only expense we shoulder is transfer tax, which is 50% of 1% or P125k. this is consistent with their LOI and note the buyer mentioned in the LOI that their offer was non negotiable which means we are not breaking protocol by not bothering with a counter offer and besides, the appraisal is P21m which means P25m net is super amazing. the buyer is practically giving us P80 million, not P25 million. because by purchasing our property, he is saving us P56.5m in estate taxes.

also, the buyer is withholding the money for the estate taxes and payment to Ang because if he gives it to us and we use it for something else he is screwed. but what if the buyer will not use the money to pay Ang or the estate tax? the buyer will be forced to pay Ang and pay the estate tax or else he can't have it tiled and he can't use the property because building permits require a title to be under the name of the building owner. he will be violating the contract which means the P14m is ours pelaez still belongs to us.

and of course the buyer has to stipulate that any excess above the current estate tax computation and payment to Ang, WE THE BUYER WILL PAY IT but we will have to pay them back. they have to be the one to pay it because if we don't then he can't have it titled and he can't use the property.

P4.5m estate tax is their estimate after the 3 family homes deduction, but for sure it will be larger than that after we add the 52ha of toledo. it will probably increase by 2 to 3 million. where will we get the money? how will we beat the amnesty deadline? the beauty of this contract is the buyer will pay for it but just put a lien to make sure we pay them back after the sale of our next property.

there's a possible problem here. what if Ang and the buyer will collude to make our payment, let's say P10m instead of P6.5m? the beauty with the contract is that it stipulates that the maximum payment has to be the amount that the court decides in the finality of Ang's collection case: R-LLP-17-01056-CV. why won't the contract just fix the amount that is stated in the decision? because for a court decision to be final, there has to be a finality, and there is no finality yet. the finality might include the interest since the case was decided in 2016, so at 6%, the worse case scenario is P6.5m + P1.17m interest. and this is another reason why we should go into administratorship. the court can issue a finality and summon ang to surrender the title or else he will be arrested.

what if the buyer will just retrieve the pelaez titles and forget about our other titles? they can't because the contract states the buyer will also have to retrieve the other titles included in the case. what if the buyer won't give us the other titles? they know atty tan will rain hell on them because they know atty tan has a claim to the mactain title. i made sure they know this since the beginning to warn them that screwing us would also be screwing the powerful soza firm. also, once they get the pelaez title, they still need our cooperation. they need us to submit the CAR from BIR to ROD for the buyer to have it titled under his name. if they don't retrieve the other titles, they breached the contract and we have the right to refuse to cooperate for their titling. in fact it's actually the buyer who is worried we might not cooperate in retrieving the titles from Ang, that's why the contract also stipulates that we the seller have to cooperate if Ang destroyes the titles or gives the buyer difficulties.

the contract also says if the buyer is able to get all the titles for less than P6.5m, the buyer pockets the difference. i understand some of you might not like this. i suspect the buyer will give it to the his lawyer atty balili as an incentive or gift for serving him well. after 50 years in this earth, i learned (not just from game of thrones) that the easiest way to succeed is to be generous to talent because once you earn loyalty from someone as sharp and talented as atty balili, success comes very easy and the rewards will be greater. that is the silicon valley way and the reason why miracles such as the iphone and google can happen in silicon valley.

personally, i want atty balili to pocket the difference if he finds a way to lower the payment. this will make him like us and be more helpful to us in the future. unlike other lawyers who takes forever just to reply to my simple but very important questions, which really pisses me off. that's why i feel like i'm living in the twilight zone because atty balili always replies my text and email and i can talk to him anytime i want.

notice the 5% broker comission is not in the contract. during our first meeting, i asked atty balili to help us with our administratorship petition but he declined saying it's very tedious. i promised him we will give him the 5% commission out of our own pockets if he works on our administratorship. but of course this will be on top of the standard lawyer fee for administratorship filing. i have no idea how we will pay him his 5% comission. i will ask him when the day comes. i guess the heirs will give him the 5% / 9 after we cash the checks. or maybe the aministratorship has a way to simplify this transaction, together with the P2m that estate owes me.

i also don't mind if the court decides that we pay Ang P7.67m instead of P6.5m because Ang made us rich. we pay Ang P7.67m but Ang practically put P50m in our pockets by holding the titles so we cannot sell it. ANG FORCED US TO RIDE THE LONGEST AND STRONGEST REAL ESTATE BULL MARKET the whole way through. if Ang also held my shares of google, apple, and netflix, i would be a billionaire by now. SO THANKS MR. ANG !!! without you, we would have sold all the properties 20 years ago at a very cheap price and all the money would have been gone by now. another example that everything happens for a reason and we should just trust and thank the Lord.

i really hope the heirs will be thankful and happy with what's going on instead of being angry and suspicious at everyone. life is a waste if you can't be just happy with your blessings. LET'S DO THIS !!!

one more thing. when the buyer gives us the full payment:

1) each heir will need to give their share of 3% to tita doris. as we agreed. so if you are a direct heir, you need to give P83k to tita doris, cash or manager's check (mc cost only P50). tita doris happily volunteered to give P375 to the agent who was the first to approach the Lao group so that tito jojo won't be affected politically. if we help and trust each other like what tita doris did, it will be quicker and easier to accomplish our goals. and lastly

2) each heir will also need to give their share of my P2m expenses as listed in the loan agreement that i'm letting everyone sign. if you are a direct heir, you need to give me P223k.

3) each heir will also need to give their share of the 5% or P1.25m comission to atty balili. if you are a direct heir, it would be P139k.

that means if you are a direct heir, all in all you will pocket P14m/9 - P83k - P223k - P139k = P1.11m

however, maybe there is away to simplify these transactions under administratorship. but in the end, each direct heir would be receiving P1.11m from the pelaez sale.

1/29/21 more good news on toledo

more good news on toledo. the assessor gave us a clean tax dec for 4129 (3ha), and it now appears in the list of holdings of lolo (but not lola). i also got the cert of improvement, where it says it has a building owned by alejandro pantonial (not sure how it will affect our estate tax). our only problem now is 4143(10h), 4126(32ha) and 4127(6ha). they asked me to have my copies of the decisions and court orders certified then submit it to them together with a letter for what we are requesting.

The list of holdings of lolo also has a 2.2ha (tax dec 1075) but the tax dec has no lot #. anybody know what this is? there's also an additional .4ha in lot 3820 (tax dec 623) that is not in our extrajudicial. what's weird is the boundaries are name of persons. however another .4ha, also in lot 3820 (tax dec 620) is included in our extrajudicial. the boundaries are lot #'s so i can't really tell if they are the same lots. i will talk to our BIR assessor about this.

by the way i notice that although lot 3817 is only 1,224 sqm, it's declared as residential. that means it's just as valuable as the other big lots which are only agricultural.

turns out the guy in the assessors office who was very helpful to me knows tita angie because his wife and tita angie used to be office mates in DTI. he even knows tita angie is now the manager in DTI siquijor. that means tita angie should write the letter, using the DTI letter head if that's ethical. i will just write a rough draft so tita angie knows what to put in the letter. barcenas also seems like a cool guy. on his way out of the office he pretended his umbrella was a gun and started shooting his employees but nobody paid attention to him. when he passed by me we fist bumped. i gave him my number and told him to give me a call whenever he is in cebu city so i can ask more questions regarding the requirements. wink wink !!!

when i got done at the assessor's it was already 5pm so i decided to head home. i called the toledo court clerk who i already became friends with the last time i got the court documents. sometimes, relationships are just as important as court orders. i got worried because for me it's common sense that they won't just certify the copies i have, they have to dig up their copy to compare it in case i doctored my copy, and last time it took them a month to dig it up from their bodega. then it rained very hard, so i told the court clerk maybe they will wait for the rain to stop before going home so i asked if i can just go there to have my court docs certified. she said yes they will wait for me anyway it's raining. so i sped to the court which was 10 minutes away, my 30 year old sentra cutting through the 2 feet floods, splashing the tricycle drivers who were shouting at me in anger.

amazingly, the court clerk certified my copies in less than 5 minutes. i'm not even sure if they bothered to dig up their copy. it was the 2006 court order and finality (t-381). however the 2014 court order directing the assessor to give us tax decs, is case r-1666, also the decision that mentions the supreme court resolution declaring lola and lola as owners. and r-1666 is rtc 14 in quimoda cebu city (reclamation). so i will go there first thing tomorrow morning, let's hope it won't take that long for them to certify. if it's instant like in toledo, i will go to toledo after if i still have time. so tita angie try to send me the letter tomorrow morning if you can. if it's ok with you just cut and paste what i will write below. the nice thing with your scanned letters is it's colored so your signature looks original even if i just printed it.

