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[edit] Financial Summary

[edit] Status of Properties

[edit] Status Table

status table
property area value title deed of sale tax receipts yearly tax cost plan
landmark 132 sqm P12M cabinet cabinet details P10k tax,11k dues currently rented for P30k/monthdetails
lahug 396 sqm P12M lost:details cabinet unpaid since 1983:details P3K p5k/month/unit munoz style at back lot
cordova 2,404 sqm P10M tax dec:under litigation details 2008, cabinet P1.5K balikbayan/retirement complex, assisted living
babag 1 1.25ha P10M earl kokseng earl kokseng 2010, missing P3K balikbayan/retirement complex, assisted living
babag 2 2/3 ha P7M gerry sta anna:details gerry sta anna:details details details
andres ~200 sqm P3M cabinet cabinet 2008, cabinet 3.5K commercial
talisay 563 sqm P4M cabinet 2 titles w/TitaRonda 2009, cabinet P3K townhouses
guadalupe 398 sqm P7M cabinet w/DCCrystal 2017, cabinet 4.8k current rental income is P37k (8 units)
pension house ~200 sqm ~P3M not yet subdivided not yet subdivided not yet subdivided not yet subdivided continue pension operations
unitop stock P30M w/ pages realty stock stock stock to be sold
bohol 38ha P19M details details details details coffee farm
  • total: ~P133M + dida-munding properties] (~P19M) = ~P152M
  • Misc Notes
    • cabinet means the steel cabinet in master bedroom of lahug. the key is in the office supplies drawer. copies of all documents are in the properties cabinet below the steele cabinet. anyone is free to borrow the copy without any control. however when borrowing an original document here are the steps
      • notify the crystal fam chat group of your intention to borrow which document
      • ian will give you the document and email everyone to announce that the document is now with you
      • ian will update the wiki
    • ian suggests that the plans for the properties should be flexible and depends on dollar-peso. example if the $1=p52 develop mactan property. if $1=p35 sell mactan property and play the movements of US bonds/stocks (using a conservative strategy). we need to be more diversified.
    • if the title is lost, you can always create another title because ownership of the property is recorded in the register of deeds
    • the title increases the property value. it is possible to sell your property without a title but the value of the sale will be significantly less
    • the notarized deed of sale is important. For example Cebu Country Club got in trouble because they did not have a notarized deed of sale to the golf course property.
    • the tax receipts strengthens your proof of ownership

[edit] Details

[edit] landmark

[edit] lahug

  • tct 78548, tax dec N-02-03498
  • title
    • atty oscar tan 032-253-5587, 032-253-5671 will declare it lost and make a new title
    • todo: papa will give the lahug copies folder to atty oscar tan on monday feb 4
  • deed of sale
    • need Tita Inday's notarized signature
    • Ask Snookie if notarization needed. Follow his instructions. Celfon # 0923-432-5404
  • tax receipts
    • not paid since 1983
    • todo: papa fill in this section for the action items for negotiation
    • todo: pay P130K in back taxes but only as last resort if negotiation fails
  • ian's suggestion: build 3 floors of apartelle units (ground floor is parking) - rent p5k/mont. similar to apartelles i visited in Echavez st. (i forgot the name)

[edit] cordova

  • tax dec 04304
  • Notes:
    • todo: Papa to give more details on foreshore lease, why it is needed, etc ...
    • todo: gikom will contact atty garrote on march 3 about the status of the DENR ruling
    • contact re foreshore lease: Ted Barral
      • 0917-325-0660
      • 0929-794-8597
      • 032-346-1002
  • title:

[edit] babag 1

  • tct 2440, tax dec# GR2K 07-54-00009, GRC6 07-54-00001
  • this is the lot where Tikay's house is in - 2.5 hectars, 1.25 hectars is Tikay's and 1.25 hectars is ours
    • estimate value is P750 /sqm X 12,500 (1.25 hectars)= P9.3M
  • title:

