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  • the purpose of this wiki is for all stake holders to efficiently get a clear picture and up to date information on the status of their endeavors. the wiki fosters teamwork, vital aid in planning, strategizing, and overcoming obstacles and challenges.
  • color code:
    • super critical (we could lose everything if not done)
    • critical (gating item or prerequisite of a super critical task)
    • important
    • assigned task, the default assignee is ian
    • unassigned task - anyone can volunteer


Important Highlights

Status of Properties

Status Table

status table
property est. value area title# taxdec# property tax status
pension house P20m?? ??sqm ?? ?? ?? clean title, to be partitioned
tisa ?? (P??/sqm) ??sqm ?? ?? ?? clean title, for sale
leyte ?? (P??/sqm) ??sqm ?? ?? ?? 90% chance of recovery
bohol ?? (P??/sqm) ??sqm ?? ?? ?? CARPED, 50% chance of recovery
unitop P120m?? n/a stock shares n/a stock shares n/a stock shares n/a stock shares sale negotiation going on
  • estimated total:


pension house





Estate Taxes

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