driving home, i thought of a contingency or backup plan. we should never rest on our laurels. i will talk to our BIR assessor (edith) and find out if she can give us a huge compromise on our toledo 48ha in case we can't beat the amnesty deadline. i understand edith cannot violate policies or strict procedures like requiring tax decs because they could be sued as it could potentially harm or cause a loss to the individuals who have the tax decs. but note that the compromise part of the computation is their personal discretion, and there is no danger because no individuals are affected. maybe if i show her our court documents, she will understand that it's not our fault we don't have the tax decs and she will give us a huge compromise, maybe the same as the amnesty computation or close to it.

driving home, atty justtine of atup law office called to tell me he just emailed their proposal. i thought they forgot about us because i've emailed them twice 2 weeks ago with no reply. their no reply threw me into a panick mode that's why i started reading the court documents and attempting to do it myself. note that i'm already about to accomplish the most critical part of the job that they are suppose to do, which is to get the tax decs so we can beat the amnesty deadline.

i just read their proposal and holy cow it actually looks too good to be true. only P100k for:

1) recovering 4143(10ha), which is already titled under many different people. although atty guanzon who is the head of DAR legal told me we will surely win because DAR clearly made a mistake, i think it's still a lot of work. also i posted in our chat group last october that i googled the typical contingency fee and it's 30% of the recovered property so i expected to give 3ha to atup, and at P150/sqm that's a whopping P4.5m !!! hahahaha. i'm such an idiot !!! i didn't know there's a supreme court resolution delcaring lolo and lola as owners so it's really just a walk in the park, unlike what the atty tan did for us which was a miracle because lola signed the deed of sale to Ang.

2) clean tax decs for all lots (4143(10ha), 4126(32ha), 4127(6ha)) (note i already took care of 4129(3ha)). note because the 2006 order is already dead (past 10 years), we need to file a new case. also note the tax decs the assessors will be giving me to allow us to beat the amnesty deadline will have an annotation that the property is also declared under another person so it's not clean.

3) titling of 4143(10ha), 4126(32ha) and 4127(6ha). this is a big one which makes the proposal too good to be true. they probably don't know that 4126 and 4127 is forest timberland which cannot be titled. they also probably don't know that the 2006 court order to title 4143 cannot be carried out because the court order actually says - cancel the title owned by pelagia ocang and issue a new one in our favor. but the title is already not owned by ocang so they can't carry out the order. we need a new court order that cancels the existing first before giving us the new title.

4) notary. the value of our toledo 52ha is roughly the same as the total of the other properties (maybe even more), where the cheapest notary we found was P400k. so this P100k proposal is a steal.

i will write this reply to atty hong (atup's associate):

Dear Atty Hong,

Thank you for your proposal. The way I understand it, I like the proposal very much. Before I discucss it with the heirs, I have a few questions to clarify some details. I will call you to talk about it but I will ask my questions here ahead of time for efficiency. You can also call me anytime, 0920-292-7615.

Does it include the recovery of 4143(10ha) or reconveyance of the titles? Note there are already titles given by DAR to many beneficiaries. Although the head of legal department of DAR, Atty Guanzon, told me it should be easy to recover because DAR clearly made a mistake by giving out the titles before the court case concluded.

I talked to the head of ROD, Atty Ouano, and he told me they can't give us titles for 4126 and 4127 because the court order says to cancel the title of Pelagia Ocang and issue new titles in our favor. However, 4126 and 4127 never had titles, maybe because it's forest timberland. I got the CLUP from tax mapping and it says forest timberland. Last week, I had Toledo CENRO classify it, and they told me I should be getting it in 2 weeks. Although I really have no idea how the classification from CENRO can help. I just got it in case it will come in handy later on. However, if titling 4126 and 4127 can be done, that would be so awesome because 3ha was used by TRANSCO for the powerline towers and they can only pay us if we have a title (maybe because it would mean it's not imminent domain or forest timberland).

However, we will be very happy if we can get clean tax decs for 4143, 4126 and 4127 because the assessor never gave it to us despite the court orders and repeated attempts, which caused the court orders to expire. According to Atty Justtine, we might need to revive or file a new case. Is filing a new case or reviving the case still part of your proposal? Or will you be giving us a different proposal if we will need to revive or file a new case?

By the way, you can cross out 4129 (3ha) from the proposal because the assessor's office already gave me the tax dec and we already have a title.

The assessor told me they can give me tax decs for 4126, 4127 and 4143 just so the BIR will allow us to pay the estate taxes, but the tax decs will have an annotation saying it's also declared under a different person. The assessor asked me to submit a certified copy of the 2006 court order and finality (t-381), which i was got yesterday from the Toledo court clerk. They also asked for the certified copy of the decision/finality and court order of r-1666, which i just got today from RTC-14. I am going to Toledo on Monday to submit it to the assessor. Once I get the tax decs, it's just a matter of giving it to the BIR because we already have a version of our extrajudicial that contains all Toledo properties prepared by Atty Mark Tolentino. I also have a computation from our BIR assessor that includes all our Toledo properties. Hopefully the assessor will give us the tax decs. But if not, it's nice to know you will be able to help us.

I will also try to ask our BIR assessor if she can give us a big compromise in case we can't beat the amnesty deadline for our toledo properties. I will show her the court documents and let her know it's not our fault if we can't beat the amnesty deadline because the assessor never gave us tax decs despite the court orders.

As I informed Atty Justtine, our number 1 priority is to beat the estate tax amnesty deadline. After that we can work on the titling and getting the clean tax decs (no "also declared ... annotated). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we should hold off on filing any case until the assessor gives us the "dirty" tax decs that allows us to already pay the estate taxes to avoid "rocking the boat".

Sincerely, Ian Crystal

tita angie's letter to the assessor:

Dear Mr. Barcenas,

In behalf of the heirs of my late parents Raymundo and Desamparados Crystal, I would like to thank you for assisting my nephew Ian Crystal getting a tax declaration for lot 4129. However, we also need tax declarations for lots 4143, 4126 and 4127 so we can pay the estate taxes before the amnesty expires.

As your office requested, I am including the certified copies of the 2006 court decision and finality for case T-381, and the decision and 2004 court order of case R-1666. All we need at this moment are tax declarations that would allow us to pay the estate taxes, even if they contain annotations stating the properites are also declared under a different person.

Hoping for your kind consideration.


Angeline Pauline C. Gonzalez

1/27/21 toledo is saved !!!

very good news !!! toledo is about to be saved !!! there is now a very high chance we can pay the estate taxes of the remaining 52ha of toledo before the amnesty deadline.

i talked to atty ouano, the ROD head of toledo. turns out they already carried out the court order. the order was to cancel the titles of pelagia ocang and give us new titles. they carried out the court order, except the title for lot 4143 (10ha) was not under the name of ocang anymore because before the case concluded, the title was already under PNB (maybe ocang mortgaged it and did not pay), and maybe after PNB knew ocang had no chance of winning because of the supreme court resolution delcaring it's lolo's property, PNB donated it to DAR, and DAR donated it to the farmers (note 4143 has nothing to do with CARP). as i've already said before, the good news is that the head of DAR legal department, atty guanzon, already reviewed our court documents and told me DAR made a mistake and if we hire a lawyer to reconvey the titles to us, we should easily win the case. this is what we hired atty atup to do. the bottom line is that the court order says to cancel the title under the name of ocang, and because the title for 4143 is not under ocang's name anymore, ROD cannot carry out the order.

also, 4126 (60ha - 27h(carped)) and 4127 (6ha) never had titles because it's forest timberland, which means it can't be titled, which also means ROD will be violating the law if they give us a title. (that's why i'm working with DENR CENRO to have it re-classified so hopefully we can get a bigger payout from TRANSCO on the 3h they used for the towers.)

so ROD did it's job. but note TITLES ARE USELESS TO THE BIR because we can only pay the estate tax if we have a tax dec. in fact ROD gave us a title to our 3ha 4129 and we still can't include it in the extrajudicial because the assessor won't give us a tax dec.

to beat the amnesty deadline, we need tax decs for 4129 (3ha), 4126 (27ha), 4127 (6ha) and 4130 (10ha). so i talked to the head assessor, barcenas. i showed him the 2014 court order directing the assessor to give us the tax decs. he told me he already saw the order many times before and he already told us before that it's not clear, or it's incomplete, and all we have to do is to tell the judge to issue a new order that is clearer. he told us that the judge will immediately know what he is talking about if he sees the court order. so tita georgia went to the court clerk who probably reviewed our court documentSSSSS and told tita georgia the orderSSSSS are already very clear so they don't need to revise it.

as it turns out both barcenas and the court clerk were right. how could that be? the clue lies in the singular word used by barcenas - ORDER, and the plural word used by the court clerk - ORDERSSSSSSS. luckily, i brought all the court documents and when barcenas saw the 2006 court order, he shouted, "oy !!! naa raman diay ni. kung gipa kita ni ninyo nako sa una, ge tagaan ta dayun tamo ug tax decs sa tanan ninyong yuta !!!". so i told him that means he should give us the tax decs now. then he said he can't because the order is already past 10 years so the court order is already dead and he will be violating the law if he carries out a dead court order. he told me we need to file a new case but it's ok because we will surely win because of the supreme court resolution declaring lolo as the owner. then i told him, even if we win the case, it would be useless because if we don't beat the amnesty deadline, our estate tax will be the same as the value of the properties so we practically lost our entire 52ha. i told him, we don't care about ownership for now, we just need a document, maybe a letter from the assessor to the BIR, so the BIR will allow us to pay the estate taxes.

barcenas told me he could give us a tax dec under lolo's name, but he will just annotate in our tax dec that the property is declared under another owner and the case is still ongoing. that way he is not violating the law by giving us ownership without a court order, but at the same time, we can pay the estate taxes. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! problem solved !!! we just saved our 52ha, which at P150/sqm, is around P78 million

barcenas told me that for lot 4129 (3ha) he can already give me a clean tax dec in lolo's name i just need to give him the certified tct from ROD. he says it's better if they process everything in one shot. but i forgot to bring it so he told me to come back thursday because he will be out of the office wednesday (today). then i went to our insider, victor padilla, who does the processing, and he assured me he will put aside everything so he can process our tax decs as fast as possible.