[edit] babag 2

  • tax dec# C-07-049-00856
  • this is the lot near RCPI tower, not the lot where tikay's house is in
    • but the whole lot is actually 4 hectars, near RCPI, 3 hectars owned by earl kokseng (032-232-2301) and 1/3 hectar owned by tikay
    • so the total sale would be around P30M, we get P5M and $10k or P400Kwill be given to Ian (refer to Talisay virtual account above)
    • the proceeds will also be used to be up to date on all taxes, fund the farm operations in bohol, and rennovate landmark, etc ...
    • ian already got the lot plan and tax declaration from earl kokseng (032) 232-2301, next step is to post in internet (refer to steps below)
    • just for reference, lots in babag have been sold lately for P1k / sqm but they are titled. ours is not titled so we have to sell it for less - P750/sqm
  • title:
  • deed of sale
    • records are with Gerry Santa Ana, tel#:

[edit] andres

  • tct 146144 tax dec# GRC6 08-62-11932
  • title:
  • tax receipts
    • only 2010 has not been paid
    • todo: Ian will pay 2010 tax

  • code: 649315

[edit] talisay

  • tct 42117, 42168 tax dec# 07000100130, 07000100131
  • condo project
    • just waiting for permit
  • title:
  • tax receipts:
    • only 2010 has not been paid
    • todo: Ian will pay 2010 tax
  • ian will buy the 2 talisay lots at p3k/sqm so the corporation will have funds to jump start the operations and for papa and mama's expenses. ian will western union the funds as needed and just keep a virtual account of the money that's left in this wiki. ian suggests that the smartest thing to use the money for is papa and mama's enjoyment - travel, cruises, etc ...
  • this is the link to the talisay virtual account: click here to view Talisay Virtual Account
  • ian's plan for talisay is to build 7 units of 2 floor, 3 bedroom townhouses, each with 75sqm lot area to include a parking space, rent out each unit for p7k/month and have the option to sell the units depending on dollar-peso valuation.
  • link to status of talisay lot title transfer to Ian: click here to view Status of Talisay Title

[edit] guadalupe

  • TCT 77657, tax dec# 97GR 08-62-06277, GR2K 08-62-10031

[edit] bohol

  • Notes 2/25/2013
    • jazzie just talked to DAR in bohol, they said the 100 hectars have not been awarded to any farmer
    • DAR also said we can prevent the property from being land reformed if we sell it to any corporation, even a dummy corporation
    • Tikay agreed to sell it to amaranth 7 and just have a memorandum of agreement of the real owners
    • DAR also said the property will be endangered of land reformed if we don't use it - plant crops or till it
    • so we will plant coffee on our 20 hectar share, papa will try to partner with Vir Zabala
    • ian suggests to make sure Vir Zabala gets a very attractive terms of the partnership to motivate him for this project to succeed, and we should not worry about our income for this property being much less than expected.
    • papa will meet with atty oscar tan on tues feb 26 10 am to arrange the dummy sale of bohol to amaranth 7

[edit] munding-dida properties

here is the link: click here to view munding-dida properties

[edit] Status of Corporation Creation

  • the corporation has been created - amaranth 7

done: Rex will follow up with Atty Garrote re his TOR for services make the primary purpose REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT, SALE AND MANAGEMENT and the secondary purpose CONSTRUCTION done: Chiqui will convert Union Bank Account to CRRI done: Ian will fill up the SEC forms for CRRI and register CRRI with SEC done: Ian to apply for dual citizenship

  • done: for papa:
    • capitalization-put it at P2M
    • shares allocation- divide by 8 (equal for all)
    • subscribed- minimum required for SEC registration
    • paid-up- minimum required for SEC registration
      • officers- Rex (Chairman), Ian (President), Donna (Secretary), Chiqui (Treasurer)
      • bank & signatories- Convert my present Union Bank account (passbook & ATM card with Chibong) into Camino Real. Let Kristina handle conversion
      • funds to be deposited- Minimu paid up per SEC registration less current balance of my account equal X. Divide X among Rex, Ian, Chibong and Gikom
  • done: for Chibong:
    • cedula
    • address of stockholders
    • signatures
    • office address- Lahug?

