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[edit] Talisay Lot Transfer

  • Lawyer: Atty. Serena Y banez
  • Email: ena.ybanez@gmail.com
  • Celfon: 0919 607 3754
  • Legal Fee: P 25,000


  • Effectivity/type of donation
  • Inter vivos (during lifetime)
  • Mortis causa (upon death)
  • Copy of Deed of Donation executed by mama Laling and Ondit
  • Copy of acceptance by Ondit
  • Copy of TCT
  • Technical description of property and TCT number
  • Name on Title
  • Proofs of tax payments (donor tax/other taxes paid to BIR and Assessor's Office, Tax Clearance
  • Fair market value/assessed value/BIR zonal value
  • Birth Certificate to show Ian is son of Ondit


  • Mortis Causa: have Mama Laling revoke the first donation and we will make a new deed of donation inter vivos in favor of your son and the necessary steps will be taken to transfer the title to his name. The first donation between your mother-in-law and your wife, if not annotated in the title, we will no longer annotate this as the donor in cases of donations mortis causa can revoke the donation at any time during her lifetime.
  • Inter Vivos: Deed of donaion not revocable ergo Ondit execute Deed of Donation or Deed of Absolute Sale to Ian
  • Decide based on price of property and tax implications. Up to a certain level, Deed of Donation is cheaper
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