1/25/21 meeting with the buyer

the social event with the buyer today went spectacularly well. there is now a very good chance we can beat the amnesty deadline. tita georgia is our hero for being the first to find the buyer. there's also hope for toledo and mambaling. i should be celebrating but i feel sad and depressed because i caused pain to tita jane and tita georgia by not postponing the meeting. i just thought postponing might offend the buyer and we should be doing all we can to please the buyer because if we don't find any other buyer, then we miss the amnesty deadline. i hope one day they will realize what i did was for their own good and will forgive me.

i rounded up everyone in the compound including all the kids and brought them to meeting. the buyer was having so much fun and amused by the crystal "urchins". he was just laughing and joking. the social event actually was very long because he talked to all of us. he was very interested to know about our lives and our story.

i told the buyer i don't have the authority to make any negotiation, but my only worry is he might lose patience and buy a different property because it might take time for some heirs to decide. he told us actually there is a property also in ramos that he prefers, but he wants to help us and assured us he will buy our property even if it will take time for some heirs to decide. PRAISE THE LORD !!! that's all i wanted to hear from him.

i suggested we continue to negotiate, i will meet with the heirs to do a counter offer and hopefully we can reach an agreement. he said his offer in the LOI is final, but if it helps the other heirs make up their minds, we should continue to negotiate with atty balili.

i then told the buyer our big problem that if we can't beat the amnesty deadline, we won't be able to sell the property. the lawyer then showed the buyer my certificate of redemption of pelaez, and suggested that if a week before the amnesty deadline, not all heirs have decided or agreed to sell pelaez, then the buyer will pay for our amnesty taxes and then we file for judicial partitioning because for sure pelaez will go to me. at least at that point all properties are already safe and we have time to wait for the appraisals and partitioning. then when the property belongs to me, i have full power and authority to sell to them.

then the buyer asked me why don't i just force a judicial partitioning now because any heir can force a judicial partitioning? i told the buyer because i don't want my dear aunts and uncles to worry or be stressed out that i might not share the proceeds of the sale with them. we will only do judicial partitioning AS THE LAST RESORT. the buyer was shocked and surprised and told me i just proved to him i'm a good man who can be trusted.

after the meeting i went to atty gines for an update on the mambaling right of way. he was not in the office but the agent joy called me that the buyer is willing to buy the 94sqm road right of way again from the dela cernas. if that happens then mambaling will finaly be sold. i coached joy to tell the buyer to scare the dela cernas that there is a big chance the crystals will win in court because there is a certified notary entry. tell the dela cernas the only reason why the buyer wants to buy again the right of way is because there are many other intersested buyers just waiting for the title to be annotated and buying the right of way assures the buyer they will get the property. but if dela cernas refuse and the crystals win, then they can end up with ZERO.

i also went to the BIR and showed them the powerful court documents that proves our ownership. i begged and pleaded to them to allow us to pay the estate tax but they said it's technically impossible. papa advised me to talk to my golfing buddy atty cugtas who is the head of ROD. atty cugtas told me to go to toledo ROD, have the court documents reviewed by atty velayo and atty ouano then tell them to call him about the status so he will know what to do do help us. so tomorrow i will be going to toledo to try save our P150m property. wish me luck and i sincerely apologize for going my way and not meeting with the heirs to ask for their authority to make these decisions.

it's very normal and expected that tita jane and tita georgia is angry at me. their desire to control is the reason why they are very successful in life and have wonderful families. i have no desire to control that's why i'm just a lonely loser. God gave us different strengths for our roles and purpose in his grand plan. the desire to control is a very important trait to become a good teacher, mother, doctor, accountant, bank employee, etc ... but it can cause you to feel bad if you don't know how and when to turn it on and off. in most situations in life, you just need to learn and follow. but there are many situations in life when the desire to control can cause you to fail and be unhappy. example is the cruel nasty world of resolving property issues. that's why papa entrusted everything to me despite his knowledge and technical expertise. tita angie finished law school and has a Phd but entrusted everything to Magz who sharpened his instincts competing in very dangerous MMA fighting, rock climbing and cruel world of politics. i hope tita jane will just let geraldine or joe handle everything and tita georgia will just let tito jojo handle everything.

the desire to control is like a drug. drugs can cure illness and save lives, but if used at the wrong situation it can backfire and ruin your happiness. a drug addict will feel pain if they can't do drugs even if they know it's the right thing to do and make them happier in the long run. tita jane and tita georgia felt pain when they were not able to control me, but what i did will make them happier in the long run if we beat the amnesty deadline. if i did not meet with the buyer today, there's a very high chance we would miss the amnesty deadline and cause tita jane and tita georgia immense pain and worries waiting for the next amnesty.

it's easier to let go of our desire to control if we just realize i was doing the will of the majority. i was not acting on my own, i was doing what 6 direct heirs wanted me to do. the 6 heirs won't admit it because they don't want to hurt tita georgia and tita janes's feelings. the 6 heirs care for tita georgia and tita jane but they also know what i did was for the good of everyone. we didn't have time to meet because it was an emergency. the buyer notified us last minute and we should do everything to please him because we need him and he does not need us. if we lose him, we could lose all the properties if there won't be another amnesty.

we live in a cruel world, and sometimes to troubleshoot problems we need to be flexible and nimble. we need creativity and we need to think outside the box and not just rely on orthodox principles. IF WE DO EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK WE WILL LOSE ALL OUR PROPERTIES. that's why suma cum laudes from harvard and MIT cannot work in the survival of the fittest world of silicon valley, they can only be university professors because they can only survive inside the safe confines of a university. our valedictorian in high school, robin barangan, is just a public school teacher in mactan. i'm not saying he is less successful because we should be measured by how we serve society. i'm saying robin barangan cannot survive in the cruel world of business and there is no way he can solve property issues.

you are all enjoying the achievements of those who think outside the box - smart phones, facebook, etc ... harvard faculty is made up of super smart and highly principled people yet they got very angry at mark zuckerberg for creating facebook and meeting with a buyer without first meeting with the heirs so they kicked him out of harvard because they did not understand what facebook was because mark Z was thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX. imagine if people like mark Z will just follow those who does everything by the book because they don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. we won't have electricity, TV, internet, facebook, cell phones, etc ... let's understand we all are different and we should take advantage of our diversity instead of be angry. if i just do everything by the book because i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, then we could easily lose all our properties.

why do i have confidence with my ability to solve property issues even if i don't have experience, i'm not even a lawyer, broker or real estate agent? my dads friend, michael otsuka, had so many problems with his P200m properties in mactan. he used to be a partner of a big accounting firm in new york. he is a high level executive. papa had to go to the states to get treated for his aneurism so i tried to help michael. at one point we were screaming at each other. i scolded him for doing very foolish things. i scolded him because i wanted him to solve his problems and be happy in life. recently he just donated his P5m corabes towers condo to me in a mock deed of sale. tita angie and christian, when you come to cebu to sign the extrajudicial or sale of a property, you have a very nice place to stay, FOR FREE !!! courtesy of my papa's friend michael otsuka. the only problem is the condo admin requires a medical certificate for any guest. but a travel pass will do. and if you know anyone in the baranggay who can print one for you without a swab test, the condo admin will still accept it. she is just trying to comply with regulations but she knows all my airbnb guests never gets a swab test they just know an insider in the barangay. hehehehehe. by the way one of my babygirls will be your servant or maid just a text message away if you want them to buy something for from 7-11 or do laundry or clean your room.