STATUS AS OF NOV 24, 2010: SEC application form duly accomplished and notarized. Will be submitted as soon as corporate account is opened. Account opening is awaiting transfer of funds of Ian.

[edit] Recommended web sites to post properties for sale or rent

you can use the latest landmark rental posting as an example. i saved a copy in

[edit] status of Ian's Alta Vista membership (done)

  • The Alta Vista office gave Ian a photocopy of the deed of absolute sale, the stock certificate (SCRDI A-0186, which is under the name of Merelo Aznar), and contact info on how to get a new certificate
  • Contact info: Cynthia Chavez 231-2665, 231-1217 - she will instruct Ian on the steps needed to get a new certificate.
  • The office said it usually involves posting in the newspaper for 1 year declaring the certificate is lost. Then use the newspaper clippings to get the new certificate.
  • On 7/13/10 Ian called Cynthia Chavez but was told she is on leave and suggested to call again next week.
  • (done) Ian TODO- Arrange for getting playing rights/membership while new certificate is being processed. DECIDE with Rex who should be the member....the twins will need a course to play in. If possible, Camino Real membership might be better
  • Ian: I will let Rex be the member since I won't be staying that long in Cebu.
  • Ian: I spoke to Cynthia Chavez and she said we can only become a member after the new certificate has been issued which is a year from now. She said the following are the requirements to get a new certificate:
    • Affidavit of lost
    • Affidavit of publication
    • Publication of notice of lost for 3 consecutive Sundays from newspaper from general publication. Cut out the newspaper clippings.
    • P15k processing fee
  • All requirements after 1 year from last publication must be submitted to Ms Cynthia Chavez Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Inc. (231-2665)
  • as of 9/12/2010: Ian now has all the requirements. Just waiting for next year to submit and pay the processing fee. All the documents I have is in the big black suitcase in Tikay's room.
  • as of 12/10/2011: the requirements have been submitted to Sta. Lucia but since the stock certificate is still under original owner's name (Merelo Aznar), the deed of sale is required to start the membership process. we only have a copy so Ian met with the former Aznar lawyer Benjo (0916-745-3594). at first the price Benjo quoted was P30k but i let him know it's not worth it and said we just want to get our documents in order. so we will get the deed of sale only in the future when we decide to sell the share. i made sure i did not let him know i want to activate my membership. the final agreement was i will pay P10k if he can get a certified true copy of the deed of sale in capitol. Benjo said he can get it in about a week. i then realized that what Benjo was doing was just getting a certified true copy in capitol which anyone should be able to do probably for much less so to get a better idea of the cost to get a certified true copy of deed of sale, i will call Atty Ena Ybanez asap and if the price difference is big i will call Benjo to hold off on the retrieval of deed of sale and just let Ena do it.
  • alta vista said the membership process will take 60 days at least (30 days bulletin board posting, then interview then 30 days to process).
  • it turns out a certified true copy cannot be made if we do not have the original. also atty ena suggested alta vista create an affidavit that attest the copy of deed of sale is valid, but alta cannot do it either because the copy of deed of sale is not notarized. the club secretary said the step where you submit some requirements before they notarize the deed of sale was never done, that's the only possible explanation why the copy they have was not notarized.
  • our last resort is to attempt to create a new deed of sale using the heir of the late seller alma holopainen. roxanne of alta gave me the name of the possible heir - maris haddaway who is now the head of SWU.
  • (dec 14) i asked ena to give me an estimate of the cost to create another deed of sale. ena said she will look into it and get back to me.
  • september 2015, ian is now a member and the title/deed of sale is now valid and up to date
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