1/21/21 this could be it !!!

halleluja !!! God is good, ALL THE TIME !!! the lawyer for the buyer, atty balili told me they are ready to give a FULL PAYMENT of P24.75m net (P26m - 5% commission) manager's check. we can start signing the contract as soon as the extrajudicial is signed, notarized and estate taxes are ready to be paid. after paying Ang and the estate taxes, each direct heir will receive P1.41m (P201k (1/7) to joanne, P1.208m (6/7) to john paul, P472k (1/2 of 2/3) to adrian, and P944k ((1/2 of 2/3) + 1/3) to christian) (note inheritance laws are very clear and strict therefore we should follow it to avoid getting sued and having to pay big damages). atty balili says they will give an LOI tomorrow. however, nowadays they are hesitant to provide a bank certification on availability of funds to protect the buyer's financial privacy, as there has been lots of extortion incidents by the NPA lately. i immediately ran to Ang whose secretary told me Ang's final decision is P6m. which to me is fair if you consider interest and penalties. atty balili called the secretary who gave the phone to Ang who confirmed to atty balili that the final figure is P6m.

we should thank Ang for the blessing in disguise. without the problem, we would have sold the properties 2 decades ago when the property values were very small and all the money would have been gone by now. in 2011 i bought apple shares at $12 because i was impressed by the iphone. in 2012 it quickly doubled and i was celebrating and gloating and sold all my shares. today the price is $132. similar story happened with my netflix, google, and amazon stocks. i wish Salvador Ang held my stock certificates like he did with the title to our properties because if he did, i would be a billionaire today. i would have been very happy to give Ang $100m to retrieve the stock certificates because he prevented me from selling my shares too early and miss out on gigantic gains. i would be P1 billion richer if he did that. same thing with the title to our properties. we pay him P6m but we gained P50m more because he held our titles and prevented us from selling too early.

God is good, ALL THE TIME !!! the only thing we have to do now is stand up to the devil who has been cursing our family for decades. the devil managed to trick our family into letting the 5 year expiration date of the super favorable court order to title the toledo expire without even a fight. but this time, we will fight the devil. FIGHT !!! FIGHT !! FIGHT !!!

i think the gigantic blessing that just fell upon us from heaven is because our family has many dedicated prayer warriors !!! leading our prayer warrior platoon is tito virgilio, followed by tita jane, tito mike, tita georgia and my mom. nothing is possible without God and so i consider them our biggest heroes.

not only did tita jane and tito virgilio lead us to battle in the spiritual arena, but also the earthly arena. i now realize we should always listen to tita jane and tito virgilio. i was about to fly to cagayan to consult auntie helen why 50% downpayment and 1 year payment is dangerous so at least we can find ways around the potential pitfalls. but atty balili told me tita jane is correct, that we should demand full payment as much as possible. he said most of their transactions are 50% down and 1 year to pay and so far there were no issues but full payment is always much better. atty balili also said asking for the LOI is the right thing to do.

i kept shouting in our chat group with my dumb big mouth that we should accept 25% below the appraisal value for the first sale just to beat the amnesty deadline. i was amazed why tita jane and tito virgilio kept their cool and insisted on the appraisal value. now we are about to get a full payment at a whopping P4m ABOVE the appraisal value of pelaez. it's like tita jane and tito virgilio has a crystal ball.

we should also thank tito virgilio for using his expertise to guide us and protect us. because of him, our estate tax is lower because he suggested we get family home certifications for the houses of tita georgia, tito bertie and tito gerry. tito virgilio's expertise is also assuring us the extrajudicial is legally safe for us.

as a christian, our #1 duty is to make sacrifices for others. Christ demonstrated this with his last act, which was dying on the cross to save our souls. i was awakened when tito virgilo told me to get INDIGENT certifications for tita doris's family and tito bertie's family to lower our estate tax. i didn't know what indigent means, turns out it means "below the poverty level". i realized since then that my most important mission was to alleviate the poverty of lolo and lola's pinanggas. if we sign the extrajudicial and contract for pelaez sale, we are basically freeing many of lolo and lola's pinanggas from economic sufferings. but the biggest importance for signing the contract and extrajudicial is that it could potentially save the life of lolo and lola's pinangga if simbako one of them needs life saving medical emergency such as a bypass surgery. i don't need the money and i would rather prefer to let the properties continue to go up in value like apple, netflix, and amazon stocks. but if i do that, lola, lola, Jesus and Mama Mary will be very angry at me.

thats' why i am willing to be paid my P1.9m in expenses only after the mambaling sale, which could happen a year from now after the right of way is annotated on the title. this is so that lola and lolo's pinanggas would already have the funds to have a more comfortable life and have emergency funds in case they need it for life saving medical emergencies.

as i've been posting, the BIR and notary accepts an extrajudicial with missing signatures as long as there is no deed of assignment. atty balili suggested that to shorten the process, just separate the deed of assignement, so only those in the philippines need to sign. the buyer can already create the contract and send it to those in the states for their signature and apostille. then when the contract comes back from the states, everyone in the philipines can already get together for the signing and distribution of manager's checks because the extrajudicial is already ready for the BIR. atty balili also said the buyer is still looking for a better property around ramos, so it's better to move quickly because many owners of businesses that closed because of the pandemic are selling their properties at a huge discount to alleviate their financial difficulties.

i feel our prayers have been answered and lolo and lola is smiling from heaven. but we need to move quickly. anyway, even if the buyer backs out, we still need to sign and notarize the extrajudicial anyway so we didn't really waste our time. LET'S DO THIS !!! this could be it. GO GO GO !!! let's not allow the devil to win this time. the devil will try to trigger our emotions with unreasonable worries. if you start to get the feeling not to sign the extrajudicial, just write it down and post it right away in our chat group so we can help you realize that your worries have zero downside. so we can remind you that if we don't hurry up, the buyer could find a different property, and we might not find another buyer anb we could spend the next few years in agonizing stress hoping for another amnesty. not to mention it could be lethal if an heir needs money for emergency medical treatment. fight for your love ones. do it for the economic security of your children. acting fast will help secure the economic security of your children. ACTING SLOW WILL ONLY ENDANGER THE ECONOMIC SECURITY OF YOUR CHILDREN.

1/20/21 email to atty atup

(just emailed this to atty atup's firm. note that the bank loan and using our house as collateral is just bulatik to pressure them that we are in dire straights)

Dear Atty Justtine,

Belated Pit Senyor !!! During my meeting with the heirs they were asking me if it's possible to know the estimated time it takes to transfer the Toledo properties under the names of my grandparents so we can pay the estate taxes before the amnesty expires. The heirs are worried it might take time for us to get a loan from the bank to pay for the estate taxes of Toledo, because the bank said it will take a month to appraise our house which we are using as collateral.

We already have an extrajudicial prepared by Atty Oscar Tan 2 years ago for the Toledo properties but the BIR won't let us pay until the properties appear in the list of holdings. Atty Camiso was suppose to do the transfer but it's been years and there has been no progress. In the meeting, the heirs expressed fears that transfer of ownership could normally take years. I told the heirs that during my consultation with Atty Atup last November 4, Atty Atup told me transfer of ownership can be complete by December, which means transfer of ownership can possibly be done in a month.

The heirs were also asking if Atty Atup already gave his assessment whether he can just do a direct substition to the heirs so we don't have to pay for the estate taxes.

I told the heirs all the information will be included in the proposal that your firm is preparing, together with the attorney's fees. However the heirs asked if it's possible to obtain the information ahead of time before your proposal is complete so we can already start applying for the loan.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Sincerely, Ian Crystal

1/18/21 good news amnesty deadline is june 14

good news !!! me and tita georgia went to our BIR assessor (named edith) to give the 3 family homes certifications (thanks to tito virgilio's advice). she said it will lower our estate tax. but a bigger good news is that she told us she is ok if we pay by end of may. i bulatik to her that the philippine embassies in the states are closed for notary until april and so is the secretary of state for apostille and it usually takes a month to process. note i didn't ask for or mention the june 14 deadline because she might get offended and think, "wala diay mo ni salig nako pag ingon nako ug end of febuary". i was playing dumb and pretended i believed the deadline she gave me before. that's because she still needs to recompute our estate taxes, and if we insult or offend her she might give us an unfavorable compromise. that's how you get things done here in the philippines. if you scold them or quarrel with them they will only make your life harder even if you are right. the assessor said she will text me the new computation. let's have some fun. everyone give their guess on how much it will lower our taxes. the closest wins. my guess is the 3 family home deductions will lower our estate taxes by P1 million.

me and tita georgia also met with the broker of another pelaez buyer. as i said i'm sick and tired of meeting with buyers so i told him to meet us at the BIR to save us time and effort. we met at the parking lot of the BIR and i told him we have 2 other buyers who told us they are willing to give the downpayment even if we haven't retrieved the titles from Ang. this is a sales tactic to pressure the buyer to decide quickly.

earlier that day i met with atty abellana, who told me the hearing for the right of way in mambaling (title annotation) could be published this week. he was wearing the knights of columbus shirt, so he must be a close friend of tito virgilio. that's probably why he is doing his best to schedule the hearing early.

1/17/21 coaching moment: navigating beaurocracy

tita georgia posted an article confirming the amnesty deadline is june 14. since our assessor told me it's end of febuary, i told tita georgia to accompany me to our assessor to have our estate tax recomputed with the family homes deduction. we also need to find a way to let our assessor agree or tell us the amnesty is on june 14 without offending her. i know the law is on our side. but by now you should know that in the philippines, there is a way or STYLE on how we should deal with government agencies. it's not as simple as simply doing what is right or what is "THE LAW". you were the one who told me that the toledo assessor never gave you the tax decs you needed even if by law they were required to do so. the NFA never approved my philippine passport because my birth cert says i was not born in the philippines even if by law they should give me a passport because both my parents are filipinos. i was only able to get my passport in san francisco philippine embassy. also by law DAR was not suppose to give away our 10ha 4143 because the court case was still on going. that's why it's important everyone reads my policy proposal because you will learn valuable skills on how to navigate the VERY TREACHEROUS PHILIPPINE BEAUROCRACY LANDSCAPE. the core theme of my proposal is really about STREET SMARTS and how we can be stronger as a group to ward off the sharks that are circling around us. the skills you learn will be very valuable in the future even after we resolve all the estate issues and we go our separate ways, so you can better protect your children and love ones from the sharks that are always swimming around your assets waiting for you to let your guard down. my point is that we should not just go in to BIR and demand our deadline is june 21 just because "it's the law".. first, we should do whatever we can to not rock the boat. first we should pretend that we believe the assessor that the deadline is end of febuary. then we plead that it's impossible for us to beat the deadline because of the apostille problem in the US, and the philippine embassy is closed indefintely, and we ask our deadline be moved to june. if she voluntarily moves our deadline to June, then great. but if she insists on end of feb or before june, we VERY RESPECTFULLY AND HUMBLY say, "naa man gud mi na basahan sa google maam. ambot tinuod ba ni kay daghan baya fake news sa internet karon." then we let her read your screen shots. these little things can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. oops. no offense to tita angie and my dad. i was just generalizing, and of course we know tita angie, papa and tito jojo serves our country with integrity. hehehe. by the way discussing the amnesty deadline with the assessor should happen only after she recomputes our taxes based on the family home deductions. note that the compromise part of our estate tax is PERSONAL DISCRETION of the assessor and we were able to get a huge compromise on top of the amnesty because she is dear friends with atty mark's staff. she might get annoyed at our amnestly deadline demand and give us a very unfavorable compromise number.

1/16/21 coaching moment: conversation with broker

i just talked to atty balili, who's client is interested in buying pelaez. our conversation highlights the importance of the policies i just proposed. i asked for LOI and bank cert on availability of funds. he said his firm's practice in the past is to just cut to the chase and offer the MC for the 50% downpayment based on the price they think is fair and it always works. i was impressed. then i told them the script that i narrated in my policy proposal, about the situation with Ang. i also told them there is another buyer (tita georgia's) almost ready to give the downpayment (which is a sales tactic i also suggested in my policy proposal). he started to get rattled. he told me he agrees with me that there is really no need for the buyer to be in hurry with getting the title from Ang, so he will try to convince the buyer to give us the downpayment even without the title and just stipulate in the contract that they are aware of the risk. anyway the full payment won't be due until we get the title from Ang. note he is a lawyer so that proves my hypothesis that the title is really not important. it's just common sense. then he calls me again saying the buyer wants to construct a building and the title is needed for the building permit. then i said if the buyer is a big developer that means the P6m worse case scenario is just pocket change for the buyer. it should be no sweat for the buyer to shoulder the P3m on top of our P3m. he says he will talk to the buyer. he calls back and says the buyer offers to shoulder 50% of the P3m, so we pay Ang P4.5m and they shoulder P1.5m in the worse case scenario. since the appraisal for pelaez is P21m, i thought it would still be a big win. so i told him we agree and to call me when the MCs are ready. then he asks me - if in case Ang's proposal is the worse case scenario, do we have the P4.5m? i told him, why are you asking me that question? if you are going to shoulder the P1.5m, that means the deal is done, which means you should already have MCs for the downpayment, which means we should already have the P4.5m for Ang. he said, yes you're right, o sige i will talk the buyer. then i told him, if the buyer agreed to give the full payment after we get the tile from Ang, then he should give us the full payment during the downpayment because we already got the title from Ang. he say, yes that's right, i will talk to the buyer and call you back. by the way the amount the buyer agreed to was also P25m net. the lawyer also asked for 5% commission. i told him if the heirs like the amounts in the MCs, i give you my word that we will give you 5%. he thanked me and now i'm waiting for his call.

1/15/21 priorities and policies proposal

Click here to view my priorities and policies proposal that i think can guide us in better accomplishing our goals

1/14/21 toledo, mambaling update and pep talk

i read the 2 inch thick toledo court documents and found the court order that orders the toledo ROD to issue titles for all our 86ha toledo lots. i talked to atty atup and he said that means we should already have titles for all our toledo lots. he advised me to go to toledo ROD and get the titles because it's impossible we didn't have the lots titled after we won the case and there is a court order. i told atty atup this is the reason why i'm helping the heirs so that this kind of monumental blunder won't happen again. he said the court order expires after 5 years so because the court order was in 2006, we will need to file a case. atty atup also said he will try to find out if it can be directly substituted to the heirs so we don't have to pay estate taxes on toledo.

i think the family just ran out of funds to pay atty camiso for the titling service. atty camiso was probably just waiting for us to request his services, which is usually P40k per title. i'm sure someone in the family could have financed the titling like tita jane or tito mike but they were not informed of the SUPER URGENT situation. this is an example of why it is very important everyone reads my updates because you never know when you can help. we all have different strengths. example tito ronnie of all people could be our hero if he convinces Ang to come to the negotiating table before tita georgia's buyer loses patience. reading my updates also saves us precious time. example in the meeting we had to discuss issues that's been resolved long time ago such us gikom's talamban townhouse and tita jane's house being in the lolo's list of holdings.

atty camiso just kept silent and did not volunteer his services maybe because we have a reputation for not paying. this is why i never hesitate to give lawyers and fixers large incentives, even if some of you have expressed your disapproval of my strategy. i was embarassed to know engr norvic did a relocation survey for toledo but we never paid him. anyway, let's hope and pray atty atup can still get it titled even if the court order already expired 9 years ago.

we must all realize we live in a cruel world. it's survival of the fittest. there are sharks always circling around us waiting for an opportunity to devour us. the 10ha 4143 got land grabbed by the sharks. now we have to pay atty atup contingency for the reconveyance. we have to be sharp and professional by replying to my proposals and questions in a timely manner. we need to be united and work together and stop being suspicous and distrusting with each other. i am making lots of sacrifices to battle the sharks. the best you can do is make my job easier, or at least not make it more difficult by having to write long essays to convince you on supposedly simple and trivial matters.

BEING PARANOID IS VERY PARALYZING and can cost us dearly. we could easily end up owing P63m in estate tax if we don't beat the amnesty deadline, simply because it will take a month just for those in the states to sign the contract for tita georgia's buyer, especially with the lockdowns or delay with the apostille. i suggest tita jane and tito mike hire a lawyer they trust, maybe their dear classmate in school. give that lawyer an SPA and do all the signing for them including the extrajudicial and sale of any property. the lawyer could be disbarred if he/she commits estafa so it should be very safe.

we should avoid burning bridges. always keep your cool and focus on our goal. example, i paid mobilization fee to atty atup but i'm still doing all the leg work. i never say anything about it and just keep thanking them and being grateful for their very valuable advice. you might think i have the right to complain but it could alienate the lawyer and delay the transfer of ownership of the toledo lots, and we could miss the amnesty deadline and have to pay P30m in estate taxes for toledo instead of just P1.5m. don't just do what is right, instead do what is necessary to accomplish our goal which is to make lola, lolo, tito gerry and tito bertie smile upon us from heaven.

we also need to be savvy and street smart. i paid atty abellana P100k to assure us the right of way hearing will be scheduled right away and we will win the case. he promised to publish the hearing on jan 4. but now i can't even talk to him and his secretaries have no idea of status. instead of being angry, i will see if we need to up our offer to P1m. but of course this time it will be more of a contract, maybe in the guise of him being our representative for the sale, where we pay him the P1m only after the sale. note we can never sell mambaling without the right of way annotation so P1m is still small compared to the value of the property which is P30m. just imagine it will cost us P400k just to notarize our extrajudicial and all the laywer has to do is sign and stamp. P400k is even very low because the notary is tito jojo's friend. good thing i found a lawyer who would notarize our extrajudicial for just P20k.

if the toledo lots are titled, this will give us an option to be paid by TRANSCO for the 3ha. i say option because someone wants to buy 4126 and 4127 (38ha and possibly 65ha if we recover the CARPed 27ha) for P150/sqm or P57m but it might lower the value of the property if we sell the 3ha to TRANSCO because the property will be halved. also TRANSCO will only pay for the zonal value which is only P50/sqm and possibly only P20/sqm if the DENR classifies it as forest timberland.

we should also not leave any stone unturned. i hired one of engr norvic's staff to get the tax mapping on mambaling right of way that goes through the squatters to see if it's really 4 meters wide and the squatters just encroached. he told me he will need to go to the baranggay to find out how wide it is and if the right of way has been donated to the squatters. if it's been donated to the squatters that means we don't have the legal right to demolish their encroachment. i always knew that was the case but the reason why i still want to proceed is so that i can sit down with the barangay and the squatters to find out how much they are willing to be paid to widen the right of way. they don't need to be relocated because the houses that are encroaching are big enough such even if we shave off 1 meter, it would still be a decent size house. so if we shave off 1 meter on both sides that would add 2 meters to the existing 2 meters, making it 4 meters. engr norvic said if we handle the cost of demolishing and fixing, the usual payout is around P20k to each squatter. i'm sure they will be happy with the deal because a wider road will increase the value of their property. note that even if they are squatters, they can still sell their rights to someone else. i'm also sure they would want our property to be developed because it would be a huge business opportunity for them. example if the buyer builds a residential condo, the squatters can benefit by starting a karinderia business. so if the worse case scenario happens and we lose the petition for right of way going to cashmere st, it would be good to have this option and at least the price of our property won't collapse. we would be lucky to get P5m for mambaling if there is no right of way.

lastly, i understand we still need to discuss in the next meeting if beating the amnesty deadline is our #1 priority or not, but in case we decide it's the #1 priority, we need to do something before it's too late. the good news is tita doris already secured the 3 family home certifications that could lower our estate taxes further, thanks to tito virgilio's advise. i will have our estate taxes recomputed by our assessor tomorrow, but i would like tita georgia to come with me. i was wondering why different assessors have different amnesty deadlines - our assesor told me it's end of febuary. tita georgia asked another assesor who said it's april. i asked our assessor why the inconsistency and turns out the official deadline was dec 31, and the extensions are just the peronal discretion of each assessor. we also can't switch to a different assessor who has a longer deadline because the computation has to be done before dec 31, as what one assessor told tita georgia. so when i have our estate taxes recomputed tomorrow, tita georgia can come with me so she can hear from our assessor that our deadline is end of febuary. now of course it's possible that the deadline is really april and our assessor is just in a hurry to get things off her plate. but we are not sure of that. what if she's right? i say we should not take the risk and assume the deadline is end of febuary. please voice out your agreement or objection.

1/11/21 toledo update

i gave the LDC (lot data computation) and cadastral map of lot 4126 (i got from DENR lahug) to engr norvic so he can create a sketch map. his fee is P5k. i'm posting the standard fees for geodetic services for your reference. once it's done, i will submit it to DENR CENRO in toledo so they can project it and determine it's land classification. if it's forest timberland, note we cannot title and sell it. but i'm sure it will be alienable/disposable, which we can title and sell. if 4126 was really registered as a forest plantation by lolo, then it will also show up, which means we can recover the CARPed 27ha. the output of the cenro project will also determine how much we will be paid by TRANSCO and land bank (CARP) if we decide to be paid. i explained all the details in my previous status report. i advice you to read all my status reports so you will know everything that's going on - http://covid19.wiki-site.com/index.php/IansMessages.

however, atty atup said after doing a quick browse on the court documents, it seems the reason why we won the court case is because lolo was the first to file a free patent. if his assumption is true, we can already pay the estate taxes by just showing the free patent to the BIR. we can also have our toledo properties titled, and get a bigger pay off from TRANSCO on the 3ha they used for the power lines. i will also read the 2 inch thick court documents to find out in case atty atup will be too busy.

an agent named virgie said she has a buyer for the P38ha (4126 and 4127) for P150/sqm NET or P57m. the buyer will use it to build a motorcross race track. one of the requirements for selling is to have a relocation survey. i asked norvic if our family ever did a relocation survey on toledo and if we paid for it. norvic told me he can't remember because it was a long time ago but it's possible he did the survey. he said he will dig up his files to find out. i looked at the geodetic service fee chart and noticed relocation survey is P25k for first ha and P10k for each additional ha. that means if norvic did the survey on our 86ha property, we probably owe him P875k.

i read the CARP law (https://media.dar.gov.ph/source/2018/09/04/ao-2011-07.pdf) and found out if the lands that are above 18 degree slope are exempted from land reform. so next week i will hire one of norvic's people to go with me to toledo to do just an initial visual or ocular survey on the CARPed 27ha. if it's above 18 degree slope i will ask norvic to do a topogrophical survey. norvic told me his fee for topogrophical survey is P15k for the first ha and P10k for each additional ha. that means for the 27ha, it will cost us P275k (although in the geodetic services fee list it's P30k for first ha and 15k for each additional, which means norvice is giving us a very big discount). we will then use this to recover the 27ha or ask for a bigger payout form land bank. although papa told me land bank will never pay if it's above 18 degree slope. we will wait for land bank's assessment at the end of this month before i let norvic do the survey because it's possible the CLOAs will be cancelled in our favor if land bank finds out it's above 18 degree slope.

1/8/21 toledo update

turns out according to the CLUP and transco sketch map, 3,186 sqm (out of the 30,570sqm) falls within the mining classification and according to the BIR zonal values for 2018, the zonal value for copper mining area in barangay DAS (don andres soriano) where 4126 is located is a whopping P2,000/sqm. if we can get it titled and get paid by transco, the total will be (P2,000 X 3,186sqm) + (P20 X 27,384sqm) = P6,919,680. note that 2/3 of 4126 is timberland which can't be titled but 1/3 is mining so we need to find out if it can be titled or not. because P6,919,680 is still bigger than the value of the 30,570sqm at P150/sqm, which is P4,585,500.

another potential good news is that i was looking at the 1998 tax decs of the CARPed 27ha and turns out around 5ha is cornland or A16. the CLUP also shows that around 5ha of the 27ha that was CARPed is agricultural (not timberland). the 2018 BIR zonal value of A16 or cornland the poog area is P400/sqm. in nearby media once corn land is P200/sqm. so let's give the DAS cornland to be P300/sqm. the land bank pay out is 70% of zonal value so 30% of 300 is P210. that's P210 X 50,000sqm = P10.5m. if the rest is assessed by land bank as hilly land, that's (.7 X P50) X 220,000sqm = P7.7m for a total of P18.2m payout from landbank. if they classify it as timberland, it would be (.7 X P20) X 220,000sqm = P3,080,00 for a total of P13.58m. which is more than enough to pay the P6.5m estate tax and P3m for salvador ang.

1/7/21 update on toledo

i finally got to talk with terdy and macris from transco (formerly napocor). they told me transco only pays for the land they used for the towers if it's a private titled property. the amount they pay is whatever is the zonal value. they said if it's forest timberland, they only pay for the trees they cut, which they already have because their policy is they never cut a tree without paying first. that explains the P24,000 payment to tito bertie from transco i found in our records. i didn't tell them 4126 and 4127 is 2/3 forest timberland according to the CLUP we just got from toledo tax mapping office.

at first i thought maybe we can still get it titled because 4126 is 1/3 mining and 4127 is 1/5 mining according to the CLUP. atty charter (my neighbor in gemsville) told me his friend is the head of ROD in toledo and he can title any property with a tax dec. we will soon be getting tax decs for the 52ha of our toledo lots (which includes 4126 and 4127). atty atup is just creating the proposal (lawyer fees). but i downloaded the zonal values from BIR and found out the zonal value for forest timberland in toledo is only P20/sqm. PATAY !!! attached is the excel file. however if you look at the excel file, none of the areas under poog, DAS, and media once are classified as A36 or forest timberland. the cheapest zonal value under those barangays is A49 or hilly lands, which is P50/sqm.

the zonal value for plain lands is P100/sqm but i called maldo and he said only 1ha of the entire 4126 is patag. i also looked at the satellite view in google maps to verify this (i figured out the approximate boundaries of 4126 based on the river, creek and estimate width based on the square root of 605,000). however, there are A36 forest timberland areas in the other barangays in toledo, all with a P20/sqm zonal value.

however, they also told me that if we only get paid for the trees cut (not the land / sqm), the 3 hectares they used for the towers is still ours. which means we can still sell it. if we find a way to get it titled and get paid by transco, the 3ha will now belong to transco. meaning our 38ha (32ha 4126 + 6ha 4127) will now be just 35ha. also note there have been interested buyers of toledo at P100-200 /sqm. if transco pays us, they will only pay at best P50/sqm if we get lucky, and possibly P20/sqm if they really classify it as forest-timberland. so we should forget about the payment from transco.

now let's talk about the possible payment from land bank for the CARPed 27ha. i googled and downloaded the land owner compensation formula (https://media.dar.gov.ph/source/2018/09/04/ao-2011-07.pdf). if the property does not generate income, the formula is 70% of the zonal value + 10% of market value. market value is what they use for realty tax which is very low so let's just ignore it. now we know our worst case scenario for payment from land bank. if they classify it as forest timberland, then 70% of 20/sqm is P14/sqm. we will only receive 270,000 X 14 = P3.78m. it's small but at least we can use it to pay Salvador Ang. the best we can hope for is that if you look at the excel file, there is no area under poog or media once classified as forest timberland. if land bank classifies it as hilly land, then we get 70% of P50/sqm = 35 X 270,000 = P9.45m, which is enough to pay our estate taxes of P6.5m and Salvador Ang's P3m.

but the spreadsheet contains some good news. .4ha of our property is along the national road, where the zonal value is P700/sqm, so we can sell our .4ha for P2.8m. our 6ha 3816 and 3817 is along the baranggay road, which has a zonal value of P500/sqm. so we can sell it for a whopping 60,000 X 500 = P30m. considering that our 52ha is classified as forest timberland with a zonal value of P20/sqm, P150/sqm offered by the buyers should be a very good price (150 X 520,000 = P78m).

note the excel file is consistent with the appraisal of our guba property along the barangay road which was given a zonal value of 760/sqm (higher because it's closer to cebu city than toledo).

by the way i talked to atty atup over the phone and he said they will be filing for reconveyance of the 10ha 4143 because what DAR did was illegal and there already is a court order saying the property belongs to us. what it means is the titles of 4143 will be trasferred to our names instead of cancelled.

12/22/20 good news and pep talk

lots of good news today. please read all my messages. scroll back to make sure you didn't miss any. it's the only way to avoid misunderstandings so we can be united and work together as a family to achieve our common goal. i recently posted the wiki site the contains all my important messages.

first good news - atty gines already filed a motion for the hearing. the hearing will be published on Jan 4 and 3 weeks after that, there will be a hearing then the court order to annotate the title. atty gines told me the buyer, named ML Durano, also visited him and was happy of the progress.

the 2nd good news is that my tita citcit (mama's best friend) introduced me to a notary who will only charge us around P25k for the 3 extrajudicials. the unchuans have been using this notary for a long time without any issues. tita citcit literally saved us P375k. what's even more amazing is that unlike other notaries who required that all heirs not in cebu give an SPA to someone who is local, this notary said duplicate originals are ok. for us this is a life saviour because tita jane is not comfortable giving an SPA and it might be a while before she is vaccinated so she can safely come to cebu. another big thing we should be happy with this notary is that unlike other notaries, the heirs don't have to physically go to his office to sign. he just needs photocopies of the IDs. this would make it very convenient for us because there are 15 heirs in cebu that needs to sign. we should be very thankful to my mom who had the presence of mind to ask tita citcit if she knows a notary that won't charge us an arm and a leg. this is why it's very important everyone reads my messages because you never know when you can contribute. team work is very important and good communication is essential in team work.

here are the new instructions:

for tita georgia: 1. print 8 copies of the extrajudicial (latest version which is tito virgilio's version), 4 copies of the deed of assignment, and 2 copies of the loan agreement. also print 8 copies each of tito bertie's and tito gerry's extrajudicials. note that you can just print 1 copy and photocopy it if it's faster and cheaper. my suki for xerox is that coop across bdo in SKB because the girl is so hot. also buy 5 of that big folder that can fit 2 inch thick documents that has like a rubber band tie around it (not sure what it's called but the coop also sells it). 2. give all documents to tita doris. 3. post in this chat group that all cebu heirs should go to tita doris at their convenient time but as soon as possible to sign ALL PAGES of all the documents that they need to sign. be careful it's easy to make a mistake in signing tito gerry's or tito bertie's extrajudicial even if you are not an heir because you will just be signing at the margins until you reach the last page and realize you are not one of the heirs. 4. go to tito virgilio and have him sign. 5. give them to me so i can also have chrisitan and tita angie sign it (via JRS express same day delivery or if they spend christmas here in cebu). i will then have it notarized.

for tito mike: 1. print 8 copies of the extrajudicial (latest version which is tito virgilio's version), 4 copies of the deed of assignment, and 2 copies of the loan agreement. 2. coordinate with tita jane when you will go to a UPS store to sign and notarize all documents. remember to sign ALL PAGES. 3. call the office of the secretary of state in sacramento (+1 916-657-5448) to inquire if they resumed doing apostille (it was closed because of the covid lockdowns). if closed ask when they will reopen. 4. if open go to sacramento to have all notarized documents apostilled. then fedex everything to me. my address is below. if closed and they don't know when they will reopen, do the following:

  a) print and fill out the apostille-intakeform.pdf, the fee is $150 so put the amount in the form. 
  b) fedex ONE copy of the extrajudicial, check (if paying by check), and the apostille-intake form to this address:

Apostille Please, LLC 1070 Middle Country Road, Suite 7-192 Selden, New York 11784

  c) fedex the other 7 copies of the extrajudicials, 4 copies of the deed of assignment and 2 copies of the loan agreement to me:

ian crystal 20 emerald st, gemsville subd, lahug cebu city, 6000 philippines

  d) around 3 weeks later when you receive the apostilled document, fedex it to me

this is it !!! let's do this !!! pretty soon millions will start flowing in your bank accounts. let's target 2nd week of january to get everything done.

i apologize that it's very painful for you to sign the documents because i'm the one asking you to sign it. it's a weird phenomenon i've experienced all my life. i have negative charisma so it's very painful for anyone to follow anything i say. it's just VERY NORMAL HUMAN NATURE and it happens to the best of us. the trick is to be aware of it and fight this obsolete instinct because this is one of those situations where a little sacrifice results in huge upside or in this case, millions in your bank accounts. it's like it's very difficult to exercise but if you do it the rewards on your health are huge. not everything we need to do is something we like to do. another trick is to realize the extrajudicial is tito virgilio's extrajudicial so you will feel happy signing it. tito virgilio has strong charisma because he was the president of the very prestigious cebu jaycees. i understand it sucks that of all people driving this thing it has to be me who has a very unpleasant personality. that's just life. hehehe.

another mind trick to motivate you to sign the extrajudicial is, if you were able to endure 15 years of school, forcing yourself to wake up in the morning even if you are still very sleepy, studying all those text books, cramming for the exams, listening to boring teachers the whole day, there's no reason why you can't force yourself to read my instructions and follow them to the letter. and last but not the least, if you sign the extrajudicial, lolo and lola will be very happy watching over us from heaven.


ian's letter to virgilio on 12/18/20

dear tito virgilio,

i talked to the BIR assessor yesterday and she said if we present a baranggay certification that the main house is a family home, then our estate tax can go down further. the heirs are very thankful for your valuable advice.

all the heirs are now working in harmony towards their common objective, which is to enjoy their millions before they grow old and die :-) this is mainly thanks to your guidance and advise. we regret that because of the pandemic it is difficult for us to communicate because it's dangerous for you to get a load for your phone. for your safety, i loaded your phone P150 so we can call each other when we need your advice.

attached are the 3 documents the heirs need to sign. the extrajudicial is completely your version. the heirs call it "virgilio's version" during our meetings. the heirs realized your advice is correct, that an extrajudicial with sale will be more expensive, complicated, it will be too much work and delay the BIR assessment especially we are trying to beat the amnesty deadline this april 20. Although the heirs decided that we should pay the estate tax by february just to be safe because if we miss the deadline it will be P63 million instead of only P6 million as you can see in the computation i sent you.

we need to start signing as soon as possible so some heirs can finally be relieved of their economic poverty and sufferings and can afford to pay for their badly needed medical treatments. the buyers feel more confident giving the downpayment if we can show them the extrajudicial already signed by everyone. i understand some heirs don't need the money but the reason why i worked hard doing all the legwork is because i realized we should make a little sacrifice to help other people especially our own blood. it's my opportunity to be a good christian and serve Christ, aside from the 7 sacraments.

unfortunately atty mark is not a notary. tita jane suggested we let your son-in-law atty dennis to do the notary. i hope atty dennis won't charge us that much because the lowest quote we got so far from different lawyers is P400k just to notarize the 3 extrajudicials (including tito gerry's and tito bertie's). it's unbelievable atty mark only charged P245k to do the 3 extrajudicials, including mobilization to get all the tax decs, list of holdings and no improvements including toledo, plus BIR processing. but just to do notary the standard fee of notary is 2% of total zonal values.

there needs to be 8 copies of the extrajudicial documents. let me know how you want to go about signing, whether you will sign and i will bring it to atty dennis and he can call you to confirm you signed it? or will you personally go to atty dennis' office?

note that because of the pandemic, the philippine consulates in the US won't do notary. luckily the US and the philippines has an apostille treaty so tita jane and tito mike can have their notary apostilled by the california secretary of state. the problem is it could take more than a month to have our extrajudicial apostilled so it might be a stretch to beat the april 20 deadline. that's why it's very important that we all act fast. call me as soon as you are ready to sign. maybe these documents are not perfect but if the errors are not a show stopper, might as well just proceed so we don't lose precious time.

i am also including a status report for all the properties of the estate in case you can give us advice.

sincerely, ian

12/18/20 mambaling status

i consulted the baranggay captain (atty gines) who happens to be good friends with tito virgilio in the knights of columbus. he summoned the dela cernas at the barangay but they did not show up. atty gines told me after 3 summons we can demolish the garage blocking the right of way (ROW).

but the buyer told me even if there is a battle tank blocking the ROW they will buy it if the ROW is annotated on the title. even if the owners gladly let's them use the ROW they will still not buy it if the ROW is not annotated on the title. tito virgilio suggested we get the copy of TCT 54800 and 54801 because it's mentioned in the deed of sale of the 94sqm. virgilio said to ask for the history which might involve multiple titles because we also want to look at those that got cancelled to see if any of the titles have ever been annotated. unfortunately, the last annotation of all the titles was 1972.

papa advised me we need to hire a lawyer to petition the right of way. so i hired atty gines. he advised me to get a certified notary entry of the deed of sale. thanks to tito vigilio, i already had one in my possession because he advised us to get it. the hearing will be published soon and after 3 weeks there will be a hearing. atty gines told me it will take only 1 hearing and we will surely win because of the certified notary entry. the buyer visited atty gines to confirm and said he will start drawing up the contract for our agreed price of P30 million net after we show him the extrajudicial signed by all the heirs. so it's important everyone signs the extrajudicial as soon as possible. we also need the funds to beat the amnesty deadline or else we end up paying P63 million estate tax instead of P6 million.

if the date of the hearing gets delayed because of the pandemic, we can advise the buyer to offer the dela cernas P1 million to buy the right of way. also scare the dela cernas if they don't take the offer, they could end up with nothing because a petition has been filed and we have a high chance of winning because of the certified notary entry of the deed of sale.

atty gines advised us to sell mambaling as soon as we can because there are plans for the elementary school to expand and our property happens to be public domain so it could be expropriated.

in case we don't get the right of way going to cashmere st, we have another option. papa also told me the ROW that goes throught the squatters and out of avocado st. is 4 meters wide. i hired engr. norvic abella's staff named richard to get the documents from tax mapping to confirm this. turns out even if it's 4 meters wide, we don't have legal right to demolish the encroachment because it's not annotated in the title. richard said he will go to the barangay to see if it's been donated to the squatters. i suggested we sit down with the squatters and barangay and ask them how much they are willing to be paid to widen the road. richard said that's a good idea and the squatters will most likely cooperate because widening the road will increase the value of their property. note that even if they are squatters, it's customary for them to be able to sell their right on the lot they are occupying. and if our property is also developed by the buyer. it will also give the squatters business opportunities such as karinderias. the good news is the houses are big, so shaving off 1 meter on both sides of the road won't require relocation. richard said based on his experience, if we pay for the demolition and repair, P20k per house is enough. there are around 15 houses so P300k + P200k cost of demolition and repair should be enough. which is very small relative to the value of the property. even if the cost is P1m, that's still small.

just like some of the interested buyers of mambaing in the past, we have another buyer for mambaling who does not care about the right of way because what they need is at least 5,000 sqm for residential development so they need to buy the property next to ours which has a frontage and is 3,000 sqm. so combined with ours which is 2,369 sqm, it would meet their 5,000 sqm requirements. the past brokers have been telling me the owner is in the states and very hard to contact.

all i know is the name of the caretaker is girlie. so i went there to try to get the contact info of the owner from girlie, maybe bowie can call the owner in the statess or even meet face to face it would make the deal have higher chance of success. turns out girlie is very nice and cooperative. her FB messenger account name is Gigi Navarro, the woman with blonde hair. you can chat with her via messenger. she knows exactly the price – it’s P55 million and the owner will give 2.5% commission. she told me the owner's name is Mrs. Helen Young Spencer, and turns out she can easily be contacted via messenger. her profile picture is the woman holding 2 red flowers. turn out Mrs. Spencer’s price is fixed at P55 million (~P18k/sqm) and does not want to negotiate. however the brokers (paul and mr. delgado) would keep bugging her to lower the price, maybe so that they can earn bigger profit. this annoyed Mrs. Spencer so she blocked the brokers who kept asking her for a lower price.

i gave this info to the buyer in hopes he will be aware not to annoy helen the owner and avoid ruining the deal.

in the worse case scenario where we fail to get both right of ways, it could be a blessing in disguise. bed spacers don't have cars, so we could develop it similar to our development plans for mactan - click here for my proposal for developing our mactan lot

we could also just buy the right of way again from the dela cernas. i'm sure they will be happy to sell it at P2m.

12/13/20 good news

good news. the mambaling buyer where we get P30m net has decided to proceed with the purchase and will prepare the contract. he will down 50% and pay the rest within a year. (actually it's P34m pero gepatongan sa broker and we pay capital gains and comission). i already hired a lawyer to file for administratorship just in case not everyone will sign the contract. what happens is the court will assign an adminstrator who will report the inventory and accounting of estate to the court. the court has to approve all decisions and make sure all heirs get their share. anyone can contest any decision of the administrator but of course you need to have valid reason. the court will usually go with the majority or consensus of the heirs so at least the heirs don't have to be paralyzed by the decision of a few heirs. i'm sure this will be very good for all of us who want to sell everything and divide it equally. it will also help us reach our objective faster.

at first the buyer kept asking me to have the deed of sale to the right of way entered in the notary. they said it would cost P50k but we would surely win the case if we present it during the hearing. i thought they meant manufacture a certified deed of sale so i told them we won't do it because our opponent might find out and it might only cause the case to be dismissed. the buyer offered to shoulder the expense but i still rejected their request for the same reason. i met with the broker yesterday and learned what they meant was have the deed of sale notary entered in the notary log book. i told them we already have a certified notary entry. they looked at it and told me they will prepare the contract once they get a clear copy of the encumbrances (back of the title) so they are assured the title is clean because until now we haven't given them a clear copy and the certified true copy from the ROD is very hanap. since it's been 2 weeks and tita jane haven't sent us a photo of the encumbrances, i decided to go to ROD and offer our cousin huge money to let us borrow the original copy of ROD so we can xerox it. MIRACULOUSLY our cousin let us xerox it. i gave the copy to the broker. then he asked who my contact was in getting the notary entered and how much i paid because he wants me to introduce him to that person. i told him it was already entered in 1993 during the time of the sale so i did not have to bribe anyone.

i then warned the broker that i have no clue where the title is. it's probably in california and i have no idea if my tita jane will be able to fedex it to us because they are experiencing a third wave of the pandemic. the broker said we won't be giving the title to the buyer when he gives the downpayment. we will be giving them the title only after they have fully paid (12 months). but it's standard procedure for the buyer to look at the title before giving the downpayment. so note that whoever has the title, nobody will touch it but you. you just show it to the buyer. we can hire an off duty police officer or bouncer to make sure the buyer won't just grab the title and run away with it. i don't think that would ever happen but if it will make us feel secure when showing the title when the buyer gives us P15m, we should do it. i asked the broker to ask the buyer if in case the title is still in california and can't be fedex to cebu because of the pandemic, if it's ok that my tita jane will just show the buyer the title via zoom or video call. although i'm not sure where it is. maybe it's lost because it's been weeks and nobody has posted in our chat group who has it or where it is. maybe it's really lost and everyone is just assuming someone else has it. the broker suggested we can file a lost title and just pay someone in the ROD to have the new title released quickly.

i also talked to a loan officer in BDO to explore our other options in case the buyer backs out. note we need P6.49m estate tax and possibly P3m to pay salvador ang (by the way Ang has not replied yet to our offer of P3m but his secretary told me Ang already received our offer letter and is still trying to decide). also keep in mind the good news is we have until april 20 to pay the estate taxes. i will be going to BIR this week to pay for the computation and get a receipt.

if my money is not enough to pay the estate tax and Ang, i can get a loan from BDO with 6.5% interest. i can collateral my avida condo and townhouse in talmban. the bank said it will take a month to appraise my 2 properties and they said after that i can loan 80% of the appraisal value. however, if let's say we sell a property soon and have money to pay off my loan, we will need to wait 3 years to pay it off. and also we will need to pay an additional 15% early pay off penalty. so if i borrowed P5 million, we will need to pay P750k penalty. it's still not bad considering we save P57 million in estate tax penalties if we pay before april 20. another option is i can fly to the states and maybe get a home equity loan from one of my 2 houses. i have to do whatever it takes because if we can't sell a property before april 20, we are toast. we have to hope and pray there will be another amnesty.

another possibility is that the amount NAPOCOR will be paying us for the 5ha they used for the 5 towers in lot 4126 and 4127 would be enough to cover the estate taxes and Ang. turns out someone from napocor have been contacting tita doris asking for the title because napocor is ready to pay us. but they can't pay until we show them the title. today i asked tita doris to call that person and setup a meeting. the meeting will be tomorrow. we will try to find out if they can give an estimate on how much we will be receiving. i will also inform them that our lawyer (atty atup) is now in the process of putting the properties under our names and have tax decs created. once that's done, i have a neighbor here in gemsville named atty charter tayurang who is also a real estate developer who told me he is very

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